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Chapter 115 - You Won’t Be Able to Walk out of Here! (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 115: You Won’t Be Able to Walk out of Here! (1)

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    She was Gu Yu’s wife, the mistress of the Gu household.

    Pang Hai wasn’t expecting that to be the answer. Su Ziqian had been by Gu Yu’s side for three years and had been pampered the whole time. Even with all that, she still hadn’t managed to marry him and become the mistress of the Gu household. Where on earth did this dark horse, Xu Weilai, suddenly emerge from?

    Everything now made sense. He had been courting Su Ziqian for a long time only to be rejected time and time again. However, a few days ago, she had arranged through her agent to meet him for a meal. During the meal, she had secretly passed the news about Xu Weilai to him, telling him to handle it well!

    As it turned out, Xu Weilai had surpassed her in grabbing the position she coveted most. As for him, he had become nothing more than a weapon in her hand.

    Wasn’t that just great! Not only had he been defeated in the hands of Xu Weilai, but he had also now been manipulated by Su Ziqian. Among the other resulting damages, he had lost his casino business and caused his reputation to be tarnished. He hadn’t benefitted from the situation at all!

    Coincidentally, these two women were related to Gu Yu. The thought alone was enough to fill him with seething rage as a murderous intent gleamed in his eyes.

    Initially, he was already terrified of Gu Yu and would never dare to make an enemy out of him. Now that his women were fighting among themselves, why did he have to pay the price? He wasn’t going to be foolish enough to swallow such an unworthy loss!

    “I see! So it’s Mrs. Gu! You should have just said so earlier…” The corners of Pang Hai’s lips turned up in a smile as the scar on his face whitened, drawing attention to his malevolence. “Of course, I respect you and your family too much to even think of refuting your request. However, Mr. Gu, the article that Mrs. Gu wrote caused me to lose so much. Don’t you think you should at least make it up to me a little?”

    He paused for a moment before continuing with a humorless laugh, “I don’t mind going hungry, but there are so many men under me who can’t handle that. I’m sure you know what our background is. We are nothing compared to an esteemed scion like you. When we get hungry, there’s no telling what we might do!”

    As he spoke, he reached his hand out intending to pat Gu Yu on the shoulder. However, the expression in Gu Yu’s eyes made his stop short. With hesitation, he suddenly took his hand back.

    He couldn’t afford to back down completely and risk embarrassment. After all, he relied on his muscle to make a living. Pang Hai sat back down on the couch and propped one ankle on his other knee. He looked up and said domineeringly, “Mr. Gu, I don’t like to beat around the bush, so I’ll just get to the point. I know the Gu Corporation has been working with the government recently to develop a piece of land. I want a share of it!”

    He continued, “If we become business partners, your wife will naturally be like a sister-in-law to me. It should go without saying that in that case, I will respect her instead of harassing her. Of course, if you were to turn me down, I can’t guarantee that my underlings won’t slip up and accidentally hurt Mrs. Gu. If that happens, and Mrs. Gu loses an arm or a leg, I’ll just have to send my regrets. After all, don’t you think Mrs. Gu is stunning?”

    Pang Hai’s threat wasn’t exactly empty. Even if Gu Yu could protect Xu Weilai, could he do so for 24 hours a day? Could he ensure that every base was covered? Anytime she was alone would be an opportunity for him to strike!

    When Gu Yu heard the threat, he didn’t lose his temper and laughed instead. He lifted his eyelids lazily to calmly look at Pang Hai as he asked, “Do you think I’m here to bargain with you?”

    He paused for a moment before adding, “Or do I look like someone friendly to you?”

    Those two questions were uttered without hesitation. It was obvious that he rejected his deal!