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Chapter 145 - Lord Chen Is Proud and Charming

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 145: Chapter 145: Lord Chen Is Proud and Charming

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    Ning Meng thought that she had returned to the mansion. She stepped out of the door and made sure that she had not gone to the wrong place. Then, she entered the house again suspiciously. “Lord Chen, why are you here?”

    Huo Beichen’s face was dark, and he seemed cold and distant.

    He had told her that he was not angry anymore. Why had she not moved back to live with him? It had been a week. She did not even contact him.

    Now that he had come to meet her, she even asked him the reason he was there.

    Why was he not allowed to come and meet her?

    Huo Beichen loosened his tie, frowning as he looked at her. He could not bring himself to say anything as he met her beautiful and seductive eyes. Finally, he forced out an excuse. “I came to eat.”

    Ning Meng reflected on that for a while. Then, she understood something immediately and smiled. “Oh! I’ll cook some noodles for you!”

    She rolled up her sleeves and walked toward the kitchen.

    Huo Beichen started looking around while she was busy in the kitchen.

    The house was three hundred square meters and the other rooms were connected as a changing room except for the bedroom.

    The living room was bright and there was a carpet on the floor. People could walk on it with their bare feet.

    The main color of the house was pink or white, it was just like a room for a young girl.

    In comparison, his mansion didn’t seem so wonderful anymore.

    Recently, he had heard Qi Shan complaining about his wife everyday. He could see that girls really did love shopping.

    What if he pulled down all the rooms on the third floor of his mansion and changed it into a bigger changing room?

    Or, maybe they could return to live in Zhuang Garden?

    While he was thinking about all of these things, Ning Meng had finished cooking. She held the bowl of noodles in her hands and walked out of the kitchen. “Lord Chen, it’s ready!”

    Huo Beichen took off his coat nonchalantly and walked over to the dining room, taking his seat.

    The most important thing now was for her to return to live with him.

    Huo Beichen glanced at the bowl of noodles on the dining table. He picked up the chopsticks and started eating. Then, he said, “It seems like one month of noodles is still not up yet.”

    Ning Meng was puzzled.

    Who could eat noodles for a month?

    She was complaining about him in her heart, but on the outside, she smiled and said, “Hubby, you’re truly a wonderful asset in the business field, an exceptional genius. You’re able to remember a small matter such as cooking noodles for you for a month. I admire that in you! Just tell me how many more days are left! You can come whenever you want!”

    Huo Beichen lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes hiding his love for her. “I’m very busy.”

    He looked up slowly and stared at the girl directly. “Moreover, this place is too far away from the company.”

    His underlying message was clear.

    The girl thought for a while, and she finally understood it now. “I know.”

    Huo Beichen curled his lips softly but he did not smile. He listened to her as she said, “Do you want me to deliver the noodles to you?”

    Huo Beichen was stunned, and his smile froze on his face.

    Suddenly, he became slightly angry.

    He lowered his head and finished eating the noodles. Then, he stood up and said icily, “I’m leaving now.”

    He walked out of the place with big strides, but just when he had reached the door, he heard a voice behind him. “Hubby!”

    Huo Beichen stopped in his tracks, a tiny bit of hope arising from his heart.

    He turned around and saw Ning Meng picking up his coat from the sofa and walking toward him quickly. “You left your coat!”

    Huo Beichen was speechless.

    She smiled brightly at him, her eyes sparkling. At the same time, she seemed seductive and innocent. She was indeed quite attractive.

    She walked toward him, and unknowingly, he was not angry anymore, looking at her.

    Suddenly, he knew that she must have understood him but she was pretending not to.

    Ning Meng walked toward him and handed him the coat. Then, she said nonchalantly to him, “Bon voyage!”

    It almost sounded as though she was sending away the God of Misfortune.

    However, he grabbed her arms at the very next second, surprising her.

    Huo Beichen then said to her slowly in a deep voice, “Let’s go back and live with me. Is that okay?”