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Chapter 106 - The Number One Brainless Fan in the Star Chasing World

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 106: The Number One Brainless Fan in the Star Chasing World

    Su Cha slightly tilted her head to the side. Her small action gave off an unfathomable aura that made others involuntarily take a step back.

    Su Cha lifted the sides of her lips as she rubbed her neck, “I’m too lazy to argue about this nonsense with you. If you suspect me, why not wait for the release of the college entrance examination. If you are so confident that I cheated, let’s make a bet?”

    Hearing Su Cha’s words, Yu Chuai asked curiously, “What do we bet on?”

    “If my college entrance results are the highest in this cohort, wouldn’t it resolve your suspicion? If I do not place first, I will kneel to you. But, if I place first in this cohort, you will kneel to me!”

    As the last few words left her mouth, Su Cha’s voice was as cold as ice, with no traces of mercy.

    Yu Chuai shuddered in fear.

    To… to kneel?

    It’s just a bet, why does it have to be this serious?

    But, Yu Chuai did not believe her. If Su Cha wanted to attain a similar score, that was slightly more believable. But, to place first in the cohort?

    How is that possible!

    Is Min Chen, the first in school, dead?!

    At that moment, Yu Chuai was filled with confidence, “Sure! Let’s make a bet! Su Cha, you better remember your own words! A falsified grade is ultimately just a falsified grade. I will watch you struggle!”

    After she said that, Yu Chuai gleefully walked away. It was as if she had struck a great deal.

    Initially, Le Anqi was confident about Su Cha winning the bet. After some consideration, she worriedly asked, “Su Cha, it would be fine if you had agreed to attain a similar score. But, to place first… isn’t that giving her the winning ticket?”

    Yu Chuai had agreed to the bet as she did not believe that it would be possible for Su Cha to place first.

    Su Chua slightly smiled as she turned her head, “Do you not believe that I can come first?”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    She looked at the speechless Cai Ziya. Honestly speaking, both of them did not believe it.

    Min Chen was like a vast mountain that rested on the minds of all the students. Her place as first in the cohort had not been shaken. Every single test she took had a score of more than 700 marks. Be it a small quiz or a significant examination, she had always placed first in the cohort and was considered an absolute genius.

    Despite being recommended for admissions in universities in the Imperial City, Min Chen insisted on taking the college entrance examinations to sharpen her academic skills.

    From now on, it was challenging to make an improvement. No one had dared to say that they could surpass Min Chen but Su Cha…

    Su Cha shook her head and smiled. She did not intend to boast or brag, nor was she determined to surpass Min Chen. To Su Cha, she did not make anyone her target, her only goal is to outdo herself.

    As she knew that no one would believe her words, Su Cha decided not to speak up.


    “Young master, Miss Su Cha attained a score of 606 in her mock examinations. She is ranked fifth in her cohort. As compared to her past examination score, she made an improvement of 200 marks.”

    In the office, Bai Kun reported the news about Su Cha. He was a little suspicious of Su Cha…

    The handsome man who had an indifferent and cold look slightly smiled when he heard the news, “Cha Cha is amazing.”

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Young master, shouldn’t you worry if her marks are real?!

    Perhaps, Bo Muyi noticed Bai Kun’s expression. He looked up with his hazy eyes, “Do you have any misunderstandings about my Cha Cha?”

    Bai Kun instantly denied in fear, “No, no, no. Miss Su Cha had a huge improvement, she will come in first during the next examinations!”

    Although Bai Kun’s words were ironic, Bo Muyi unexpectedly nodded in agreement, “Yes, she will definitely be first!”

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Young master, are you the number one brainless fan in this star chasing world?