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Chapter 148 - Are You Done Messing Around?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 148: Are You Done Messing Around?

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    Li Haojie was slightly stunned.

    The three of them were joking and messing around, moreover, it was clear that Liu Xinlei was condemning himself just to please Zhen Shanmei.

    Even Su Tiantian had needed to be polite and nice to Liu Xinlei just now, however, Zhen Shanmei could act so casual and appeared to be much more superior than him.

    Zhen Shanmei had always put on thick makeup and stayed beside him to help him deal with all kinds of stuff, and this led him to forget that Zhen Shanmei actually came from a wealthy and privileged family.

    At that moment, they were talking among themselves as if there was no one else besides them. The director and the employees were anxious but they did not dare to urge them or scold Zhen Shanmei for being late.

    Li Haojie clenched his fists and then released them.

    So what if Zhen Shanmei was standing in a privileged place?

    She would surely fall down and come rushing to him if he simply waved at her. After all, she had joined the set just because she wanted to have a duet with him, then, she would definitely want to get back together with him again.


    Li Haojie lowered his eyes and sat in the corner quietly.

    The Liu family was not as influential and powerful as the Zhen family, and so, Liu Xinlei spoke ceaselessly. It was clear that he wanted to please them. However, Zhen Shanmei seemed to be slightly impatient. She interrupted him directly. “Fat boy! Say these things to my dad! I know nothing about it!”

    Liu Xinlei responded immediately. “Sure.”

    After they had greeted each other, the director began announcing the results of their previous competition.

    In fact, the Zhen family had not announced their intention in suppressing Li Haojie publicly, not to mention, Zhen Shanmei had come to join the set as well. Hence, the director did not know how to handle Li Haojie and they could only allow him to advance to the next level with a mere passing score.

    The director announced, “Everyone is here now. Then, we’ll start putting you into pairs. The common people can choose the celebrities they want. If the celebrities agree, you’ll become a pair. If you don’t want to choose, we’ll decide by drawing lots!”

    The common people could choose the celebrities they wanted, it was clearly an exception made in Liu Xinlei’s and Zhen Shanmei’s favor.

    Sure enough, Liu Xinlei said without hesitation, “I choose Su Tiantian!”

    A smile was plastered on Su Tiantian’s face and she stood up. “It’s my pleasure being chosen by you, CEO Liu.”

    The director smiled and said, “So, Master Liu and Master Su will be in the same pair. Is there anyone else who wants to choose?”

    He looked at Zhen Shanmei meaningfully.

    Li Haojie stood up straighter when he heard that, glancing at Zhen Shanmei. Subsequently, she walked out and said, “I want to choose too.”

    Li Haojie sneered. He raised his eyebrow, feeling slightly smug.

    Since she was so sincere and loved him passionately, he would force himself to forgive her.

    As he was having these kinds of thoughts, Zhen Shanmei’s voice came to him. “I want to choose Lin Qingbei.”

    Li Haojie’s smile froze all of a sudden.

    He stared at Zhen Shanmei in disbelief. What did she say just now?

    Lin Qingbei frowned and glanced at Ning Meng. Then, he shrugged. “I agree.”

    Li Haojie was stunned.

    He looked at Zhen Shanmei and Lin Qingbei in disbelief. A wave of unknown anger rose in him. It was as if his precious belonging was snatched away from him.

    There were only two people who wanted to choose their own celebrities. The others chose to draw lots. Li Haojie was quite lucky and was paired up with a girl from a music academy.

    Then, each pair returned to their respective rooms to choose the song they wanted and practice for it.

    Everyone left in pairs, but before Zhen Shanmei could leave with Lin Qingbei, Li Haojie rushed toward them as he could not hold back his anger anymore. He shouted angrily at Zhen Shanmei, “Are you done messing around?”

    Zhen Shanmei frowned.

    Li Haojie laughed coldly. “Did you think that you could attract my attention by acting like this? I’m telling you now, music needs a pure and sincere heart. It’s not a tool for you to take revenge!”