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Chapter 453 - Amazing Ratings!

Medical Master
     “Dee-dee-dee…” After eating the buns, Fang Qiu clapped his hands and was about to turn off the mobile phone to start reading and studying, but it suddenly rang.

    “Mom?” Fang Qiu quickly answered the phone.

    “Hi, dear, are you awake?” The voice of Fang Qiu’s mother came from the other end of the line.

    “I’ve been up for a long time, and I’ve just finished my breakfast,” Fang Qiu said.

    “Why didn’t you sleep for a little longer? Aren’t you tired of getting up so early in the morning?” Fang Qiu’s mother said with a smile.

    “What?” Fang Qiu was stunned. He was surprised. How did his mother become so tender?

    “I have something to tell you.” It seemed that his mother didn’t notice anything wrong about her behavior. With a grin, she said, “Last night, I watched the live broadcast of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor with your father.”

    “Your son did a good job, didn’t he?” Fang Qiu smiled.

    “Not bad,” Fang Qiu’s mother responded, and then said with hope, “But I think it’s better if you choose to be a singer. You see, the crew of the show let you sing the theme song. That’s what I think. Since you sing so well and you’ve been on TV, you should seize this opportunity to find a big company to sign with you and make an album so that I can taste the feeling of being a mom of a big star.”

    Fang Qiu smiled wryly and quickly changed the subject. “Well, I’m still in college. Let’s talk about this later. Where’s my dad?”

    “He went to work,” Fang Qiu’s mother answered.

    “I’m going to class now. I’ll talk to you later,” Fang Qiu thought for a moment and said.

    “Remember, be a singer. Do you hear me?” His mother reminded him again.

    Fang Qiu quickly hung up the phone. At the thought of his mother’s intention, he just put on a wry smile.

    He was thinking that his mother would continue to support his career in traditional Chinese Medicine after watching the live broadcast. But he didn’t expect that his mother’s mind would change so fast, and now she wanted to be a mom of a star in the blink of an eye.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu would not do that. If he wanted to be a singer, he would have signed with the entertainment company and released a few albums.

    Besides, the first episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had just been broadcast, and the next period was the real publicity stage of traditional Chinese Medicine. With the growing popularity of traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine would gradually leave a deep impression of all the people in the country.

    Fang Qiu believed that one day his mother would be proud of him being a Chinese Medicine doctor!

    There was no doubt that the popularity of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had also caused a great sensation in the variety show industry.

    In the studio of the most popular entertainment channel all over the country. “Does this ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’ have a card up its sleeve?”

    “Damn, the effect of this show is phenomenal. Why didn’t we think of Chinese Medicine before?”

    “I have to admire them. Although our station has the ability to make this kind of material to this extent, we have never thought about it at all.”

    “Yes, who can relate Chinese Medicine with variety shows?”

    “Well, it’s useless to say anything now.”

    “Our programs have always occupied the highest display and the biggest market share of the prime time. But as soon as this ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’ appeared, our market share was immediately reduced. It’s so brutal.”

    “The director of this show is Li Huawen. And they got Fang Qiu in the show. It’s impossible that they won’t catch people’s attention!”

    “Who is Fang Qiu? Is he so popular?”

    “He’s far more popular. Fang Qiu has done several great things before. Although the number of followers on his Weibo is only one million, the number of people who watch him is at least ten million. The most important thing is that Fang Qiu has also appeared in one of the top ten international medical periodicals, and he is the only person in the country who has published a paper on that periodical. He has been promoting Chinese Medicine, so it will easily attract the attention of people across the country.”

    “Now, Fang Qiu is almost one of the most popular people on Weibo.”

    “I have to say that Fang Qiu is indeed capable. Not only does he excel in Chinese Medicine, but he is also good at expressing himself on the TV show. He’s born to be a TV show talent.

    “Hurry up and check the real-time trending list on Weibo today. Fang Qiu was ranked the second before while the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor ranked the first. Now Fang Qiu has caught up and became the first. Although it will only last for a while, this rising rate is too exaggerated, right?”

    “Well, the real-time topic list on Weibo has been occupied. Go and have a look. Six of the top ten of the real-time topics are related to the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Among these topics, two of them are related to Fang Qiu. It’s unbelievable!

    “Yeah, look at us. When we’re making the variety show, in addition to inviting the celebrities, we have to spend money on publicity. We have to hold press meetings and activities to get good results. But now? This new show just broadcast one episode. And the publicity only lasted for one week. It turns out to have achieved such a great effect, which is comparable to our ace show!”

    “This time, Channel 3 of Central Television is rising.”

    “After all, they are the Central Television. Even if we can think of this idea, we don’t have the ability to carry out the preliminary assessment in 34 provinces of the whole country at the same time.”

    “Did the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor come out?”

    “Not yet.”

    “Tell me the specific data immediately once you got the information!”


    In the teaching building of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. “Is Fang Qiu here?”

    At the door of Fang Qiu’s classroom, many students around turned to look at the classroom, looking for Fang Qiu.

    They had been looking for him for a long time, but they still couldn’t find Fang Qiu.

    In dorm 501, Fang Qiu locked the door, closed the curtains on the window, and hid in the dormitory to read alone.

    “Dee-dee-dee…” His phone rang.

    It was Chen Yinsheng.

    “Hello?” Fang Qiu answered the phone.

    “Fang Qiu, I’ve watched the first episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor that you participated in. Your performance this time is very good.”

    Chen Yinsheng praised Fang Qiu with a satisfied smile and said, “In the show, as the student of our school, you showed self-confidence, strength, and intelligence. You have done very well.”

    “Thank you.” Fang Qiu thanked him.

    “Although you did a good job, you have to work hard in the following days. You can’t gloat, got it?” Chen Yinsheng said.

    “Understood,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile and then hung up the phone.

    However, the phone rang again as soon as it was hung up.

    This time, it was Xu Miaolin.

    “You’re really good at this show, aren’t you?” As soon as he opened his mouth, Xu Miaolin began to tease him.

    “It’s all because of you, Mr. Xu. You taught me well.” Fang Qiu chuckled.

    “Not bad. You’re a humble young man.” Xu Miaolin nodded with satisfaction and then added, “But why do I feel that something is wrong with you, boy? This program has become so popular, but why are you still so low-key? Don’t you want to go out and enjoy the feeling of being a big star, enjoying being admired by those crazy fans?”

    “Of course not,” Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and replied, “I’ll always remember that I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor, not a celebrity!”

    “Great,” Xu Miaolin responded, and then said, “It seems that you haven’t gloated yet, but you have to remember that you and Holy Doctor Chu have made a bet, and you have to perform well next time. Pay attention to Luo Jie. Since he can be taken as a disciple by Holy Doctor Chu, this person is definitely not easy to deal with.”

    “I understand. Don’t worry.” Fang Qiu chuckled and said, “I definitely will let you get married.”

    “Ha-ha, you silly boy.” Xu Miaolin scolded with a smile and then hung up the phone.

    In the office of the department which made the show Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, Director Li Huawen sat in the main seat while other leaders and staff of other departments sat in front of a huge desk.

    Now everyone was waiting for the statistics of last night’s ratings.

    “Why hasn’t the data come out yet?” The deputy director was a little anxious.

    “Yeah, I’m so worried.” A playwright-director also echoed and said, “Although the topic of the first episode went viral online, what matters most was the ratings and market share.”

    “Calm down. Just wait quietly. They’re almost done with the statistics,” Director Li Huawen said.

    “Pitter-patter…” A moment later, there was a rush of footsteps.

    A staff member rushed in with a list and shouted, “Here, the ratings are here.”

    “Swoosh!” All the people in different departments immediately stood up.

    “How is it going?” the head of the marketing department asked.

    “How high are the ratings and the market share?”

    The deputy director suddenly became nervous.

    “Director.” While everyone was asking anxiously, the staff member ran all the way to Li Huawen and handed the report to him. “Please announce it.”

    Li Huawen took over the report.

    After taking a look at it, Li Huawen immediately said, “May 3rd, the variety shows’ list of ratings!”

    “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor which showed on Channel 3 of Central Television started at 8:30 in the evening and ended at 10:00 in the evening. The category of the show is an education variety show. The ratings are 2.5%, and market share is 10.7%.”

    As soon as he finished reading, everyone, including Director Huawen himself, was dumbfounded!

    All the crew of the show were shocked.

    “The ratings of the first episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor actually reached 2.5%?”

    It had taken up 10% of the market share.

    This result would definitely make it the top show in the country.

    Even those popular stars’ shows could not reach this level.

    For a moment, everyone felt like they were dreaming!

    This dream was perfect!

    “Yeah…” A moment later, the roar of celebration suddenly broke out.

    In the entire meeting room, all the people were so excited that they jumped for joy.

    “We did it!”

    “Our show is so popular!”

    “Awesome! It’s awesome!

    Exclamations of excitement and happy roars rang through the entire meeting room.

    At the same time, the staff of the whole Central Television, from the director of the TV station to any other members, were shocked!

    This was just the first episode of their show.

    The publicity period lasted only a week. How could it reach such a high level as soon as it was broadcast?

    What did that mean?

    That was to say, with no big stars, this show could completely surpass the most powerful variety show composed of many famous stars.

    The ratings of the first episode reached 2.5%.

    What about the second and the third episode?

    This number might go up or down. But judging from its popularity on the Internet and the heat of topics at the moment, there was no doubt that the ratings would rise!