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Chapter 151 - Money Grubbers

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 151: Money Grubbers

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    As Huo Beichen’s assistant, Qi Shan would not be mistaken.

    So, Huo Beichen did indeed have another lover out there.

    A frown was seen on Ning Meng’s beautiful eyebrows. The corners of her eyes were slightly swollen and her lips were slightly parted. She seemed to be in disbelief.

    She knew that there would be no love between them since it was an arranged marriage between the rich families.

    There was a sense of inequality between them.

    However, he had asked her to go back home before he went away on business.

    Zhen Shanmei soon returned, but before she could say anything, Ning Meng stood up. “I’m leaving now.”

    And she left in a rush.

    Zhen Shanmei was confused and shouted after her, “But, I’ve purchased two sets! My money will be wasted if you leave now.”

    And so, Ning Meng came back to her.

    Zhen Shanmei breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s how it should be. Surely you must eat first. Besides, it’s just a man. We shouldn’t be angry because of them!”

    Ning Meng scoffed. “Then, who was it who cried like crazy when she broke up with her boyfriend before?”

    Zhen Shanmei was shocked.

    She said, “You didn’t say that just now! Moreover, didn’t you come back to eat with me?”

    Ning Meng smirked at her. “I only came back to take my things.

    She bent down and picked up the newly purchased bag. Then, she left angrily.

    Zhen Shanmei did not know how to respond to that.

    She felt that Ning Meng was really one of a kind. She would surely grab onto all of her money and bring them with her into the coffin before she died. She would fight for one last breath and take her money. Only then would she close her eyes and die in peace.


    In the hotel.

    Huo Beichen was sitting on the sofa with a dark face.

    His handsome face seemed rather cruel and ferocious at that moment, the air tense and cold.

    The sound of somebody’s crying was heard.

    A girl wearing exquisite makeup was sat on the floor, crying ceaselessly and pitifully.

    However, the two men in the room did not even care for her.

    Qi Shan lowered his head. He appeared like a primary school pupil who had made a mistake.

    Everybody in the same field as them knew that the boss did not like women.

    Unfortunately, the CI representative who had just come back from overseas knew nothing about it, and consequently, he had annoyed the boss.

    Qi Shan was afraid, and he apologized. “Boss, it’s my fault. I’ve overlooked it.”

    How could he have allowed anyone to approach his boss’s room!

    Huo Beichen remained quiet. After a long while, he said, “The club for a month.”

    Qi Shan wanted to burst into tears but he did not dare to bargain with his boss. “Understood.”

    Then, he said again, “Is the car ready? Are we heading to the airport now?”

    Huo Beichen walked out of the room without any facial expression, Qi Shan following closely behind him.

    The CI representative wanted to rush forward and apologize to him outside, but he was stopped by the bodyguards before he could even get near him. He shouted, “Mr. Huo, I’m so sorry…”

    Huo Beichen did not even stop in his path. He seemed distant.

    Qi Shan said angrily, “Does CI still want to carry out business in our nation? Stop daydreaming now! All business deals are canceled!”

    At the airport.

    Huo Beichen remembered that he had been touched by the girl just now. He had had a change of clothes but still, he felt that there was a disgusting fragrance lingering on his body.

    Qi Shan was right beside him. Seeing how cold and distant the boss was, he suggested. “Boss, aren’t you trying to win a girl over now? Why don’t you buy a present for her?”

    Huo Beichen stopped walking.

    Qi Shan was still anxious when Huo Beichen entered the Cartier premium outlet.

    Soon, Huo Beichen saw a pair of diamond earrings.

    The design of the pair of earrings was not exquisite, but each diamond was worth three carats. He remembered how that girl loved money. She would surely be overjoyed and say all kinds of nice things to him.

    Finally, his facial expression improved.

    He paid the money and his mood became normal now, even smiling faintly.

    After three hours, they had reached their destination. It was ten at night.

    Huo Beichen could not wait to return home.

    However, he soon found that the entire mansion was pitch-dark. It seemed that the girl was not there.