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Chapter 102 - Oh, This Dress is Gorgeous

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 102: Oh, This Dress is Gorgeous

    Some can endure it, while others cannot.

    Some students could concentrate on revision and not be bothered by the problems of others. At the same time, some started idling as innately they were academically inclined. This group of students also enjoyed poking their noses into others’ business.

    During the morning class, the teacher officially returned the answer sheets to the students. While the Math teacher, Zhao Zhizhong, was going through the questions with the class, they coincidentally stopped at a problem that Su Cha had solved. In Zhao Zhizhong’s eyes, the question was a little challenging, and not many students in the class had managed to solve it. However, Su Cha had solved it correctly.

    After thinking about it, Zhao Zhizhong instructed Su Cha to explain her method to the class.

    The result was beyond his expectation. Su Cha went forward without her test sheet and solved the question perfectly on the whiteboard. There were no errors found in her interpretation and solution.

    In other words, if Su Cha had copied her answer, how would she be able to solve it?

    Although Zhao Zhizhong was in disbelief, he was also pleasantly surprised. If Su Cha’s results were real, the emergence of such an outstanding student would benefit his teaching career.

    Not only Zhao Zhizhong, but also the rest of the subject teachers started asking Su Cha to answer the questions after they discovered her vast improvement.

    As usual, Su Cha answered the questions correctly in a calm and composed manner.

    That came as a surprise for both the students and teachers.

    After that, no one suspected Su Cha of cheating.

    Su Cha answered all the questions well. If she had cheated during the examinations, how would she be able to copy the answers in such details? How would she be able to write out the interpretations of the questions and thought processes?

    However, the rate of Su Cha’s improvement was strange. In a short one month, how could she have improved from a mere 400 marks to the current 600 marks?

    What’s more outrageous was that she had attained a score that made her eligible for the top universities in the country!

    Hence, all the students felt a little unsettled in their hearts.

    During lunch, Cai Ziya could not help but praised Su Cha, “Su Cha, you are amazing! I have thought about the method you used to solve the math question, but I did not think about it as comprehensively as you did. So, I only managed to get it half right. How did you manage to improve so much in just one month?”

    Cai Ziya had no malicious intent. Su Cha thought about it but did not know how to answer. Hence, she said, “I just revise normally, perhaps I got a little smarter.”

    Cai Ziya: “…”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    They almost believed her.

    During lunch, Su Cha’s mobile phone vibrated. She took a glance and saw a notification from the Pet Cat shopping site.

    The buyer had received the item, the courier was indeed swift.

    Su Cha checked to confirm the delivery receipt. Now, the payment for the goods would be transferred to her bank account over the next few days.

    Just as she was about to exit the app, the buyer suddenly sent her a message.

    I am a flying pig: Oh my god, the dress is gorgeous, it is stunning!!!! The embroidery is so good!! Store owner, how did you even embroider that!!! It’s beautiful!!!

    I am a flying pig: I like it, and it looks great when I wear it! Oh my, I love it!

    I am a flying pig: Do you have any other similar clothes? I can buy a few more, I have money! Oh my, even if I have to survive on toasts, I have to buy more clothes. I will leave you a good review now!

    Su Cha: “…”

    She had said that she had limited living expenses, but now she talks like a tycoon.