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Chapter 105 - Nonsense

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 105: Nonsense

    Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio

    Yu Chuai was a little irritated by these three silent girls. She frowned, “Su Cha, I’m here to ask you. How can you surpass hundreds of students and become rank 5 in the whole grade? Do you have any special learning method that we don’t know?”

    If she had spoken nicely, Le Anqi and Cai Ziya wouldn’t have doubted it and would have just regarded her as a student asking sincerely for advice.

    Su Cha just gave her an indifferent glance, “No.”

    Her tone showed that she did not want to answer.

    But Yu Chuai did not get it. She smiled at Su Cha’s words, “How come? You don’t have a good learning method but you’ve improved so greatly? Could it be that you have used some unusual methods to get the grades?”

    She guessed viciously.

    Le Anqi was a little irritated, “What’s wrong with you? You’re here to say that? You’d better have the evidence for it. The teachers haven’t said anything. Why are you so anxious? It’s because you can’t bear to be rank 6 under Su Cha, can you?”

    Le Anqi said bluntly and mocked Yu Chuai’s soft spot.

    Yu Chuai stared at Le Anqi, “I’m rank 6, but I’m still way ahead of you at the bottom. Besides, you aren’t sure how did she make it to rank 5, are you?”

    She raised her brows self-importantly.

    She seemed very proud of herself in front of the girls who could not compete with her at study.

    Le Anqi wanted to curse her as she was never a good-tempered girl. But she heard Su Cha say gently, “Oh, you think that she doesn’t know better than you do?”

    Yu Chuai turned to Su Cha to scoff at her, “They can be stupid but we are not. You treat people like idiots. How can you surpass hundreds of students to become one of the top six in the whole grade if you didn’t cheat?”

    Su Cha held her arms and touched her forehead gently, “I can understand that you lost your mind after having been surpassed by me. But you need evidence to say things like that. How dare you say it on my face without any evidence? Do you know why Yang Nuanru stopped going to school?”

    Yu Chuai’s face lost color after she spoke.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya suddenly remembered how Su Cha had carried a stick to beat up those loafers the other day…

    How could they forget that Su Cha even dared to beat Yang Nuanru and those unemployed men? Whoever came to show off before Su Cha was just seeking their own deaths.

    Yu Chuai had also heard about the news. She was frightened but did not want to give in. She pretended to be easy, “Su Cha, I’ve done nothing to you. You’d better leave me alone. We are at school now! We suspect you on reasonable grounds. We don’t have evidence since we didn’t take the exams with you. Can you prove that you did not cheat?”

    She was pestering Su Cha with unreasonable demands.

    Whoever suspected had to provide evidence, but she suspected Su Cha and asked her to prove her innocence.

    She was just like Chang Wugui.

    I suspected that you cheated, and therefore you must have done it! If you say you did not, you have to provide evidence!

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya were amused by her nonsense.

    Even if Su Cha did improve her grades greatly, it was unreasonable to accuse her with such nonsense.