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Chapter 135 - Your Taste in Picking A Wife

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 135: Your Taste in Picking A Wife

    However, Jiang Yao did not care much about who was going to be the freshman representative. She had absolutely no interest in that.

    If she eventually became the freshman representative because she saved a life, she would not decline the position as it might further increase her Favorability Value. However, she would not fight for it because of that either.

    The news had turned into a hot topic within the campus. As for Zhou Weiqi, who had already traveled back to Jindo City from Nanjiang City, the good news did not die down even though he was far away.

    The first thing that he did after he returned to Jindo City was to skip his job and head straight to Lu Xingzhi’s troop, which was located at Jin City, with Chen Xuyao.

    It was already eight o’clock at night when both of them reached the army camp. Last year, Lu Xingzhi had arranged the rooms and he was living in a double room. Both of them did not plan to leave the camp at night either.

    “Brother, look! I brought you a bottle of good wine.” Zhou Weiqi handed over a bottle of red wine to Lu Xingzhi as if he was presenting a treasure. “Or should I say, your wife asked me to give this to you.”

    Lu Xingzhi glanced at the thing in his hands. He lowered his head and tossed two pairs of slippers to both of them. Then, he took the bottle of wine from Zhou Weiqi.

    Zhou Weiqi had told him everything before he even reached Jindo City. Therefore, Lu Xingzhi knew that the wine was a gift from the restaurant in order to thank Jiang Yao.

    Jiang Yao did not mention the incident on the phone last night. Lu Xingzhi did feel a little disappointed after he ended the call. He did not bring up the topic despite knowing about it, but he did hope that Jiang Yao would share the story with him personally.

    “Brother, I will be truthful with you. I used to think that you were great from every aspect, except for not having great taste in picking your wife. There are so many girls out there but you insisted on bringing a female deity back home to worship. But this time, when I went back to Nanjiang City, I only realized something after I’ve had a closer look at your wife. Bro, you are indeed outstanding from every aspect, and even your taste in picking your wife is such!” Zhou Weiqi gave Lu Xingzhi a thumbs up generously.

    “I used to think that your wife is a shy girl due to her young age and would never dare to speak up. However, when I met her yesterday, I could tell that your wife truly cares about you. For example, she would pay full attention every time I mentioned you and she loves to hear things about you.”

    Lu Xingzhi did not care about what exactly he had told Jiang Yao and what caught her attention, but it warmed Lu Xingzhi’s heart when he heard what Zhou Weiqi said. Jiang Yao’s face appeared in his mind naturally. She was wearing a faint smile on her face.

    Although they had only been apart for three days, he was already missing Jiang Yao dearly.

    The feeling of missing her was engraved into his flesh and bones and it was always concealed and restrained inside his body.

    There were three grown-up men in the house but Lu Xingzhi was not a welcoming host. He opened the door and went back to his room after he tossed them the slippers. He did not even have the intention to greet his two brothers who had rushed to meet him late at night. He picked up the phone from the table and wanted to give Jiang Yao a call subconsciously. He wanted to hear her voice and ask what she did today.

    “Your wife must be the kind of person who would never tell anyone even though she really misses you.” Zhou Weiqi approached Lu Xingzhi and grabbed his phone. “If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet. If you can make your wife say ‘I miss you’ on the phone, my new car will belong to you!”

    “Xingzhi wouldn’t want your broken car,” Chen Xuyao sneered.

    Zhou Weiqi glared at Chen Xuyao. He had only gotten the car after pestering his father for so long, how was it a broken car?

    Lu Xingzhi squinted at Zhou Weiqi and reached out his hand to take back his phone. Lu Xingzhi saw Zhou Weiqi wanting to snatch it and he gave him a cold side-eye, and only then did Zhou Weiqi withdraw his hand obediently.