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Chapter 144 - I Will Beat You Once Every Time I Hear Tha

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 144: I Will Beat You Once Every Time I Hear That

    She lowered her head and looked at the musical score in Lin Qingbei’s hand. “You can change it here like this…”

    They started discussing in soft voices.

    Li Haojie could not focus when he heard those soft whispers.

    It was seven o’clock and the competition started.

    Lin Qingbei was the first, followed by Li Haojie.

    Thus, Lin Qingbei stood up and went over to the entrance and prepared himself.

    Li Haojie soon saw Zhen Shanmei and Ning Meng standing up and leaving their seats after Li Haojie had left. They went over to the audience seats in front of them.

    He sneered.

    Zhen Shanmei was always like this, arrogant and reckless.

    So, was she playing cat-and-mouse with him?

    Did she think that by wearing a dress like that, he would return to her?

    What he yearned for was mutual understanding and a soulmate. He would never care for appearances.

    Lin Qingbei went up the stage and started singing, and at the same time, Li Haojie had started preparing himself.

    Once he was done, Lin Qingbei got down from the stage. Right then, Li Haojie passed by Lin Qingbei as he was going up the stage.

    Suddenly, Li Haojie stopped in his path and said sarcastically, “I heard that you’re quite close to Lady Ning Meng. Now, do you enjoy having two girls with you at the same time?”

    The employees turned around to look at them, stunned at what they had just heard.

    Lin Qingbei was shocked. He suppressed his anger and remained quiet.

    Li Haojie went up on stage, and after he was done singing, he got off the stage and went behind the stage. Suddenly, a figure who was hiding behind the door rushed toward him immediately.

    Lin Qingbei grabbed his collar and gave him a vigorous punch to his face, causing Li Haojie to fall down on the floor.

    Li Haojie was struggling when he saw Lin Qingbei standing before him and looking down on him. Lin Qingbei said scornfully, “I want to beat you up so much given how you’ve cheated on the others. I didn’t beat you up just now for fear that you might have said that it was an unfair match!”

    Then, he hitched his pants up slightly and squatted down. “Don’t you ever say anything bad about Miss Ning again, otherwise, I’ll beat you once every time I hear it!”

    Li Haojie was slim and weak and he knew clearly that he could not beat Lin Qingbei in a fight. So, he said harshly, “How shameful! You would allow a woman who knows nothing about music to comment on your favorite music just to please them!”

    “Is that so? Does she really know nothing about music?” Lin Qingbei narrowed his eyes arrogantly. He sneered. “Just how much do you even know about Miss Zhen?”


    “Lin Qingbei possesses a wide range of pitch, his singing was just so wonderful! It was just like a grand feast for our ears!”

    Zhen Shanmei spoke ceaselessly when they left the set that day, bursting with excitement.

    Seeing her like that, Ning Meng asked her a question. “How did you feel today?”

    Only then did Zhen Shanmei remember why she had gone there in the first place. She thought about it for a while and then smiled honestly. “Suddenly, I feel that I’ve indeed let go of the past. Ning Meng, I love music. I didn’t dare to give him any opinions before because he was just so arrogant, but I’ve found my true self again today. I’ve found my passion for music once more!”

    As she looked at Zhen Shanmei’s enthusiasm, an idea came to Ning Meng. “It seems like they want to ask the singers to cooperate with ordinary people and sing together for the next match. Why don’t you go and help Lin Qingbei?”

    Zhen Shanmei’s eyes brightened at that. “Can I?”


    Then, Ning Meng added cruelly. “If you burden him, I’ll go and ask Boss Fei Bai to have a little chat with you!”

    Zhen Shanmei was speechless.

    Huo Beichen was a legend in his field, and so, his three assistants were famous as well.

    Ning Meng had said that because she wanted Zhen Shanmei to be serious about her suggestion. She wanted to give her something to do so that the latter would not feel so lonely and forlorn.

    Ning Meng left her after they had decided on that matter.

    She drove her car and returned to Yuxiu Garden, heading upstairs.

    She opened the door and as she was changing her shoes, she suddenly saw a tall figure sitting on the sofa in the living room.

    Huo Beichen?

    Why was he here?