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Chapter 145 - The Women who Dominate the World

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 145: The Women who Dominate the World

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    With just one sentence and a necklace, she could easily express what others might take one day and one night of droning on and crying while using up a pack of tissues. Yu Yinuo’s performance showed that she had a balance of IQ and EQ.

    Qianmo’s reply was also not superficial.

    With her innate IQ and the EQ that she had developed over the years, Qianmo put her hand into her bag. Taking out a popcorn, she put it in Yu Yinuo’s mouth and said, “This is delicious. Although some people might find it too sweet, to me, it (he) is the best. That’s my only truth. Even if there is another truth, it has nothing to do with me.”

    After she finished talking, Yu Changmo felt as if more than 10,000 Tianshan snow lotus were blooming at the same time. The beauty was so mesmerizing, he dared not believe it.

    Yu Yinuo’s eyes lit up, and she smiled from the bottom of her heart, expressing her fondness. Apparently, President Qian Chengcheng did not lie to her. This girl was good, really good.

    The policeman standing by the side stared until he became cockeyed, yet he still could not wrap his mind around what had happened in the short span of one minute.

    All he saw was the legendary enchanting female chief putting on a costly necklace on somebody else and saying something that he did not understand. Following which, the beautiful girl, whom she had put the necklace on, replied to her by feeding her a popcorn kernel and also saying something that he did not understand…

    Qianmo’s reply could be said to be full marks, no, 120 points.

    Yu Yinuo implicitly expressed her concern for her younger brother, and Qianmo also tacitly responded about her admiration of Black. Liking someone was just liking someone, and it was not related to his illness.

    Whether he was a man of good fortune or someone with an incurable psychological illness, he was the best in her heart. Even if there were guys in the world that other people found outstanding, what did they have to do with her?

    Equating popcorn to a luxury good, it was neither servile nor overbearing. It was her fondness for something that gave it its value.

    To be able to retaliate against Yu Yinuo—and so beautifully at that—was amazing. Still, the most wonderful thing was the sentence that Qianmo quoted, which nobody could understand. It was from the same book that Yu Yinuo had quoted from.

    This girl liked her younger brother and knew how to appreciate this exceptional man despite his illness. This already deserved 100 points.

    She had IQ, EQ, and was able to understand what she was saying, deserving extra points. Yu Yinuo exchanged glances with Qianmo.

    Looking at her, Yu Yinuo confirmed that Qianmo was destined to be a part of their family.

    After eating the popcorn, Yu Yinuo was beaming with joy. For people with high IQ, there was no need to say things so explicitly. They understood each other.

    The two women entered the scene side by side. Black stood rooted on the spot, bathing in his happiness, feeling as if he were still seeing the blooming lotuses on the Tianshan mountain.

    The person he liked reciprocated his feelings and had defended him so elegantly. The rewards he had reaped from his investment in the relationship were simply too abundant.

    “Next time, buy the chocolate-flavored popcorn from that store. They are delicious.” This voice belonged to his sister.

    “Yep. I think that apart from the original and chocolate flavors, the others are all strange and weird.” This voice belonged to his girlfriend.

    “Hey, let’s watch a movie together next time. I’m better than my brother at picking movies. Besides, I live right by your school. You can come find me, and we can eat and shop together.” Yu Yinuo was not easy to get along with, but as long as the person was to her liking, everything would be great.

    It was just that… up till now, the number of people that she liked could be counted with only her two hands.

    “Sure! Sister, how is your skin so flawless? What skincare products do you use?”

    “When we’re done with this case, I’ll bring you to the beauty salon that I often go to. Plus, we can have a meal after that.”

    Friendship between like-minded people was so simple. Black’s eyes were filled with a warm glow, still feeling exuberant. As he reveled in his newfound happiness, he suddenly sensed something amiss.

    “Sure, but what about Black?”

    “Oh, we can let him carry our bags, cook for us, drive us around, and pay for us.”

    So… his sister had… stolen his girlfriend? Black was confused. He was her boyfriend, but in a split second, he had been reduced to a servant. That was just miserable.

    While Yu Changmo was waiting for Qianmo outside, the policeman who had been by the side and had not made out the entire situation, drew near to chat with him.

    “Master Yu, what’s going on? Since when was our chief so easy-going? They became close just like that? I was with the chief when she bought the necklace. It’s good stuff and costs about half a house.” The police officer was Yu Yinuo’s assistant, who was usually responsible for following the imposing chief everywhere.

    “Yeah, my girlfriend likes her, and… If she doesn’t like my girlfriend, the necklace that costs half a house will be worn by Simeng,” Black replied before leaving his sister’s assistant behind and walking away.

    Mo was going to be working hard inside with his sister for a while. By the time they were done, they would probably be thirsty. He had to hurry up and prepare drinks for the two ladies. It was too late to make the drinks on his own, but he knew a store that Mo liked. If he rushed over there by car, he could still make it in time.

    The policeman stretched out his hand as if to say, ‘Don’t leave, can you please explain clearly?’

    What Black had meant was that based on his understanding of his sister, she would buy a gift for her first meeting with Qianmo. But if Qianmo did not get his sister’s approval, his sister would rather hang the necklace on Simeng, who was at home, than to give it to Qianmo—Simeng was his sister’s pet cat.

    So, she liked what she saw, then got along with Qianmo before going off to solve the case hand in hand. He had been heartlessly abandoned…

    The two women with the same temper and mind entered the crime scene. Just like Black’s house, this was also a duplex that spanned two floors.

    Yu Yinuo led Qianmo in. When the other people, who were investigating the crime scene, saw that the chief had brought someone with her, they cast curious glances at them. However, no one dared to step forward and ask. After all, the chief was a… Well, a prankster…

    “Before I came here, I went to the hospital to visit the victim. My colleague diagnosed that she might have depression and that jumping down was her committing suicide. What do you think?” Yu Yinuo asked Qianmo, whom she had taken a liking to.

    Qianmo did not rush to answer. Instead, she walked around the house a few times, looked at the furnishings, and went to the bathroom to sift through the woman’s skincare cabinet. In the end, her gaze landed on the trash can in the living room.

    “The victim has a suboptimal health status. It’s not depression or anxiety; she has insomnia and a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. Jumping down was not suicide, but I’m still not too certain about the specific cause.” Qianmo pointed to the trash can in the living room. “Where did the things in there go?”

    After she finished talking, the police officers who were collecting evidence went utterly silent.

    President Qian, who was here just now, had also determined that this was not a suicide with one single glance.

    The girl with the strange behavior, whom President Qian had brought along, also arrived at the same conclusion.

    As soon as she walked through the door, Yu Yinuo was even certain that this was an intentional homicide.

    Now even Qianmo had said so. What was more surprising about her, however, was that she could tell the trash can had a problem at a glance!

    This put the other police officers in the same mood as Qianmo when watching a movie—Feeling like their IQ was being thrown and smeared hard on the ground.