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Chapter 146 - Don’t Bring Up This Matter

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 146: Don’t Bring Up This Matter

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    When Yu Yinuo heard what she said, she hooked her finger, and the policeman by the side handed her a transparent evidence bag.

    Inside the bag, there was an empty Nutri-express bottle.

    “Are you looking for this?”

    Seeing the empty bottle, Qianmo deduced that it was originally in the trash bin, but Sister Nuo Nuo had taken it out.

    Yu Yinuo asked, “How did you realize the problem with the trash can?”

    She had asked someone to collect the things in the trashcan because of her intuition as a forensic investigator. Yet, Qianmo could tell with a glance that there was a problem with it, which went to show that she had the ability to make discerning judgments.

    “I saw that she had lined the trash can in the bathroom with a plastic bag, but the plastic bag in the living room’s trash can is gone. The trash can is empty.

    “From how she arranged items around the house, she has a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, so it’s impossible for her to be sloppy. Sister Nuo Nuo, you’re an expert. The reason you collected the empty bottle is probably to perform tests on the residue inside the bottle.”

    Sweeping her gaze across the house, she could tell that this was where a patient with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder lived. Qianmo could also discern the victim’s anxiety from the other items that she had left behind.

    Qianmo’s opinion coincided with that of President Qian, who was here before.

    At this stage, Qianmo’s performance was tied with that of President Qian’s apprentice. Whether or not she could win was dependent on how Qianmo performed later on.

    Yu Yinuo smiled. “There is a hallucinogenic drug in this bottle. You’re right: She was indeed murdered. Who do you think is the most suspicious?”

    She had also said this to President Qian’s apprentice.

    President Qian’s apprentice concluded that the culprit was the owner of the house—the sleazy, big-bellied, middle-aged man and the victim’s secret lover. She had used her special talent to determine that the victim had tried to force the man into marriage, but when that failed, she became overly anxious. As she gave the sleazy man too much pressure, it eventually resulted in her inviting disaster upon herself.

    “I caught a glimpse of the sleazy man outside the police station, and he is indeed suspicious. However, based on my preliminary judgment, he’s an impulsive man and would not have the ability to create this crime scene that requires a high IQ.

    “But if he had an accomplice, then that’s a different matter. Therefore, the direction of the investigation should be checking whether he has an accomplice. If he doesn’t, look into his lawful wife, check for fingerprints on the scene, and compare it to hers.”

    After pondering for a moment, Qianmo added, “I think that the person who can pull something off like this should be meticulous in nature. To be able to poison a fellow human, one needs to be psychologically sound, so the chances of finding fingerprints might not be huge.

    “I reckon the suspect probably wore gloves. The criminal profile that I give would be…”

    Qianmo thought about it for a while. People who would poison others usually had an inferiority complex, sensitivity, paranoia, lack of emotions, and poor interpersonal skills. Their IQs were high, but they were also indifferent.

    This was what her mentor, Chen Meng, had taught her in her past life.

    To put it plainly, Criminal Psychology Profiling was a technique used to deduce the criminal’s profile based on their modus operandi. Her mentor was very good at it, and hearsay that she had cracked a major case a few years earlier.

    However, its accuracy was not that high. There was only a certain probability for their deduction to be correct. Not just Qianmo, but even at the level of super experts like President Qian and Chen Meng, they could not make deductions with 100% accuracy.

    Considering that she had just entered the school and it was not good to be too high-profile and that her “self-taught” performance might seem too prominent and flamboyant, Qianmo concealed a few points and only shared two to three.

    And it was these two to three points that had let her win this “competition”, which she did not know about beforehand.

    Yu Yinuo nodded after listening to her points. Although she knew in her heart that Qianmo had won, she still had to go through the motions.

    “Call the owner of the house, his wife, and all related personnel down to the station. Continue collecting evidence at the scene. Yu Yinuo delegated the work to her subordinates. Qianmo found that it was difficult for her to get a read on Yu Yinuo’s emotional fluctuations.

    This was very similar to Black.

    Black only had a special reaction when facing her due to his psychological illness. But when she was not around, he could conceal his emotions particularly well. When he did not have this issue in her past life, it was difficult for Qianmo to determine his microexpression within a quarter of a second.

    The difference was that Black was serious, while Yu Yinuo was relaxed and indifferent. When wandering around, she could grasp everything in an instant.

    Qianmo could not help but be curious about what Black’s biological family did for a living. They were able to raise so many outstanding children and let every breath taken at home be filled with the smell of talents. It was evident from this that their parents were no simpletons, and they were definitely not as simple as a family of locksmiths passed down for generations like Black had told her.

    She had already met his sister, so it was probably not going to be long before she met his parents. This was a step that Qianmo had not taken in her past life. Now that she was finally doing it, she realized that… It was not that difficult.

    Following the investigation direction that Qianmo had given, the case was resolved in the afternoon.

    While Qianmo was shopping with Black and his sister, Yu Yinuo received a call from the station.

    To be more precise, it was the two women who were shopping. Black was walking behind them expressionlessly, to protect the beauties and help them carry their bags.

    Just as Qianmo had inferred, the culprit was neither the victim’s violent and impulsive husband nor her sleazy secret lover. It was the wife of the sleazy man.

    According to the wife’s confession, the victim had an improper relationship with her husband. The victim claimed that she was pregnant and forced the man to get a divorce so that she could replace the sleazy man’s wife. If he did not agree, she threatened to cause so much trouble that he would not be at peace.

    The sleazy man had no choice but to confess his affair to his wife. His wife then attended to the matter personally and bought some hallucinogenic drugs to get the victim to miscarry. However, who knew that after ingesting the drug, the victim would start hallucinating and jump down, landing in Black and Qianmo’s candlelight dinner.

    The culprit, who had drugged her, took the initiative to confess, and they also found the remaining medicine in the house of the sleazy man’s wife. By right, the case should be concluded.

    However, after Yu Yinuo ended the call, she did not show any signs of relief from the case being resolved.

    In the time Yu Yinuo took the call, Black seized the opportunity to regain his right to accompany his girlfriend. At present, both of them were stopped by the sales promoter in the mall.

    “Big Brother and Sister, I am a student who is working part-time while studying. Please try our company’s new cotton-candy-flavored minced meat soybean paste noodles.”

    Carrying the sample dish, the young girl went up to them. The mall often hired temporary promoters, most of which were students.

    Cotton-candy-flavored noodles… What the hell. It sounded like dark cuisine.

    A 24k pure foodie like Qianmo was determined not to torture herself like that. Dragging Black, she waved the promoter off and turned to leave. The next second, the promoter’s eyes lit up in recognition upon seeing Qianmo.

    “The big sister who bought the condoms!”


    This voice!

    Yu Yinuo, who was still on the phone, was attracted by the sudden cry.

    Qianmo’s face instantly turned red.

    It turned out that the temporary sales promoter was the same girl who had worked hard to sell the on-sale pack of condoms at the supermarket the night before!

    With one glance, she recognized Qianmo and Black. Obviously, she was doing multiple part-time jobs.

    Worried that Qianmo had forgotten who she was, she said quickly, “Did you forget, Big Sister? Yesterday, you and Big Brother came to the supermarket, and then you bought two boxes of the promotional ultra—”

    Putting on a fake smile, Qianmo snatched the cup of dark cuisine sample from her hand.

    “I’ll eat it!”

    Black also did not expect such an embarrassing event to unfold. Seeing his girlfriend’s face creasing like a bun at the thought of eating the dark cuisine, he snatched the cup from her and swallowed the contents in one gulp.