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Chapter 801 - The So-called Abstinence

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 801: The So-called Abstinence

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    For the time being, there had yet to be any updates about Xia Ruya. However, Wen Xinya was not worried at all. She reckoned that Xia Ruya would definitely be treated no better than she was when she got kidnapped back then. She was sure that Xia Ruya would be treated harshly.

    The main focus of her attention was the Ai Shang Group’s product launch that was to be held in three days.

    Ten days ago, Wen Haowen began actively attending various business events held within the upper-class society, as well as other galas and social events. He was trying to spread the word about Ai Shang’s product launch but received great attention because of his extramarital affair.

    The Wen Corporation’s stocks had also reached a steady incline some time ago. However, ever since the news of Ai Shang’s product launch began spreading around the internet, the Wen Corporation’s stock prices saw a tremendous rise.

    Ai Shang Group’s stock prices had already increased by 50% so far.

    Wen Xinya was well aware that the steep and sudden increase was because of the work that she had done beforehand.

    After all, there had not been peace in the Wen Family ever since Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy was revealed during the Wen Corporation’s annual gala last year. The stock prices were then greatly affected and things had been negative since then.

    By parachuting into the Wen Corporation and advertising about Ai Shang’s product launch, she had managed to bring fame to the entire Wen Corporation.

    She had been enjoying too much glory and attention from the media.

    The research concept of Ai Shang’s products had also garnered a lot of responses on the internet.

    There were indeed several local and overseas brands that used fruits as an advertising concept and, in fact, there was also a plethora of fruit-based skincare products on the market. These products were extremely popular among consumers.

    However, none of the skincare brands had opted to use natural fruit essence as the Wen Corporation did.

    Most importantly, Ai Shang Group had previously already secured a footing in the national market and their products were very popular amongst the high-earning consumers. Despite the fact that they had laid low for two years, everyone did not lose their confidence in the products and instead even grew to fancy Ai Shang Group even more.

    Vanity was present in everyone, especially women. Hence, the release of a new line of products would definitely catch the attention of beauty-conscious females. Everyone was also looking forward to the product launch.

    Wen Xinya had indeed used the products manufactured by Ai Shang Group before and she found that they were of splendid quality, though they could not compare to the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products concocted by Du Ruo.

    Everything had already been prepared, and they were lacking just one last element.

    Wen Xinya was engrossed in surfing the internet when Si Yiyan caught her off guard by picking her up in his arms. He then placed her on his lap before sticking his hand beneath her shirt and kissing her.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly snapped back to reality and grabbed his hand to stop him. “Did you forget that Mrs. Tan said that we have to abstain from intercourse for a week? It’s only been three days.”

    Those were the after-effects of overindulgence.

    “We still have four days to go!” Si Yiyan panted heavily and buried his face in her neck.

    Days… really felt like years!

    Wen Xinya felt an urge to laugh and teased. “Ninth Young Master, where has your willpower gone? You were so proud of it. It’s not good to be this reckless.”

    Si Yiyan had always had great self-control and discipline. He would often control himself well when she was still underage.

    Si Yiyan nibbled on her earlobe and said, “Cleopatra has long taken away my willpower.”

    She felt that he was crazy even though he could control himself!

    He could only control himself because he treasured her.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter.

    Her laughter sounded like a wind chime and she was full of life and vigor. The happiness, joy, affection, and passion in her voice made him feel enthralled.

    Wen Xinya pushed him and asked, “Would you like to take a cold shower to dispel your heatiness?”

    Si Yiyan bit his lip, annoyed that she was challenging his willpower despite knowing that he felt a strong sexual urge. “Don’t they all say that cold baths are bad for health?”

    Wen Xinya turned red and chided. “Bastard, rascal, lecher. I’m not going to serve you.”

    Si Yiyan said sluggishly, “It’s all the same, regardless of whether I’m the one serving you or vice versa.”