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Chapter 147 - Hidden Story

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 147: Hidden Story

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    The few people around them, who had tasted the noodles and gagged previously, were looking at him with a “That’s a real man!” admiration in their eyes.

    This kind of “dark cuisine” was a ploy that trapped everyone who tasted it. A girl, whose boyfriend had dragged her over to eat this nonsense, was angered and punched her boyfriend when she saw Black step up for Qianmo.

    The guy who was punched had an innocent look.

    Excuse me, it was really that great. Qianmo watched Black bravely come forward to eat that cotton-candy-flavored instant noodles and put down the sample cup with a straight face. She felt as if there was a golden halo of love emanating from his entire person!

    “We have a promotion for this new flavor instant noodles. We will give you one love-shaped balloon for every 2 packets bought, just like the two boxes that the Big Sister took last night, which had a free lubri—”

    “I’ll take four packets. Stop talking.”

    Black immediately took out his wallet to pay. He was worried that Qianmo’s face would explode if this young lady continued talking about buying condoms.

    The promoter took the high-value cash note from Black smilingly and gave the heart-shaped balloon to him. It was helium-filled, so it floated in the air. Black, who was tall and well-built, looked ridiculous holding it.

    There was a little girl about five or six years old at the side, who wanted to have this balloon. But the shrewd mother wouldn’t buy the “dark noodles” just for a balloon; thus, the girl was making a scene and looking at Black piteously.

    Initially, Black wanted to give it to the girl himself, but he saw that it was heart-shaped, so he passed it to Qianmo.

    “You go and give it.”

    Qianmo thought he was unwilling to go over, so she went on his behalf to hand it to the little girl. The little girl smiled through her tears and left hopping away with her mom.

    The promoter looked at the interaction between Qianmo and Black with a tinge of envy and sadness.

    “Sigh, you have a great relationship, Big Brother and Big Sister. How nice it would be if my parents were also like that.” Big Brother didn’t want to give his “heart” to another girl, even though she was only a child. He solely wished to give his “heart” to Big Sister.

    Qianmo cast a few glances at her. “Your parents are quite fortunate. It’s nice to have a sensible daughter like you.”

    She wasn’t being polite. The cheapest thing on the girl’s body was the pair of Nike shoes. Her whole outfit cost a few thousand, and yet, she still came to work part-time as a promoter while studying. Qianmo felt that it was not an easy feat.

    “They were definitely not thinking like that. My parents fight every single day. My dad has a woman outside, I am so angry—Never mind, it makes me sad talking about this. Please take your change.”

    Yu Yinuo hung up the phone and put one hand in her pocket. She looked at her younger brother and future younger sister-in-law’s exchange with a smile. Although this pair of lovers didn’t have enough physical interaction due to the illness, everyone who saw them together would smile knowingly due to their chemistry. As his elder sister, she naturally felt happy to see her younger brother finding his true love in life.

    However, when Yu Yinuo looked at the top of the promoter’s head, her gaze became fierce instantly.

    Qianmo seemed to like this girl and yet a little exasperated by her at the same time. After all, it was embarrassing to buy condoms on promotion.

    Yu Yinuo sighed helplessly in the air. The world was indeed small; everything seemed to happen together all at once.

    After they came out of the mall, Yu Yinuo mentioned the successful solving of the crime. Qianmo was rather happy.

    “We found the culprit, so we don’t have to sell Black’s apartment.”

    “Hmm, up to you.” Yu Yinuo was reserved.

    Qianmo became perplexed by her reaction.

    Nuo Nuo’s gaze turned distant and profound.

    “You could always create beautiful memories at any time. You will have many houses that will contain such recollections in your future. This particular one maybe… a little special.”

    Qianmo realized she had an underlying meaning in her words. She remembered Yu Yinuo’s profession as a forensic doctor and quickly connected the dots.

    “Sis, are you saying that… the woman who fell is probably not going to make it?”

    Nuo Nuo lowered her eyes. She had a special gift, which allowed her to see what others couldn’t. But she could not say it out loud.

    Actually, that woman who fell was not going to get out of the coma. It didn’t matter if her brother refused to sell that apartment, because Nuo Nuo knew even though the woman wouldn’t wake up, she wouldn’t die either. Hence, the property wouldn’t become a murder house, and the value wouldn’t drop. But would these two ever dare to eat at the balcony again?

    Although the hospital was still trying hard to save her and the doctors said she had a high chance of regaining consciousness, Nuo Nuo just knew that she was never going to open her eyes. On top of that, the culprit was someone else.

    As for how she knew, it was something she could never tell anyone. This was Yu Yinuo’s little secret.

    Yu Yinuo saw that Qianmo was concerned about the case, so she explained it to her a bit.

    “Although the station has informed me that the case is solved, based on my personal instincts, there are still some doubts left. If you are concerned, why not follow me to the station to have a look? It’s also a good chance for you to practice what you have learned.”

    Qianmo wasn’t a busybody normally, but this case was connected to Black’s apartment, so she wanted to go and have a look again. After all, shopping was rather tiring. Black was carrying so many shopping bags for Sister Nuo Nuo and her that he was starting to resemble a Christmas tree. Her heart ached for him.

    Yu Yinuo’s face was their entry pass as she led Qianmo all the way in unimpeded. The station was about to release the other suspects when they arrived, but they delayed the release because Yu Yinuo was coming over.

    According to Nuo Nuo’s suggestion, they interrogated the suspects again. Qianmo stood by her to watch their testimonies through the surveillance system. Although they didn’t know Qianmo’s identity, since the chief had brought her personally, nobody dared to say anything.

    After reading through the sleazy man, his wife, and the victim’s husband’s testimonies, Nuo Nuo asked Qianmo, “What do you think?”

    Qianmo’s expression was a little solemn. “I am just a newbie; my opinions may not be correct.”

    Of course, she was being polite. Nuo Nuo knew she already had a deduction in her heart, so she encouraged her to say it out. In the end, Qianmo voiced her opinion.

    She believed that the sleazy man’s wife, who came to turn herself in, was lying.

    She compared the two testimonies the wife had given and discovered she had deliberately memorized every single word. Furthermore, she had a nervous expression and a fleeting gaze. A person who had already confessed wouldn’t have this kind of reaction. Unless she was trying to protect someone else.

    Could the culprit really be someone else? The Director who was watching with them was shocked and immediately asked Yu Yinuo, “Dr. Yu, what’s the identity of your sister-in-law?”

    Yu Yinuo would never give this unconvincing identity. Instead, she gave the Director an unfathomable expression.

    “She is currently attending the police academy, and my mother has high hopes for her. Do you understand?”

    The Director drew a sharp breath.

    He immediately connected Qianmo to the mysterious A Bureau. Although she was only a student currently, someone who Director Chen had high hopes for was definitely going to go far in the future.

    . He wanted to grab the opportunity to curry favor with her.

    “Then, in the future, if we encounter any difficult problems regarding criminal psychology, is it convenient for you to instruct us?”

    “Don’t you guys already have President Qian?” Qianmo was curious. President Qian had left before she arrived. It was such a waste to miss meeting a great figure like her.