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Chapter 103 - The Privileged Girl

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 103: The Privileged Girl

    Although Su Cha felt grateful for her adoration, she had to explain a few things.

    Store Owner: The price is based on how complex the embroidered patterns are. I can’t be sure now. I haven’t had much time to embroider recently. After I finish one, I will upload it to the store and you can check it out.

    I am a flying pig: Okayyy.

    Then she left a nice comment for Su Cha and uploaded a photo.

    She had pixelated her face in the photo but still looked lively and cute in the long T-shirt with short hair.

    The embroidery pattern of the kingfisher added a sense of freshness, which reminded people of nature.

    It looked so real and proved that Su Cha was a master in embroidery.

    And Su Cha had not shown her best techniques because of the limitation of materials.

    After receiving a good comment, the store became 100% positive and got a little star.

    Each good comment led to a little star. After having received 100 good comments, the store would be upgraded.

    But it would take years for Su Cha to sell 100 products at her speed.

    After the meal, Su Cha, Le Anqi, and others returned to the classroom to take a nap.

    The second class in the afternoon was PE. The high school seniors did not have to concentrate on their studies all day. As they had few chances to relax, the school arranged a few PE classes for them to relieve their exhaustion and burden.

    Class Five and Class Two took the same PE class.

    The two PE teachers asked their students to run three laps around the playground and freed them while they laughed and chatted aside.

    While they ran, Le Anqi and Cai Ziya approached Su Cha.

    They did not exercise often and were out of breath soon. But Su Cha had kept exercising these past few days and used Heaven and Earth Origin Qi to strengthen her body, so she behaved very differently than before. After three laps, she didn’t blush or gasp.

    She ran slowly and steadily. Le Anqi did not notice the difference, but Cai Ziya followed them and gasped while she said, “Su Cha, did you see the student from Class Two?”

    Students from Class Two were behind them. Each student had a different speed, as a result, some students of Class Two had got in Class Five’s lines. Su Cha looked back, not knowing which one Cai Ziya was referring to. “Yes, but which one?”

    “Min Chen and others!”

    Cai Ziya panted, feeling her body out of control. She tried to chat with Su Cha to distract herself, “Don’t tell me that you don’t know her.”

    Su Cha nodded, “I’ve heard about her, but I don’t know her.”

    That was true. Min Chen was different. She was a popular girl in the school.

    Min Chen was good-looking, but not the campus queen. She had more popularity than the campus queen as the Vice Chairman of the Student Union.

    Beautiful. Tall. Good in studies. 1st ranker in school each year.

    At least for students of her grade, Min Chen was said to be a good student and a mountain lying before them. Allegedly, she was from a wealthy family, and her relative works in the provincial government.

    She was a privileged girl.