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Chapter 454 - The Promotional Video of the Second Episode!

Medical Master
     Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was a big hit now, not only because of the extremely high ratings and market share, but also because of the heat of the topics, and the support and publicity of the celebrities.

    First and foremost, the prominent Chinese Medicine experts posted on Weibo to promote the show.

    “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor is a good show which is rare nowadays!”

    “We are all aged. The current Chinese Medicine industry is the world of young talents. With their strength and hard work, they will certainly be able to carry on Chinese Medicine in the future!”

    “Not only the young Chinese Medicine contestants but the three judges are also professional, much better than some so-called renowned doctors.”

    “Although there is no formal preaching or teaching of medicine, this recording method will undoubtedly make more young people willing to learn about Chinese Medicine. This show is great. Please support the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor and hope that everyone can learn about Chinese Medicine and even love it through this show.”

    “These young people are competent. We now have the people to carry on the Chinese Medicine!”

    “Looking at these children, I feel as if I have seen the hope of the future of Chinese Medicine. It feels so good.”

    Various Chinese Medicine experts had reposted the post from the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Weibo account and actively helped to promote it.

    With overwhelming discussion on the Internet, the show’s popularity kept rising.

    Numerous netizens had left comments below the show’s Weibo account and asked to broadcast the second episode as soon as possible.

    In the show’s planning department of the Central Television Building, “I think it’s time.”

    The assistant director sat with the publicity chief, looking at various comments and smiling happily.

    “Hold on,” the publicity chief looked at the time and said. “We’ll release it at 12 noon.”

    The assistant director looked at the time and found that it was only eleven o’clock and immediately hurriedly urged, “Now there are many people discussing on Weibo, so this trailer should be sent out at this time to attract people’s attention.”

    It turned out that today was the day when the official trailer for the second episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was released.

    This version of the official trailer was totally different from what was released at the end of the first episode.

    This was edited by Director Li Huawen himself after he saw the heated discussion on the Internet after the first episode was shown so as to make the audience have greater expectations before the second episode was broadcast.

    “Maybe we can try to…” The publicity chief thought for a while, then he immediately tapped something on Weibo.

    “Thanks to the love of our audience, in order to live up to all your expectations, @Director Li Huawen spent two days in the editing room without sleeping and finally made the final extended edition of the second episode’s trailer. It will be released at 12 noon on time today, so please stay tuned!”

    After he finished taping, the publicity chief asked the assistant director, “How about this?”

    “This is a good idea.” The deputy director’s eyes brightened, and he carefully looked at the post from beginning to end. After confirming that there were no problems, he immediately said, “Hurry up, send it out now.”

    As the publicity chief heard that, he didn’t hesitate and posted it after he attached a picture of the show in it.

    Many people were already skimming Weibo at the time.

    It immediately attracted the attention of countless people as soon as the post came out.

    Those who had been writing comments below the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Weibo were even more surprised.

    They didn’t expect that the show’s Weibo account would actually post something as they were just commenting.

    As they carefully read the post, they started to discuss.

    “Ultimately extended trailer?”

    “Shit, what the hell are they doing?”

    “Why don’t you just release the second episode once for all? What’s the point of showing the final trailer?”

    “I’m done. I probably can’t fall asleep again tonight.”

    “What’s that? Well, I’m sure I won’t watch it!”

    “Never jump into the trap!”

    “The trailer at the end of the first episode has been tantalizing us for several days, and now there is an ultimate extended version of the second episode’s trailer. This is killing me!”

    For a moment, everyone who saw this post rushed to leave their comments.

    However, these comments seemed a little different.

    All of them resolutely opposed and resisted this move. What was more, some people even chose to unfollow the official account of the show in order to control themselves from watching the trailer.

    Half an hour later, the publicity chief and assistant director were dumbfounded.

    As they sent the post, they just watched the number of their followers drop all the way down. In just half an hour, they had lost tens of thousands of followers.

    Although they had received more and more comments, they were all negative.

    The faces of the publicity chief and the assistant director had changed.

    Now they became worried, for this result was completely different from what they had expected earlier.

    In their opinion, as soon as the post was sent out, it would definitely attract more attention and heated up the show.

    They didn’t see that coming.

    “Assistant director, what should we do?” te publicity chief asked.

    “How should I know? This is the publicity department’s job. I don’t know about the publicity.”

    The assistant director quickly shrugged off the trouble.

    “Er… ” The publicity chief smiled wryly.

    As a publicity chief, he knew that there was a possibility of a sudden change in this kind of thing, but being in this position, he couldn’t believe the so-called possibility.

    “Forget it. I’ve sent it already. It’s not appropriate to delete it now,” Looking at the account which kept losing its followers and the increasing comments, the publicity chief frowned and said. “We need to release the trailer anyway. Since things have happened, we can only release it on time without delay.”

    It was already 11:40.

    While he was so worried, the publicity chief quickly found the edited trailer file under the watch of the assistant director, uploaded it to Weibo, wrote the post that had been prepared before, and waited for the noon.

    Time passed slowly as they were waiting anxiously.

    When the clock turned to 12 o’clock, the publicity chief immediately clicked the release button.

    Then he released the trailer.

    At this moment, their account had already lost 30,000 followers.

    “You had to watch the trailer. Otherwise, I’ll be screwed!” The publicity chief kept praying.

    People started to discuss online as they knew the trailer was released.

    “The trailer is out!”

    “This is the ultimate trailer?”

    “Brothers, hang in there, don’t look at it!”

    “The people of the picture at the beginning of this trailer seem to be Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao.”

    “No, I can’t resist the temptation!”

    “You guys hang in there. I’m going to watch it first.”

    “Shit! Have some dignity!”

    “Sorry, I’m going to watch it too.”

    “Damn, this trailer… Why don’t you just kill me?”

    “How is it? Is it good?”

    “Anyone who saw it, say something! How is the trailer?”

    “Five minutes! It actually lasted for five minutes!”

    As they were talking, many people couldn’t help but click on the trailer and watch it.

    The beginning of the trailer was indeed the picture of Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao standing on the battle platform.

    However, this picture changed instantly and then several big characters appeared, which said “Rule of the Second Round: Mutual challenge”.

    Seeing these words, everyone couldn’t help but be curious.

    Then the picture changed again.

    Contestants stood on the battle platform with their opponents, answering the questions.

    Each one of them seemed so determined.

    The viewers couldn’t take their eyes off the screen as they saw the flicker of the picture, heard the exhilarating background music, and watched the intense looks as the contestants confronted each other.

    After a while, the continuously flickering pictures stopped.

    In the end, the pictures stopped on the platform with a boy and a girl confronting each other, who were none other than Jiang Miaoyu and Zhang Yalong!

    Everyone froze as they saw this scene—Jiang Miaoyu’s face darkened while Zhang Yalong was sneering.

    People got angry as they saw that.

    “Who is this guy? He’s so shameless! How dare he battle with my goddess?”

    “It’s fine if they have to do it because of the rules. If he deliberately chose to battle with my goddess, I swear I’ll scold this son of a bitch to death!”

    “Yeah! If he’s so capable, why didn’t he battle with Fang Qiu? It’s ridiculous to bully a girl.”

    Viewers started to taunt Zhang Yalong.

    Then the picture that Jiang Miaoyu and Zhang Yalong standing on the platform gradually faded, and a few lines appeared on the screen.

    “Rules: Each round the system will randomly select one person to go to the battle platform. Those who are on the stage can take the initiative to challenge whoever they want or challenge randomly.”

    Then the lines faded, and the screen flickered immediately.

    It showed that the host was interviewing Fang Qiu. “Fang Qiu, who do you want your opponent to be?”

    “Anyone can do it!” Fang Qiu replied.

    “I choose Fang Qiu!”

    “I’d like to challenge Fang Qiu.”

    “My opponent will definitely be Fang Qiu.”

    “There’s no need to ask. It must be Fang Qiu.”

    “Fang Qiu is powerful, but I prefer challenges!”

    The pictures of individual interviews in the room appeared. Everyone wanted to choose Fang Qiu as their opponent.

    Obviously, it was rather tense.

    Everyone who watched the trailer couldn’t help but get excited as they saw that.

    “Anyone will do!”

    “Ha-ha, Fang Qiu is so awesome.”

    “Damn, Fang Qiu is simply the target. Everyone aimed at him!”

    “Come on, try harder!”

    “The one named Zheng Chao is going to suffer. If Fang Qiu was the first selected to stand on the battle platform, would he challenge Zheng Chao directly?”

    “This show is really uplifting.”

    Just as everyone was talking, the pictures of the trailer changed again.

    “I now declare that the second round—the one-on-one battle shall begin!”

    “The first contestant randomly selected by the system was No.68—Fang Qiu.”

    When the host called out Fang Qiu’s name, the camera immediately turned to Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu walked to the battle platform.

    “Stop looking around. Come on, it’s you!” Fang Qiu reached out and pointed to the contestants’ area.

    After that, the video stopped.

    The trailer was over!

    “Damn! Is this fucking over again?”

    “My God, can’t you show more?”

    “Awesome! Fang Qiu really lives up to his name! What he said at the end is really cool!”

    “I feel that what Fang Qiu said at the end is just like a father talking to his son or a teacher teaching his student.”

    “Fuck, I can’t sleep again tonight. Who the hell did Fang Qiu actively challenge?”

    “Five minutes seem quite long. Why did it end in a flash?”

    “What I can do now is to wait for one more week!”

    “I strongly request one episode a day!”

    “If only I could see the second episode right away.”

    As the heated discussion went on, Fang Qiu already sat on a train to Ganzhou with Jiang Miaoyu at the moment. They were the only ones left for there were ten contestants of Jiangjing City before.

    Most importantly, the two knew nothing about the recording of the upcoming third episode.

    They didn’t even know the rules of 30 out of 50, let alone the reason why the director chose to record the show in Ganzhou this time.

    What tricks was the crew of the show going to play?