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Chapter 144 - My Name is Yu Yinuo

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 144: My Name is Yu Yinuo

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    Yu Changmo only had to hear his sister say one sentence before figuring out the whole story behind this.

    His sister was surrounded by talents. Even if she really needed external help, she would not look for him. Her purpose was obviously to meet Qianmo.

    “It’s inconvenient for us.”

    As Nuo Nuo and President Qian had predicted, Yu Changmo did not want his family to put pressure on Qianmo. However, Nuo Nuo was not the kind of person who would go into battle unprepared.

    “Does Qianmo not care about the case of the woman in your building?”

    When Yu Changmo heard it, he turned as stiff as a cat that was being lifted by the scruff of its neck.

    Qianmo was a priceless treasure in his heart, and he wanted to give her everything she wanted. Black asked her to wait for a moment and covered the receiver.

    Leaning in towards Qianmo’s ear, he whispered something into it.

    Instantly, Qianmo sat up straight.

    “Go, we must go!”

    Fifteen minutes later, Qianmo and Black arrived at the scene. The stairs and elevators on the seventh floor had been cordoned off. The police handling the case were inside investigating. The place was bustling, with many residents curiously stood outside the blockade line. Although they could not see anything, they just had to gather around.

    Someone was carrying a little baby with snot running down his nose, while some old men and women were hobbling on their walking sticks. They had all crowded together to watch the events unfold.

    Yu Changmo parted the spectators and led Qianmo over. He made a phone call, and a woman wearing a white coat walked out from inside.

    She was about the same height as Qianmo, around 168cm. She was wearing a pair of flat shoes, and her hair was nonchalantly tied up behind her head. She was pretty as a picture, and her disposition was very… alluring?

    It was appropriate to describe the woman as alluring. Her picturesque brows and eyes exuded a relaxed air, while her figure, though slender, gave a stable vibe. Standing there, she radiated a natural authoritative aura.

    The white coat was casually draped over her body. The buttons were not fastened, and under the coat, she wore her leisure clothes. To make a simple outfit look flattering and alluring, it had a lot to do with her outstanding looks.

    Qianmo felt that the shape of the nose and mouth of the woman in front of her was very similar to that of her Black. Looking at the work ID on the woman’s chest area, she saw her name: Yu Yinuo. Definitely Black’s sister.

    Looking at her job title… Qianmo was shocked.

    Although there were only a few words in the job title, someone who understood a thing or two about the industry would know where she was from with just one glance. In simple terms, she was the chief forensic investigator, which also explained why she could be at the crime scene that was not in her jurisdiction.

    This sort of technical job was similar to Black’s situation. No matter what kind of influential background a person had, it would not be of much use. In order to climb to this position, one has to be capable. She estimated that the woman was in her twenties in terms of age. Hence, she had to be extraordinarily talented.

    Qianmo unraveled something from seeing Black and his sister: The scientific law that good looks are given in exchange for IQ was invalid in Black’s family.

    Not only did they have good looks, but their IQ was also amazing.

    Using her expertise, Qianmo scrutinized Black’s sister in detail.

    Yu Yinuo was also studying Qianmo, based on her countless experience of examining (dead) people.

    One’s temperament and the expression in one’s eyes would never lie.

    Qianmo was a lady with an ethereal aura. Such outstanding women would typically be arrogant, but the expression in Qianmo’s eyes when she looked at Yu Changmo was different. This was sufficient in making Yu Yinuo develop a favorable first impression of Qianmo.

    Yu Changmo was slightly nervous. One was his family, while the other was his beloved. Furthermore, both were women with strong personalities. He was a little worried that they would not be able to get along with each other.

    Thirty seconds later, the two finished forming their first impressions, and nothing that Black was fretting about happened.

    “You came just in time. Come, put this on.”

    Nuo Nuo pulled out a work permit from her pocket and helped Qianmo put it on. Her fingers were slender, and her movements were quick.

    As she waited for Nuo Nuo to leave, Qianmo felt that there seemed to be a cool feeling in addition to the work permit on her neck. This was?

    Showcasing her incredible hand speed, Nuo Nuo had used the opportunity of hanging the work permit. She put a necklace around her neck without her even knowing until she was done.

    Qianmo touched it with her hand. This quality and this design…

    “This is too expensive. It doesn’t seem right for me to accept it?” Her act of giving a person a gift after only uttering one sentence was such a generous way of doing things that Qianmo could not get used to it—Though she eventually did later on. It was their family tradition.

    Nuo Nuo replied nonchalantly, “I happened to chance upon it during my business trip. I felt like it suited your disposition, so I just bought it. Human beings live in the realm of meanings, after all.”

    Question marks popped up in the head of the policeman beside her.

    It was really difficult for people without erudition to get along with Yu Yinuo. The people around her had long been accustomed to this chief forensic investigator occasionally spouting words that nobody could fathom.

    Yu Changmo immediately understood the deep meaning behind his Sister Princess’s words and was about to respond, but Qianmo stopped him with a glance.

    Yu Yinuo’s series of actions might not be grasped by others, but Qianmo understood.

    Qianmo understood that the reason Yu Yinuo could climb to the position of the chief forensic investigator at her age was definitely because of her unbelievably high IQ.

    Her sentence, which others could not comprehend and seemed to pop out of nowhere, in actuality had several meanings behind it.

    Firstly, she said that she had casually bought it when she was on her business trip because she felt like it suited Qianmo’s disposition. This meant that Yu Yinuo was very much aware of her brother’s relationship problems.

    It was because Black had a unique psychological illness that his emotions also affected the feelings of every member of their family. Even if she did not know what Qianmo was like, she was willing to respect her brother’s choice and give them her blessings for a long future together.

    Secondly, she said that “Human beings live in the realm of meanings”. These were code words that tested a person’s IQ, and one would have to rack their brains to understand.

    It was the first sentence of Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler’s masterpiece, ‘Inferiority and Transcendence’.

    It said that people tended to experience the world based on its significance. For example, the luxurious necklace that was on Qianmo’s neck at the moment. Perhaps it might be extremely expensive, but when people pass on, whatever beautiful jewelry might not even be as valuable as a bun.

    With just one sentence, Yu Yinuo gave Qianmo many things to comprehend. The title ‘Inferiority and Transcendence’ also hinted at Black’s condition. It reflected Yu Yinuo’s blessing and expectation for the relationship between the couple.

    Translated to layman’s terms, the rough idea was, ‘My brother likes you, and I respect his choice. I don’t care about your identity, history, and family background. The only thing I care about is whether or not you can transcend his inferiority to discover his good qualities. This directly determines your status in my heart. Of course, whether I like you or not should not affect you dating my brother. As long as he likes you… If you understand, we can be friends. If you don’t, I can just be your sister-in-law. Wishing you a happy life! Bye bye~’


    Initially, she only had a favorable first impression of Black’s sister. But after she made her move, Qianmo instantly took a liking to her.

    This was like the duel between Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng at the top of the Forbidden City. People with high IQ would not like to hang out with stupid friends. That one sentence made it clear that both women belonged to the same category.

    Black was right; his sister and Qianmo had a lot in common. Both were beautiful, outstanding, smart, and headstrong.

    Originally, it would have been difficult for people with such character to become friends. Still, they shared one more thing: Whoever protected Black was a good person.

    Qianmo immediately took a shine to Black’s sister. Next, she was going to retaliate to make Yu Yinuo like her.