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Chapter 119 - Despair Is the Greatest Sorrow (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 119: Despair Is the Greatest Sorrow (1)

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    Xu Weilai had trouble sleeping well, and the chime from her phone woke her up from her light sleep instantaneously. Her long curled eyelashes quivered slightly before she slowly opened her eyes.

    Her eyes were still dazed until she inadvertently met the dark eyes of the man hovering above her. His expression was cold, disdainful, and faraway. His eyes were like a bottomless abyss.

    It was a look she was most familiar with, and it was identical to what she had seen in her nightmare. For a moment, Xu Weilai was unable to decipher if she was actually awake, or still in her nightmare.

    Their eyes met for a few seconds. As Xu Weilai’s consciousness gradually returned, she knew that this wasn’t a dream, but reality. She instinctively lowered her eyes to break the eye contact.

    She had not expected Gu Yu to visit her.

    Truthfully, there was nothing left to be said between them. Although they were spouses in name, their relationship, in reality, was even worse than that between strangers. Xu Weilai’s heart had already been broken thoroughly, and she refused to allow herself to entertain any delusional thoughts again.

    This was probably what the philosophers had meant when they said, “Despair is the greatest sorrow.”

    She didn’t speak, and Gu Yu didn’t either. But neither did he leave. He simply stood there staring at her coldly, with his lips pressed into a firm, thin line. Because of her illness, she had already been shivering from the cold. Now, under his merciless glare, she couldn’t help but tremble even more violently.

    What was Gu Yu up to? Why couldn’t he just get it over and done with quickly?

    The VIP ward was huge, but because of his presence, the whole atmosphere surrounding the room suddenly became cold and suffocating. It was getting hard to breathe, and she was beginning to feel breathless.

    Xu Weilai bit her bottom lip and hesitated for half a minute before finally opening her mouth to break the painful silence.

    “You… were the one who sent me to the hospital, weren’t you? Thank you.”

    Regardless of how the relationship between them was like, and regardless of what his intentions had been, she still had to express her gratitude for his action of sending her to the hospital.

    Her words had been courteous, distant, polite, and emotionless. The expression on Gu Yu’s handsome face darkened even further.

    The memory of her lying amidst the mess on the bed while her breath came in shallow pants flashed across his mind. A tinge of heartache appeared in his eyes before being replaced by his usual coldness. He looked at the calm and indifferent expression on her face and heartlessly spat out the next few words, “If you want to die, don’t do so in my apartment.”

    She had been ill for at least a week! Couldn’t she have at least called?

    Xu Weilai hadn’t been expecting any words of comfort or reassurance from him. But if he was this unhappy to see her, why did he come in the first place? Was it simply to rub salt in the wound and make things worse?

    An ache weighed down her chest. At the same time, resentment, sadness, grievance, and fury overtook her!

    The whole reason why she had fallen sick in the first place was all because of him! Given the way he had tormented her after maligning her without even verifying the facts that night, how was she supposed to endure it? She wasn’t made of stone!

    Even though she was hurting terribly inside, she had learned to smile through her pain. She wasn’t going to allow him to witness her weak side.

    Xu Weilai swallowed hard and suppressed the lump in her throat before looking up. Because her complexion was so pale, her eyes seemed especially dark. She lifted her lips and smiled at him. In a hoarse voice, she retorted discourteously, “If you’re so unhappy about me living in your apartment, I’ll write you an I.O.U. Let’s get divorced, and I’ll move out immediately!”

    She paused for a moment and sniffed before continuing, “Or we could live separately first. I’ll do my best to find a place to move out to as soon as possible, so as not to taint your precious apartment!”