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Chapter 802 - Abused and Violated (1)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 802: Abused and Violated (1)

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    It was the fourth day since she got abducted and the air was filled with the odor of rancid instant noodles. In the darkness of the cold night, rats would occasionally run across the room. She used to only ever think of cats and rats as adorable little beings as depicted in cartoons like Tom and Jerry. However, her imagination was a stark contrast to the revolting reality.

    Hence, she let out a loud shriek at the instant that she saw the rats for the first time.

    At last, she received a thorough beating because she had accidentally woken up the four men.

    Apart from her face, she was covered in bruises and welts from head to toe. She was filled with pain, agony, and hopelessness.

    She was reminded of the time when Wen Xinya was abducted.

    Xia Ruya was filled with utter resentment.

    The only way she could save herself was to give up her wealth.

    She thought about the conversation she had overheard that day by eavesdropping on the redhead when he was speaking on the phone. Although she could not hear his muffled voice, she could vaguely guess that the Xia Family was the one behind her abduction.

    The Xia Family knew that she definitely would not take out her money and hence, they decided to devise such a plot and ruin her willpower so as to compel her into taking out the money.

    She was not surprised by how vicious the Xia Family was.

    However, she could not help but admit that they had pulled a vicious and intelligent move, because… she had been living a sheltered life ever since she was a child, like a flower in the greenhouse. Hence, she definitely wouldn’t be able to take the hardship of being abducted and treated harshly. Had she not known that the Xia Family was the mastermind, she would have surrendered long ago.

    She was truly at a loss for what to do.

    If she did not take the money out, the Xia Family definitely wouldn’t let her off easily. If she were to anger the Xia Family, the abductors would definitely give her a hard time.

    However, if she were to give her money to the Xia Family, she would be filled with anger and resentment.

    How did things come to this?

    Xia Ruya was overwhelmed with anger and hatred while her mind was sent into a frenzy.

    All of a sudden, she felt a ticklishness in her feet which gave her a great shock. She stared at her sole, only to realize that there was a cockroach crawling on her legs.

    Xia Ruya’s pupils constricted and she yelled while shaking her legs in a bid to get rid of the cockroach.

    “Go away, go away…” Xia Ruya shrieked, feeling extremely helpless. It was as if the cockroach had recognized her as it continued to crawl onto her legs, causing goosebumps to form on her skin.

    “Ah! Please don’t do that!” Xia Ruya yelled, shaking her legs violently in a bid to get rid of the disgusting cockroach, but to no avail. That was all she could do because her limbs were tied together. The cockroach continued to crawl up her legs, all the way up to her chest.

    It stayed still when it was on her chest.

    “Ah…” Xia Ruya screamed incessantly, but there was nothing else she could do. She found the sensation of the cockroach crawling on her chest to be absolutely revolting.

    Cockroaches were filthy and belonged to dumpsters.

    “What are you yelling for?” The man in black entered the room and questioned her in frustration.

    Xia Ruya yelled in a shaky voice, “Cock… cockroach! There’s a cockroach… ah…”

    Ever since she was a child, she had been terrified of cockroaches and rats, which she deemed to be the most filthy creatures in the world.

    The man in the black T-shirt then discovered that there was indeed a cockroach crawling on her chest. Incredibly amused, he remarked, “Hehe! What a lecherous cockroach! Just like me.”

    Xia Ruya began pleading. “Take… take it away…”

    Eyes fixed on Xia Ruya’s bosom, the man asked, “If I get rid of it… how are you going to repay me?”

    He thought to himself,

    The thought of the multiple times that he had violated her in the past few days made him feel aroused.

    Xia Ruya bit her lip tightly while shivering uncontrollably.

    For the past few days, the men would inflict violence onto her and verbally abuse her, while the man in the black T-shirt would often molest her and violate her whenever the other men were not around. Initially, she would try and resist his advances, only to be treated harshly. Hence… she learned how to bear with it. Fortunately… her compliance had pleased him.

    The man proceeded to remove his T-shirt…

    “Ah!” Xia Ruya’s heart skipped a beat and she closed her eyes while shuddering in fear. She could not help but feel humiliated.

    The man then grabbed her hair and sneered. “Little slut, why are you pretending to be all pure and chaste? There’s a bite mark of mine on your chest…”

    Xia Ruya could smell the stench of sweat and body odor from the man, which was extremely nauseating. She suddenly felt queasy and began coughing violently to the extent that she even teared up.

    She had been extremely obedient and compliant for the past few days because she was afraid of being treated horribly.

    To her astonishment, she still could not escape it.

    Her reaction angered the man in black and he picked her feeble body up violently before rebuking. “Bitch, stop being so pretentious. I know clearly how shameless you are.”

    Xia Ruya clenched her jaw tightly, feeling a strong urge to tear up.

    “Don’t think that I really won’t dare to touch you. If you don’t comply, I’ll rape you and make you become a withered flower.” He then flung her onto the ground and began ripping her clothes apart.

    “Don’t… please don’t do this to me…” Xia Ruya shrieked and pleaded in agony. Her limbs were tied together and no amount of struggling helped.

    It did cross her mind that she would one day encounter such a terrible thing. However, she could not help but realize how hopeless, helpless, terrorized, afraid and humiliated she would feel now that it was truly happening.

    She could not accept it at all.

    She closed her eyes and yelled in a shrilling voice, “Fine… I’ll listen, I’ll listen… please don’t do this to me…”

    She truly dared not resist again. She no longer had the courage to bear the consequences of struggling and was really afraid and unable to accept what was going to happen next.

    She admitted that she was timid and cowardly. During such a situation, her only resort was to plead for mercy!

    The only thing she could do was to curse Wen Xinya as viciously as she could in her head and hurl vulgarities at her. She hoped that Wen Xinya would one day suffer the same amount of torment and humiliation. Only then would she feel better.

    The only thing keeping her sane was her resentment towards Wen Xinya.