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Chapter 799 - The Xia Family’s Cold and Relentless Nature

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 799: The Xia Family’s Cold and Relentless Nature

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    A sullen expression formed on Xia Haolin’s face as he ended the call.

    Looking extremely menacing, he grabbed the mobile phone in his hand tightly and his knuckles turned pale. He did not expect that those ruffians would go back on their word and threaten him.

    500,000! It was not a small sum at all, even if they were not in dire straits now. Not to mention, they were currently facing a major financial crisis. It was a hefty sum that would put a dent in their pockets.

    500,000! It would be enough to get rid of the annoying villagers who were pressing for their overdue wages to be paid and to salvage the Xia Family’s reputation. It could also help the Xia Family avoid the lawsuit.

    500,000! It could be used to placate the angry customers outside the supermarket outlets who were demanding refunds. It could help the Xia Family avoid being issued a warning or be sued and put behind bars by the Administrative Bureau of Business and Commerce.

    If he could do so much with 500,000 yuan, how would he be willing to give it to someone else?

    Xia Haolin’s face grew sullen and he walked towards the entrance door, which he opened forcefully before walking towards the living room.

    However, he did not notice that a silhouette had zoomed inside the washroom.

    Once Chen Linfang could no longer hear Xia Haolin’s footsteps, she clutched her chest and leaned against the wall feebly.

    Even a monster would not hurt its own children. Chen Linfang did not expect that Xia Haolin would be so vicious as to find someone to abduct Xia Ruya for the sake of getting her money.

    Considering things from the Xia Family’s perspective, he had no choice but to do so. After all… the Xia Ruya was the one who caused the Xia Family to end up in such a pathetic state. Xia Ruya had a massive amount of assets and yet, she was not willing to help the Xia Family at all. Indeed, she was extremely cold and heartless.

    However, as Xia Ruya’s family, the Xia Family was being too terrifyingly ruthless.

    She grabbed her mobile phone with shaky hands and called her father.

    The call soon went through and Old Mr. Chen said, “Linfang, the Xia Family is in dire straits now, but it’s not that we don’t want to help them. It’s just that they’re in need of too much money and the amount is beyond our means. I know… you’re their daughter-in-law and you’re being put in a spot. However, we really don’t have a choice. If we were to help the Xia Family, we’ll end up getting ourselves implicated as well.”

    Chen Linfang felt a little guilty after hearing her Father’s tired voice.

    Old Mr. Chen said, “The Chen Family and Xia Family have been longtime friends and in-laws with them for so many years. Why would we leave them in the lurch? We did try to help them before and gave them lots of money, but we’ve already done everything we could. Now… I’m old in my years and no longer have a say in the family. Your uncle insists that we don’t fork out a single cent. There’s nothing I can do.”

    Chen Linfang knew that there was nothing that could be done because her uncle was in charge of the Chen Family household. Although she was also a member of the Chen Family, she was rather distant from him. “Father, I understand. I was being too insensible previously.”

    Old Mr. Chen sighed and said, “You’re my only daughter, and the Xia Family’s downfall won’t do you any good. So… I’m planning to sell all of the properties under my name and transfer the money to you. Although it can’t make up for their deficit, it can at least help a little. That’s all I can do for you.”

    Chen Linfang said frantically, “Father, please don’t do that.”

    “Linfang, what’s wrong? Haven’t you been complaining about the Chen Family refusing to help the Xia Family? Why have you changed your mind all of a sudden?” Old Mr. Chen asked in astonishment as he wondered if Xia Haolin had done something despicable again.

    Xia Haolin’s extramarital affair and illegitimate daughter had already made Old Mr. Chen extremely displeased with the Xia Family.

    Chen Linfang was the daughter-in-law of the Xia Family at the end of the day. She would forever belong to them, and it would be inappropriate for her to tell her father about the abduction. Besides… it was illegal and no one else should find out. Hence, she stammered. “Father, I know your difficulties. Uncle is in charge of the household now and you have it harder than before. Brother is weak and powerless, and he’s also a spendthrift. You can’t give me all your money. You have to spare a thought for yourself and Brother.”

    Old Mr. Chen was greatly taken aback by the words said by the daughter, whom he had spoiled rotten since she was a child. “Linfang…”

    After giving it some thought, she felt the need to stand up for the Chen Family. After all, Xia Haolin was the one who committed adultery in the first place and ended up with an illegitimate daughter. The affair had already caused an unrepairable crack in their relationship. She felt extremely disappointed to see that Xia Haolin would have the heart to abduct his own daughter for the sake of money.

    No matter what happened, the Chen Family would be the ones that she could depend on in the end. As long as they were around, her future wouldn’t be too terrible.

    After some thought, she said, “Father… the Chen Family may have been associated with the Xia Family for a long time, but you should be careful too. Don’t give them your all.”

    Old Mr. Chen could sense that she was hinting at something. He hurriedly asked, “Linfang, what do you mean? Did the Xia Family do something to you?”

    Chen Linfang denied. “Father, they didn’t. Don’t let your imagination run wild. I just don’t want you to be implicated by the Chen Family.”

    However, Old Mr. Chen did not believe her at all. “Linfang, is there something you can’t tell me? If the Xia Family has really done something horrid to you, you mustn’t keep it from me!”

    Xia Haolin’s extramarital affair had traumatized him.

    Chen Linfang spluttered. “Father, don’t ask anymore. Just remember that you shouldn’t be too honest with the Xia Family.”

    If he could kidnap his own daughter for money, what else was there that he wouldn’t dare to do? Chen Linfang was just trying to take precautionary measures and help the Chen Family keep their guards up. She did not want to let the Chen Family and Xia Family cut off ties with each other.