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Chapter 148 - The Actual Truth

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 148: The Actual Truth

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    “President Qian is always swamped with work. Besides, it’s difficult to get in touch with her as she is always away. Furthermore, her husband is really fierce. If we take up too much of her time, he would shout at me, just like last time when he even kicked my car. My new car! He made a big dent in it!”

    The Director shivered when he thought of the man from President Qian’s family. Violent, so violent!

    Since Director Chen’s future daughter-in-law was still a student at the academy, getting her to help wouldn’t get his car kicked. She also wouldn’t ask to be paid… Cough, cough.

    To prove if Qianmo’s deduction was accurate, the Director asked someone to reinterrogate the suspect’s wife. These investigators were seasoned veterans, so Qianmo only needed to give them a general direction. They instantly understood how to conduct the psychological battle.

    They only took a while to break through the wife’s psychological defense. She cried out loud, hugging her head. Now, everyone believed she was trying to protect the real culprit.

    Someone for whom a woman would sacrifice herself, other than her husband, the biggest suspect would be her child.

    Hence, the station immediately sent out more men to bring the woman’s child back. Apparently, she had a daughter with the sleazy man who was attending school in this city.

    The men quickly brought back an answer within ten minutes. The daughter had done the deed.

    When a few men in uniforms appeared in the mall, the girl, who was busy working part-time, dropped the tray onto the floor. The dark cuisine was spilled all over. She admitted everything even before these men opened their mouths to ask.

    She did it.

    All by herself.

    When Qianmo followed Yu Yinuo out of the station, they passed by the girl who was brought back by the policemen.

    The girl was no longer smiling. She was cold and aloof, poles apart from the person in Qianmo’s impression.

    The girl stopped as they walked by each other.

    “Sorry, I used you as my alibi.”

    Qianmo couldn’t accept the truth for a brief moment when she discovered that this girl was the culprit. However, she had to give it to her for her high intelligence.

    From the very beginning, when she and Black encountered the victim in the supermarket, this girl had deliberately enhanced the onlookers’ impression of her by speaking loudly. From that moment on, she was already trying hard to create her alibi.

    The victim worked in the supermarket together with her. Additionally, she knew the victim liked to drink Nutri-express. Hence, she injected the medicine into the drink with a syringe. The supermarket employees ate their meals in the utility room. Also, there were always many people going in and out during the mealtimes.

    She had planned for the victim to react to the drug in the supermarket. She would, at most, miscarry the baby, but nothing drastic would happen. However, she never expected that the victim’s husband would come to make trouble, and the victim would leave work early and bring the drink along with her.

    Everything was perfectly planned, but “Justice has long arms”.

    “Why are you admitting it?” Qianmo looked at the girl again after she got over her initial shock. She realized how close she was to the criminal psychology profile she had established.

    Extreme, highly intelligent, indifferent.

    “My mother had suffered together with my father when they started from scratch. Now, these vixens outside are vying for her position because she is old and no longer attractive. She deserved it. I don’t regret what I did.”

    Qianmo initially thought the girl acknowledged so readily because she was worried that her mother would take the rap for her. But it didn’t look like it…

    When the girl talked about her mother, she had a smirk on her lips. She didn’t look like she was concerned about anything, so why did she turn herself in so willingly?

    The girl gave Qianmo a devilish smile.

    “Big Sister, you said you like me earlier. Do you still like me now?”

    Qianmo was expressionless. A thought suddenly became obvious.

    “Big Sister, do you know that I am 2 days away from my 14th birthday. I used a fake ID to work as a salesgirl.”

    Below 14 years of age, this implied that she would escape the criminal penalties. All in all, she wouldn’t be punished.

    It was no wonder that this girl admitted her crimes so straightforwardly. She had come to irritate Qianmo, who had caught her, and jeer at all the police officers present.

    Excuse me, she meant that everyone present here was rubbish.

    The onlookers felt a chill zapping their backs upon hearing these words coming out of a teenager.

    The kids nowadays had good nutrition and entered puberty early. It was common to have a tall fourteen-year-old wearing makeup and mature clothes and go to work with a fake ID.

    However, what made everyone present, including Qianmo, feel scared was that a child at her age was so highly intelligent and had such a strong psychological diathesis. She wasn’t remorseful at all. She could even say with a smile that she was not yet fourteen when she was caught.

    This was too terrifying.

    “Please hurry up, Big Brothers. I need to see my parents as soon as possible. After all, I have only punished a woman who broke up my family. I didn’t pose any dangers to society, so they would release me back to school soon,” the girl said to the people holding her.

    She turned, gave Qianmo a sneer, and continued, “Do you still like me now?”

    Qianmo wanted to give her a few slaps so badly.

    Hell was empty as the devils were walking on Earth. Some minors were flowers, while others were jerks. Children at her age should be angels, but the hand that reached out was a devil’s clutch.

    After they left the police station, Yu Yinuo put her arm around Qianmo’s shoulders as they waited for Black to drive the car over.


    “Is your heart aching?”

    “A little… and I feel a little defeated. I actually failed to see through her disguise. I even thought she was a hardworking, good kid.”

    Qianmo’s life had been smooth sailing until now. She had remained invincible ever since she was reborn. This was the first time she had misjudged.

    Furthermore, it was a child who was not even fourteen who gave her this sense of defeat.

    The only issue was that this child was already so lethal at this age. When she grew up…

    “It’s okay. Everyone stumbles at some point in time. You are already very outstanding.”

    Yu Yinuo wasn’t consoling Qianmo at all. If not for her special gift that allowed her to see stuff that others couldn’t, she would never have guessed that it was a child who had caused such a big ruckus.

    At this moment, Black drove the car over. Qianmo opened the car door, and then she suddenly stopped and looked at Yu Yinuo. “Why do I feel… you seemed to know everything?”

    Yu Yinuo’s hints at the critical junctures were crucial to finding the real culprit beside Qianmo’s detailed observation. If Yu Yinuo had not hinted to Qianmo that there was someone else behind the scene, the case would have been closed.

    Yu Yinuo pushed her into the car with a smile. However, she didn’t get in herself. She spoke to her through the pane of glass.

    “I still have something on tonight. Have fun with Momo. Oh, thanks to you, President Qian and I have both won a tidy sum. Remember that you are great. At least amongst your generation, you are the best.”

    Yu Yinuo truly believed her future “sister-in-law” cum “best friend” had prevailed over President Qian’s disciple in this round.