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Chapter 137 - Did You Miss Me?

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 137: Did You Miss Me?

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    Zhou Weiqi did not just give up that easily. He leaned onto the door and tried his best to eavesdrop on their conversation. Luckily, the room was soundproofed well. Nobody could possibly hear anything from the room once the door was shut. Otherwise, Zhou Weiqi might die of a heart attack if he heard Lu Xingzhi tell Jiang Yao that she could just sell, give away, or even smash his brand new car.

    “His car does not bother me, why would I be so violent with his stuff?” Jiang Yao was surprised that Lu Xingzhi could treat a car in such a casual manner. Also, she was surprised by the fact that the stakes of the childish bet between Weiqi and Lu Xingzhi was that big.

    “So…did you miss me?” Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao had no interest in the car so he did not mention Weiqi’s car again. Actually, he was happy to know that his wife was kind toward his brothers. If it were Luo Lauren, she might squeeze every penny out of Zhou Weiqi’s wallet.

    Lu Xingzhi remembered Jiang Yao saying that she missed him once when he returned home during last summer break. She had suddenly rushed into his arms and said that, and that really caught him off guard.

    Jiang Yao did not expect Lu Xingzhi to ask her this out of a sudden. The towel in her hand dropped straight down onto her knees and she looked towards her roommates subconsciously. Just as she expected, all of them were interested in her conversation with Lu Xingzhi and the only thing that they had not done was to stick their ears against her.

    Although she knew that they could not hear what Lu Xingzhi had asked her, Jiang Yao’s face was still flushed red.

    The answer in her heart was that she missed him, but she was too shy to talk sweetly with her husband in front of her roommates for the time being. Therefore, she lowered her voice and said, “No.”

    The sound of him chuckling could be heard on the other end of the phone and the image of him smirking popped into her mind automatically. Although she had never seen him doing that, she was very certain that he was smirking at that moment.

    “I really did not…” Jiang Yao repeated her answer again but in a very soft tone.

    “Hmm, you didn’t.” Lu Xingzhi stopped his laughter. If she did not try to explain herself again anxiously, he might fall for it. However, she repeated with a soft tone despite being anxious about it. By purely judging on that, he was certain that she actually missed him.

    Why would she be so anxious to explain herself if she was not thinking about him? She explained herself but she did a poor job of hiding her emotions. In Lu Xingzhi’s eyes, that was cute.

    “If you don’t say that you miss me, I guess my house in Jin City will belong to Weiqi.” Lu Xingzhi sighed and seemed to be helpless. “That was my bet with Weiqi—his new car and my house.”

    Before Jiang Yao could say anything, Lu Xingzhi opened the door straight away. He was not surprised to see Weiqi and Xuyao stumbling into the room.

    “I’m passing the phone to Weiqi.” Lu Xingzhi grabbed Zhou Weiqi who was sitting on the floor like a dummy by his collar and lifted him up. He then passed the phone to him. “Come here.”

    Zhou Weiqi got rid of Lu Xingzhi’s hand angrily and signaled to Xuyao by twitching his eyes after receiving the phone from Lu Xingzhi. Then, he dragged Xuyao out of Lu Xingzhi’s room and sat on the couch in the living room. He only spoke after he cleared his throat, “Jiang Yao, it’s me, Weiqi. You have not forgotten about me, have you? We have just met each other.”

    Lu Xingzhi walked out of the room casually with both hands in his pockets. He leaned on the door of the bedroom and grabbed a packet of cigarettes from his pocket. He picked a cigarette and tossed the packet towards Xuyao. The packet glided through the living room and landed precisely in Xuyao’s palm. Xuyao whistled. “Bro! That’s sick!”