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Chapter 107 - Mocking and Gossiping

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 107: Mocking and Gossiping

    Soon Su Cha’s bet with Yu Chuai was all over the campus.

    Someone had intentionally spread it around. Since it could not be Su Cha, it must be the other side.

    The students were shocked by the words at first, but soon they found it ridiculous.

    If it were a competition between Su Cha and Yu Chuai, they thought that Su Cha could beat her in the national college entrance exam as she had done it before.

    But to be number one in the whole school meant that Su Cha had to surpass Min Chen.

    What a ridiculous idea!

    Min Chen was like a goddess to the students. A person like her could only be seen in novels or TV shows. No one had ever thought to surpass her.

    How dare Su Cha?

    Su Cha did not plan on setting Min Chen as an enemy when she said her target was to become number one in the school.

    But after Yu Chuai’s embellishments, Su Cha appeared to be someone who objected to Min Chen.

    The students were on her side when she fought Yang Nuanru, but now they disliked Su Cha for she was the one who picked up a fight for no reason.

    They started gossiping like mad. Most of them disagreed with Su Cha, and some even mocked her.

    Ha! Isn’t she crazy wanting to surpass Min Chen? She can never, even if Einstein lent his brain to her!

    Min Chen has never been under 700 before. The girl got a 600 with unspeakable methods and now she has become too proud!

    I’ll wait for Su Cha to kneel before Yu Chuai!

    Why should she kneel before Yu Chuai? She has to kneel before Min Chen, which is the only thing she should do!

    Min Chen is our goddess. Who the hell is Su Cha? She has just joined a lousy show and now she forgets to be humble! She has already picked her path. Why the hell compete with our Min Chen? Can she ever surpass Min Chen?

    I somehow find her inspiring, to get a 600. But it is a daydream for her to surpass Min Chen…


    Cai Ziya knew most of the gossip.

    She felt sorry for Su Cha and wanted to defend her, but she was at a loss.

    Su Cha is not what they think she is. She just made a bet with Yu Chuai.

    She never wanted to fight against Min Chen.

    Min Chen has always been the perfect goddess and respected by everyone. Su Cha’s challenge to her becomes an insult in their eyes.

    And now everyone dislikes Su Cha.

    Besides, what will Min Chen think after she hears about it?

    She is always high and cold, but seems to be a nice person. Maybe she will leave Su Cha alone?

    Cai Ziya thought anxiously. Le Anqi also got wind of the gossip and could not concentrate in class. The teacher warned her several times.

    Le Anqi dare not tell Su Cha. Those words were too harsh for her. She feared that Su Cha might be enraged and start to beat them.

    Su Cha also noticed it. Even if she did not know the messages, she could tell from the strange looks of her classmates. Most of them ridiculed her. In the third class, she asked in a low voice, “Did the word spread out?”