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Chapter 120 - Despair Is the Greatest Sorrow (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 120: Chapter 120 – Despair Is the Greatest Sorrow (2)

    Xu Weilai’s heart ached at the idea of them living apart. Then again, wasn’t that what they were already doing? With someone else he wanted to live with, he hated the thought of sharing the same roof with her.

    Immediately after she spoke, Xu Weilai could clearly sense it as Gu Yu’s eyes darkened. The air between them suddenly felt cold, and she couldn’t help but stiffen her back.

    His fury was like a mountain weighing down on her. Her limbs slowly lost their warmth and turned ice cold.

    As Xu Weilai clenched her blanket instinctively, her green veins became clearly visible on the pale backs on her hands. She suddenly found the whole situation laughable. Why was she still afraid of him?

    In the past, she had cared because she had been unable to let go and had been holding on to her last sliver of hope. She didn’t want to anger him or to make an enemy out of him. She didn’t want the distance between them to increase.

    However, right now… she didn’t care about him anymore. She no longer wanted to subject herself to any further injustice.

    With pursed lips, Xu Weilai forced herself to meet Gu Yu’s killer gaze. Enunciating every word clearly, she said, “Oh, I’d forgotten again. I don’t even have the right to bring up our divorce before I’ve repaid the billion yuan, right?”

    It was clear that she wasn’t delusional enough to think that Gu Yu was furious because he didn’t want to divorce her. His rage was merely because she had challenged his authority. Men like him needed to be in control of everything and wouldn’t allow her to do as she pleased!

    She sniffed again and said, “Since that’s the case. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. If I ever fall ill again, I’ll drag myself out before collapsing even if I have to crawl! I will never collapse in your apartment again. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

    She never intended to say things that would hurt them both. She knew that every word she was uttering was eroding all the past sentiments. Leaving aside all that was happening now, the things that had transpired in the past were memories that she wanted to keep perfect.

    After voicing that statement, Xu Weilai couldn’t bring herself to continue. As she abruptly lowered her head, tears welled up in her eyes uncontrollably. The next second, she turned her head to face the other side and pulled the blanket over her head, covering herself completely. She refused to let Gu Yu witness her pain and sorrow.

    Gu Yu stared silently at the human bundle on the bed. What Xu Weilai said had ignited a fire that burned in his chest. He clenched his hands tightly into fists as his body nearly trembled in fury.

    He suddenly reached out and yanked Xu Weilai’s blanket away. Xu Weilai instinctively held her breath, waiting for him to take out his anger on her. However, the man merely glared fiercely at her face as if he could burn a hole through it with his eyes. He suddenly drew his hand back, turned around, and strode out.

    The door slammed shut with a deafening crash. Xu Weilai sniffled, and tears began to fall from her eyes.


    Gu Yu hurtled his car through the streets as fast as he could. His expression was taut, and his lips were pressed into a thin line. His hands gripped the steering wheel with such force that his fingers and knuckles had turned white.

    He lifted the convertible roof of his car. Driving in the open air, the wind blew against his body but did nothing to extinguish the raging fire in his heart.

    Xu Weilai!

    After almost circling the entirety of Beijing, his body was wrapped in a layer of cold air. Even with the cold, the unpleasant feeling of anger suppressed within his heart did not subside.

    He stopped the car by the roadside and leaned back against the backrest of his seat. Familiar with the practice, his hands retrieved a cigarette from the cigarette case. He lit it and took a puff.