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Chapter 244.2 - Stop the Killing by Killing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 244.2: Stop the Killing by Killing

    Although the Hunters’ Guild was able to hold a position of power in Cloud Heaven, if one were to be very strict about it, they could not compare to the other four major powers. So what everyone saw on the surface was just one side, the reality hidden beneath was they were not truly acknowledged by the others.

    Not to mention Mo Jing Yu who was such a haughty and proud man, he couldn’t even be bothered with a faction of power that was not even worth his notice.

    Back in those earlier years, even when the Hunters’ Guild had not been all that much to look at, such a thing would never have happened, where the guild members could blatantly come out to commit robbery like this.

    So how much lower had they fallen to now.

    Mo Jing Yu could not help but curled his lips up into a contemptuous smile.

    “Knowing that we are people from the Hunters’ Guild, and you still dare to offend us so outrageously, it seems to me that you are not aware of out guild’s rules.” The man carrying the large sabre with a long chain wrapped around his arm then flashed a bloodthirsty smile on his face.

    The Hunters’ Guild’s rules?

    It was probably known to everyone who was not a recluse and isolated themselves from the world.

    The Hunters’ Guild was famous for having the greatest number of members among the various powers in Cloud Heaven and they were also an existence well known to avenge the slightest snub, biting back like a venomous snake.

    Anyone who came to provoke a person from the Hunters’ Guild would suffer maniacal and incessant revenge. But that was not because the Hunters’ Guild was being loyal or protective of their people, but it was to satisfy their own arrogance and to stroke their inflated egos, not allowing outsiders to show the guild any slight.

    “Have the man dealt with on the spot but leave the woman alive. Our brothers here have not broken fast for quite a long while already.” The man said as he slowly undid the chain around his arm and pulled his hand back to stretch his wrist. The sound of his bones crackling rang out clearly, as he gazed menacingly at the two people a short distance away.

    [It looks like he is the leader among the bunch of robbers.]

    [But, what did he just say?]

    Mo Jing Yu’s face that had been smiling all this while suddenly turned to show a completely indiscernible expression on his face, as the aura around his body silently changed without anyone knowing.

    He was used to be recklessly wilful and already did not have a good reputation, so he did not care how people looked at him. But when someone was speaking ill of people he cared about, or about the person that held a position in his heart, he was definitely not going to allow that to pass.

    “Fei Er, stand to the side a moment. Let me put an end to all these scum.” Mo Jing Yu’s voice was still as gentle as before, but the aura that was flaring out from his body that sent chills running through a person was impossible to miss.

    Qing Lan Fei sighed out a breath. “Qing Yu, I…..”

    “Do not try to dissuade me. I know that you have a kind heart, but the entire bunch of them will just be a plague letting them live, and they will have to die sooner or later.” Mo Jing Yu said bitingly.