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Chapter 117 - This Is the Price to Pay for Hurting Her (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 117: This Is the Price to Pay for Hurting Her (1)

    The person standing outside the door, as it turned out, was not the incomparably handsome Gu Yu. Instead, it was a clean-looking, bespectacled young man in a business suit. In his left hand he held a big bouquet of roses, and in his right hand was a square-shaped bag.

    The nurse was stunned for a moment, and enquired, “Who are you?”

    The young man smiled politely as he asked with a gentle voice, “May I ask if this is Miss Xu Weilai’s room?”

    “It is.”

    “I’m her colleague. I’m here to visit her.”

    The nurse led him in and relayed the message to Xu Weilai. Xu Weilai stared at the stranger in front of her with suspicion. But when she noticed the bouquet of fiery red roses, her lips lifted into a smile as she broke the ice, “Are you Mr. Zuo’s assistant in China?”

    A look of admiration filled the young man’s eyes. With a chuckle, he introduced himself, “Hello, Miss Xu Weilai. I’m Qiao Chu, the person in charge of handling Mr. Zuo’s affairs in China. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    Xu Weilai bowed her head respectfully, “The pleasure is mine.”

    The young man stepped forward and offered her the bouquet of roses. “This is a token from Mr. Zuo. He wishes you a speedy recovery.”

    Xu Weilai took the bouquet from him and stared at the delicate red roses. She couldn’t help but recall the bunch of roses that Mr. Zuo had given her previously. They had looked exactly the same.

    Even though she had never met Mr. Zuo before, she could sense that he was a gentleman with a very pleasant demeanor.

    “Please thank him for me.”

    Qiao Chu nodded his head and placed the paper bag in his hand on the bedside table. Xu Weilai looked over with curiosity in her eyes, and he explained, “This is a new cell phone. Your old number has been retained. You can use it at your convenience.”

    She had to admit that Mr. Zuo was a very good boss. He was very thorough in his considerations.

    “Thank you.” It was all Xu Weilai could think of in reply.

    “You’re welcome. You deserve it. Your article reaped a lot of profit for Z Magazine, and you even got hurt because of it.”

    Mr. Zuo had always been very fair in meting out his rewards and punishments. He constantly showed appreciation towards capable employees and was generous in giving bonuses as well. As a result, Xu Weilai didn’t repeat her gratitude any further.

    “So, the article has been published?”

    That day, after she submitted her report to Mr. Zuo’s email, she had collapsed on the bed. Following that, her flu and fever had kept her unconscious, and she was unable to receive updates on the progress of the report.

    “Yes. It was published in this morning’s newspaper. The police also arrested Pang Hai first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, his subordinate took the fall for him, and he wasn’t charged. He has since been released.”

    “I see…” Xu Weilai frowned. Indeed, Pang Hai wasn’t easy to deal with.

    Qiao Chu continued, “We’ll handle everything else from here. You just need to focus on getting well. Don’t worry about anything.”

    Xu Weilai nodded her head.

    She wasn’t worried at all. She had been working at Z Magazine for some time now and knew the extent of Mr. Zuo’s capabilities. Once a report from Z Magazine was published in the newspapers, Mr. Zuo would take care of everything else that followed. He would never allow the lives and safety of his employees to be threatened. That was the reason why all his reporters felt secure enough not to use an alias.

    Back then, it had been Mr. Zuo who helped her to settle her issue with the foreign academic scholar as well.

    After he said everything that needed to be said, Qiao Chu left. Xu Weilai watched as he disappeared through the door, and her eyes turned to look at the roses in her arms. This time around, she was truly curious about what kind of person Mr. Zuo was.

    He had to be an outstanding individual himself to be able to train such a capable assistant!


    Even with the pistol aimed between his eyes, Gu Yu did not show any fear. His expression remained calm, and his lips even curled up in an ambiguous smile.