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Chapter 104 - Yu Chuai

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 104: Yu Chuai

    Of all the girls in school, the majority of them were envious of perfect children like Min Chen. Even notorious students like Yang Nuanru did not dare to find trouble with Min Chen.

    Min Chen had outstanding grades for her science subjects, but she ultimately decided to pursue liberal arts and entered Class Two. To date, many teachers bemoaned her decision.

    Cai Ziya stared at Min Chen with envious eyes, “When I told you to look at her, I wanted to let you know that the girl beside Min Chen, who is wearing glasses, is currently ranked 6th in our cohort after you took over her place in the examination. Because of that, the people who were around her started spreading some rumors about you…”

    Speaking of that, Cai Ziya’s gaze turned delicate.

    She knew that it was wrong to complain, but she wanted to let Su Cha understand what was going on.

    Cai Ziya had relatively good grades and was part of a few study groups in the cohort. She had inadvertently joined a WeChat study group with Class One and Class Two students. In the WeChat group, Cai Ziya saw how a Class Two female student badmouthed Su Cha.

    That happened at noon. As no teacher came forward to explain Su Cha’s incredible improvement in math or accuse her of cheating, many students were displeased and unconvinced.

    After the morning classes, Cai Ziya and the rest of the class were confident that Su Cha did not cheat.

    Students who cheated would not be as confident as Su Cha when they answer all the questions on the whiteboard.

    Su Cha was calm.

    After the incident involving the teachers, she knew that it was reasonable to have people doubt her significant improvement.

    As long as the private discussions did not directly bother her, Su Cha was not bothered by them.

    When the college entrance examination results are released, she would just enroll in the institutions she wanted. By then, the discussions and defamations by others would be like clowns making jokes.

    As for the girls Cai Ziya was talking about, even if it was Min Chen, Su Cha would not care about them.

    After the run, Cai Ziya and Le Anqi were paralyzed from tiredness. Without any consideration for their appearance, they plopped down on the grass field.

    Su Cha stood right next to them. Her tall, slender figure blocked out some sunlight for her peers. Le Anqi and Cai Ziya could only vaguely make out the outline of Su Cha’s figure, as she was blocking the sunlight with her body, her facial features were blocked by her own shadow.

    At that moment, the duo felt more pressurized as they looked at Su Cha.

    Su Cha exudes a natural, powerful aura. As they stared at her, the pressure from her aura felt stronger.

    That was strange. After resting for a while, Le Anqi stood up.

    “Su Cha, shall we look for a place to rest?”

    Right after Su Cha agreed to Le Anqi’s suggestion, she saw a girl heading straight towards them.

    The field was huge. Although the girl was headed in their direction, she may not necessarily be looking for them. But, Su Cha had an intuition.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya followed Su Cha’s gaze, and they noticed the girl whom they were just talking about.

    It was the girl who badmouthed Su Cha in the WeChat group, the one who wore spectacles, who was also sixth in the cohort.

    Le Anqi muttered under her breath, “What’s her name again?”

    Cai Ziya thought hard about it, “I think it’s Yu Chuai?”

    During their short exchange, Yu Chuai got closer and closer to them. She was headed for them.

    As she stood in front of Su Cha and her peers, she lifted her chin slightly. With a reserved yet arrogant tone, she said, “Hello guys.”

    She sounded normal. Cai Ziya and Le Anqi glanced at each other in confusion while Su Cha ‘s eyes remained calm.