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Chapter 147 - The Sponsor Daddy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 147: The Sponsor Daddy

    When Ning Meng reached the set, Zhen Shanmei was already there. They went in together, realizing that the employees there seemed quite excited.

    Zhen Shanmei grabbed one of them and asked curiously, “What happened?”

    That employee smiled and said, “The sponsor daddy is here! He gave everyone a set of La Mer skincare products! He’s a fan of Su Tiantian and he’s also the chosen person this time! He’s now resting in the room!”

    Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei looked at each other. Then, they walked toward the room.

    In the room.

    The seven singers were already there with the other chosen common people whom they chose to sing with them. There was only one left.

    Su Tiantian was sitting on the sofa. The director and the others were trying their best to please the man beside her. Liu Xinlei was wearing a suit of black casual clothes. He smiled coldly. “Who is so arrogant? All of us are waiting for her!”

    The director was covered with cold sweat and smiled awkwardly at him, but he was ignored.

    It was an awkward moment. Su Tiantian smiled and said rather intimately, “CEO Liu, calm down.”

    Liu Xinlei sneered. “I’ll forget about it because of you, Tiantian.”

    The director breathed a sigh of relief. He threw a grateful look at Su Tiantian.

    Su Tiantian sat firmly, feeling slightly smug.

    Li Haojie sat beside them. His eyes brightened when he saw that scene.

    The crew had no choice but to fawn over the sponsor daddy. It also made him proud given that the woman he adored was being admired by a lot of people. She was just that outstanding and attractive.

    Instead of being jealous, rather, this situation pleased him.

    Su Tiantian was so much more elegant and graceful than Zhen Shanmei.

    While he was daydreaming, one of the employees said, “Director, the final one is here!”

    Everyone turned to look toward the entrance.

    Liu Xinlei said angrily, “Come in faster! Let us see who is so proud and rude!”

    Then, two stunning women appeared at the door.

    The entire room brightened with their presence.

    Li Haojie was shocked when he saw them.

    Zhen Shanmei?

    Why was she here?

    Did it mean that she was also one of the chosen ones?

    Li Haojie’s face darkened.

    He knew that she would never give up just like that. She was sure to ask the director to put them in the same pair, and then, she would beg him to get back together with her.

    He looked toward Su Tiantian subconsciously. At that moment, Su Tiantian was smiling and explaining to Liu Xinlei, “CEO Liu, don’t be angry. They’re…”

    The impatience disappeared from Liu Xinlei’s face before Su Tiantian had finished talking. Soon, he became delighted and surprised. “Ning Meng? Zhen Shanmei? Is that you?”

    Ning Meng was puzzled when she saw him.

    Zhen Shanmei on the other hand was more direct. “Who are you?”

    Liu Xinlei smiled and said, “Sister Shanmei, Sister Meng, don’t you recognize me!? I was the plump boy! We were classmates from the same primary school!”

    Zhen Shanmei was stunned. “That plump boy?”

    Liu Xinlei had acted like the great big boss earlier, yet now, he seemed just like a kid fawning over the two of them. He smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right! It’s normal if you didn’t recognize me just now because I’m much slimmer now!”

    He stood up and turned around in front of Zhen Shanmei and Ning Meng. “You always said that I was ugly because I was plump, so I tried my best to slim down this past year. I managed to cut down twenty jin[1]. I did that just to prove to you that…”

    Liu Xinlei continued righteously, “The reason I’m ugly is not because I’m fat!’

    Zhen Shanmei and Ning Meng were speechless.

    The others present were also rendered speechless.

    On the other hand, Li Haojie’s facial expression had changed too.

    [1] Jīn (斤), the Chinese name for the catty, a traditional East Asian unit of weight.