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Chapter 216 - Meeting Imperial Noble Consort Xi Again

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 216: Meeting Imperial Noble Consort Xi Again

    A pile of invitations rose on Ye Jiuge’s table like a little hill. However, she did not even spare them a glance.

    As she thought things over, she realized that she’d already made her decision. Once she finished her Enclosed Cultivation, she would meet Imperial Consort Xi.

    “No, I should change the way I address her now and refer to her as ‘Imperial Noble Consort.'”

    Ye Jiuge felt that, since she was a lady, she should see the Imperial Noble Consort first. This was far more appropriate than immediately seeking an audience with Emperor Xuanwu. At the same time, she could fish for information.

    However, Imperial Noble Consort Xi had become a successful, influential figure feared by many. Ye Jiuge did not know if Imperial Noble Consort Xi would treat her differently than she had in the past.

    After Ye Jiuge decided, she went to the Pill Production Room to produce a bottle of Anti-aging Pills and felt ready to stop her Enclosed Cultivation.

    “After so many days of Enclosed Cultivation, I can finally go outside.” Zi Shang stretched himself.

    When Ye Jiuge was performing her Enclosed Cultivation, he’d naturally stayed by her side to guide her through the process as a personal bodyguard.

    “When we go outside, please behave. Cut back on your sexually suggestive actions.” Ye Jiuge laid eyes on Zi Shang’s alluring face and felt a headache coming on.

    In the past, she’d proposed that Zi Shang change his appearance to something more plain-looking. However, he’d stubbornly refused.

    “Hehe, those typical ladies will never catch my eye. You are my true love.” Zi Shang pulled Ye Jiuge into his embrace and lightly smooched her face.

    “After we leave the residence, treat me with more respect.” Ye Jiuge was impassive. She remained rigid as he kissed her.

    Recently, she’d discovered a method for dealing with Zi Shang. As long as she hardened her heart, showed him a cold face, and drew a line, Zi Shang exercised restraint.

    “I will do as you say!” As expected, once Zi Shang saw Ye Jiuge’s stern face, he behaved immediately.

    Ye Jiuge pushed the door and walked out. Zhen Zhu was keeping watch outside. During these last few days, Yu Die and Zhen Zhu had taken turns guarding the door. They were prepared to carry out Ye Jiuge’s orders at any time.

    “Have you hung up the plaque that the Emperor granted me? Has anything happened recently in the residence?” Ye Jiuge asked while walking.

    “Qing Mama has already asked officials from the Jingzhao Commandery to help us to hang it.” Zhen Zhu walked alongside Ye Jiuge and gave her an account of everything that had happened in the residence, regardless of whether it was important or insignificant.

    When Ye Jiuge had left the Ye Residence and struck out on her own, her personal household had only consisted of maids that had followed her from the Zilin Residence.

    When Ye Jiuge had announced to the public that she was performing Enclosed Cultivation at this inconvenient time, they’d become a group without a leader.

    Fortunately, Qing Mama had kept in contact with the Yun Clan’s senior servants throughout the years. She relied on those senior servants to set up and manage Ye Jiuge’s Residence.

    Even when the Emperor had assigned some officials to send his conferred plaque, Qing Mama had been the one to put on a bold face and accept it.

    “Congratulations, Eldest Miss, for progressing in your cultivation level!” An old man with graying hair on his temples walked over to Ye Jiuge and bowed at her deferentially with a serious expression.

    He was also one of the Yun Residence’s senior servants. His name was Huo Zhenwei.

    In the past, he had been the leader of the bodyguards chosen by Yun Tianwei to serve Yun Qiaoqiao. He had a high level of cultivation. He was one step away from Spiritual Master.

    After Yun Qiaoqiao had passed away, Ye Yuxuan had dispatched Huo Zhenwei to carry out a mission. He had never expected this mission to be a set-up carefully devised by his foes.

    After falling into their trap, his cultivation level had dropped sharply. In despair, he’d lived anonymously in a village where no one could find him.

    Qing Mama had personally gone to see him and brought him back to Ye Jiuge’s Residence.

    Ye Jiuge had helped him heal his internal injuries completely and regain his cultivation. Then, she’d employed him as the Ye Jiuge Residence’s servant.

    The Ye Clan had not stirred up any trouble during Ye Jiuge’s Enclosed Cultivation thanks entirely to Old Huo, who was now overseeing the household affairs.

    “Old Huo, can you please summon Qing Mama? I have some things to ask her,” Ye Jiuge instructed him politely.

    “I will go and fetch her now.” It did not take long for Old Huo to return with Qing Mama.

    “What has the Ye Clan been up to lately?” Ye Jiuge lifted her teacup and took a sip.

    “Eldest Miss, after the Su Clan fell from power, Old Master treated Su Yufeng and her daughter terribly. A while back, he sent Ye Shanshan away under the pretense of learning a new skill. In reality, he gave her to the Danyang Sect’s Patriarch, Lingyun, as a concubine. In return, he obtained a stalk of Rank Five Medicinal Herb, the Purple Cloud Perilla,” Qing Mama said scornfully.

    “If I remember correctly, Patriarch Lingyun is already more than two hundred years old.” Ye Jiuge was quite shocked.

    Ye Shanshan was merely seventeen. It was ridiculous to make her the concubine of a man old enough to be her great-grandfather.

    “Aren’t you aware of Old Master’s character by now? There’s nothing he won’t do,” Qing Mama laughed coldly, and her face was full of contempt.

    Although she disliked Ye Shanshan, she still found a father who traded his biological daughter – a virgin, no less – for Spiritual Medicine to be reprehensible.

    Ye Jiuge sighed heavily. She thought of Ye Shanshan; she’d always been vain and imprudent. Now, she had to sleep with an old codger. She must feel miserable!

    However, this was the consequence of her actions. Ye Jiuge would not feel sorry for her. Therefore, she changed the topic. “How is Fourth Sister?”

    She cared about this sister most of all.

    “Old Master dotes on Fourth Miss now. However, she has been getting a little too close to Seventh Concubine.” When Qing Mama mentioned this, she furrowed her brow.

    “Keep a close eye on Seventh Concubine. If she does anything unusual, report it to me immediately.” Before, when she’d still be living in the former Ye Residence, Ye Jiuge had suspected that the Seventh Concubine was associated with the Empress. Unfortunately, she could not find any evidence to support this suspicion.

    Now that the Empress had been ousted from power, Seventh Concubine had approached Ye Ruyi all of a sudden. Perhaps, she had another plan in mind.

    “Eldest Miss, do not worry. I have already asked someone to monitor her every move.” Qing Mama thoroughly disliked Seventh Concubine, so she’d instructed someone to watch her a long time ago.

    Ye Jiuge asked another question, “Has anything else happened?”

    As soon as she’d disassociated herself from the Ye Clan, she’d performed Enclosed Cultivation. Qing Mama was the only person managing the household. Therefore, she was still unclear about a lot of things.

    “There aren’t that many servants in our residence, so there were no problems. It was just that, every day, people visited. Eldest Miss, you cannot keep avoiding them!” Qing Mama fretted.

    In the past, she had always hoped that Eldest Miss would restore the Yun Clan’s former glory and become the most successful aristocratic young lady in the entire Capital.

    Now that her dream had been fulfilled, she was worrying again.

    Since so many people wanted to meet her Eldest Miss, she needed to consider them carefully and make arrangements. Eldest Miss would have to entertain them all. In the end, her Eldest Miss would be the one who was exhausted!

    “There is no need to pay attention to these people. I plan to enter the palace tomorrow to meet Imperial Noble Consort Xi. Please help me to wrap this bottle of Anti-aging Pills.” Ye Jiuge took out an exquisite bottle made from white jade from her Magical Bottomless Satchel.

    “Alright.” Qing Mama accepted the bottle. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, she asked, “Should we send a message to the palace to notify her first?”

    It would be rude for Ye Jiuge to enter the palace to meet the Imperial Noble Consort Xi without informing her beforehand.

    “There is no need. I want to avoid unnecessary complications.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    She possessed a palace entry pass, which Imperial Noble Consort Xi had granted her. It allowed her to enter the palace at any time.

    “Then let me accompany you tomorrow!” After Qing Mama finished talking, she left to make preparations.

    Ye Jiuge rested for a night then climbed into a horse-drawn carriage with Qing Mama at the dawn the next day. She soon arrived at the palace to meet the Imperial Noble Consort.

    The leader of the sentries examined her palace entry pass and discreetly gave Ye Jiuge a once-over. He did not ask her many questions before letting her in.

    In the past, even if she’d been in possession of this palace entry pass, she would not have been able to escape an interrogation.

    But now, Ye Jiuge had become famous because of the events that has transpired at Medicine Refinery City. Every Imperial Guard recognized her face. They did not dare to offend her.

    Ye Jiuge brought Qing Mama to Jinxiu Palace. From a distance, they could see Lady Hongxiu waiting at the entrance. She welcomed them with a smile.

    “Eldest Miss, how did you enter the palace without telling us first? When I heard this news, I was taken aback!”