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Chapter 219 - Her Contemptible Father Has Almost No Redeeming Qualities

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 219: Her Contemptible Father Has Almost No Redeeming Qualities

    A pair of cold purple pupils appeared before Ye Yuxuan. They were similar to an ancient, bottomless well. Beneath the calm expression, darkness swirled in those incredibly eerie eyes.

    After that, that purple pupils separated into four parts and revolved continuously like a fascinating kaleidoscope.

    Ye Yuxuan’s eyes moved in a circular motion, their path replicating a mosquito coil. The expression on his face became more and more vacant.

    “I’m done.” Zi Shang retreated to Ye Jiuge’s side, indicating that she could start her interrogation.

    “Did you harm Yun Tianwei?” Ye Jiuge asked as she fixed her glare a Ye Yuxuan.

    “I did not instigate his murder. I was following someone else’s orders.” Ye Yuxuan’s expression was wooden as he truthfully narrated everything.

    Back then, everyone had looked down on him because he was Yun Tianwei’s live-in son-in-law. Therefore, he had always resented them.

    A masked man had come to him and given him a Poison Pill. He’d asked him to find an opportunity to make Yun Tianwei consume it.

    At first, Ye Yuxuan had been very hesitant and scared. However, as his ambition grew, his desire to possess everything that belonged to the Yun Clan kept tempting him.

    In the end, he had made Yun Qiaoqiao his unwitting accomplice and used her to poison Yun Tianwei.

    After Yun Tianwei was poisoned, he went missing. From then on, there was no news of him.

    When Yun Qiaoqiao, who was already in poor health, fell ill, he’d taken over everything and proclaimed himself the master of the house, quietly erasing all traces of the Yun Clan.

    Then, Yun Qiaoqiao had come across a few things that had made her suspicious of him. She’d questioned him and even wanted to take back Yun Clan’s assets.

    That’s when Ye Yuxuan had panicked.

    He had not dared to poison Yun Qiaoqiao, so he’d secretly switched her top-quality medicinal pills to inferior medicinal pills. Without any remorse, he had knowingly allowed his first wife to die from an illness.

    Because of these shameful deeds, he had always disliked Ye Jiuge, who had the Yun Clan’s blood coursing through her. He’d find fault in her in an extremely scrupulous manner.

    He felt as if Ye Jiuge’s death would allow him to cover up his wicked crimes.

    After Ye Yuxuan confessed everything, he continued to stand on the same spot with empty eyes.

    The room was as silent as a graveyard.

    “Should I kill him?” Zi Shang asked Ye Jiuge.

    For a brief moment, Ye Jiuge wanted to kill Ye Yuxuan for being such a heartless, despicable man!

    However, Ye Ruyi’s petite figure appeared in her mind all of a sudden.

    Ye Yuxuan was also Ye Ruyi’s father.

    Although he’d treated Fifth Concubine horribly, he was a decent father to Ye Ruyi because of her aptitude.

    Ye Ruyi was still young. If she had a father who was a Great Master with pill production skills, it would brighten her prospects.

    “Feeding him with Spiritual Dissipating Pill will suffice,” Ye Jiuge answered coldly.

    The most painful thing that could happen to a Spiritual Practitioner was to watch their cultivation level decline gradually before disappearing entirely.

    By the time Ye Yuxuan lost all of his Spiritual Energy, Ye Ruyi would be grown up.

    Ye Jiuge intended to make her worthless father live in misery forever. He had it coming.

    “Piece of cake.” Zi Shang pulled out a bottle of Spiritual Dissipating Pills and used his Demonic Force to envelop it before implanting a few pills within a few of Ye Yuxuan’s main acupoints.

    This way, there would be no significant changes to Ye Yuxuan’s cultivation level during the early stage. However, when he realized what was happening, it would be too late to reverse.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge did not spare her contemptible father another look. She left with Zi Shang.

    On their way home, a sense of gloom hung over them.

    Ye Jiuge’s heart felt heavy. She did not want to speak.

    Zi Shang suddenly said, “There is a possibility that your grandfather is still alive.”

    “You do not need to console me.” Ye Jiuge stared straight ahead. She did not even turn around.

    According to Ye Yuxuan, the Poison Pill had been extremely potent—capable of killing anyone that ingested it. It was most likely that her grandfather was dead.

    “These are not mere words of comfort. If your grandfather had passed away, his corpse would have been discovered by now. Instead, he’s still declared missing. Perhaps, he is still finding a way to neutralize the poison and waiting for you to seek him out,” Zi Shang said earnestly.

    “You are right. My grandfather must be waiting for me.” In an instant, this ignited a fighting spirit within Ye Jiuge.

    She not only wanted to save her grandfather but also find the masked man who had plotted to take his life.

    Ye Jiuge racked her brain. The only clue that she had was the treasure map.

    She returned to her official residence and took out the treasure map immediately.

    Currently, the map in her possession was only half-complete.

    She’d obtained a piece of it from the previous Crown Prince.

    Ye Yu had given her another piece. The remaining part was with Ye Yunzhi.

    Ye Jiuge had a hunch that she might be able to find some clues about her grandfather’s disappearance from the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    After all, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch must be well acquainted with Poison Pills.

    After Ye Jiuge decided to head to the Bloodcloud Peak to take down the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, she sent Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang an invitation to meet up for a chat.

    Both of them had wanted to meet Ye Jiuge for quite some time. As soon as they received her invitation, they rushed to her residence at once.

    Ye Jiuge welcomed them in the main parlor.

    They opened the conversation with small talk. After that, Ye Jiuge feigned nonchalance as she asked Bai Songling, “Brother Bai, I heard that Jun Yichen has succeeded in breeding a Venomous Hunting Insect. Did you manage to track down Su Junqing?”

    During Ye Jiuge’s Enclosed Cultivation, Jun Yichen, Luo Tian, and Ye Yu had spent their time helping Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang with their investigation to find Su Junqing. They’d managed to breed a Venomous Hunting Insect.

    “We haven’t. Jun Yichen said that Su Junqing has already fled to Bloodcloud Peak.” Bai Songling looked glum.

    They had gone to great lengths to lay a trap for Su Junqing. However, that brat had still managed to slip through their net. It made them feel dejected.

    “Then what did the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance say? Don’t tell me that they are going to allow the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Black Magic Practitioners to act so brazenly,” Ye Jiuge asked. This was what concerned her the most.

    Without the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s help, she was not confident that her little group of allies would be able to save Ye Yunzhi at Bloodcloud Peak.

    “The matter is still under discussion. However, Great Master Dongfang approached the Alliance personally and offered a bounty to anyone who could present him with the Blood Lotus Flower and kill the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. He is willing to give them a Master Solidifying Pill in return,” Bai Songling revealed the big news.

    “Wow! Great Master Dongfang has Master Solidifying Pills.” Ye Jiuge was astonished.

    The Master Solidifying Pill was a beneficial pill that could increase one’s chances in rank progression to Spiritual Master.

    In recent years, Spiritual Energy in this realm had become scarce. The Spiritual Herbs available were not as ancient as they used to be. Therefore, it was difficult to produce a Master Solidifying Pill, and Spiritual Practitioners found it extremely challenging to advance further in their cultivation.

    There were not more than ten Spiritual Masters in the entire Lei Kingdom. Countless people were stuck at the Advanced Spiritual Practitioner stage, unable to make any further progress.

    Although Ye Jiuge’s current level of cultivation was still far from the rank of Spiritual Master, there was no harm in obtaining that pill.

    She was rather tempted to go for it.

    “That’s right. Right now, many Spiritual Practitioners are falling over each themselves to register their names. Numerous important Main Disciples of the famous Righteous Sects are among them. According to rumors, a few hundred people have already put their names down. Currently, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance is fretting about whom they should elect as the mission’s leader. After all, it will be tough to defeat the Bloodthirsty Patriarch!” Bai Songling said ruefully.

    This Master Solidifying Pill was Dongfang Master’s most treasured item.

    If it weren’t for the fact that he needed the Blood Lotus Flower urgently to recover his cultivation, he would never have taken it out from his storage.

    “I hope that the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance will send more skilled masters there. That would make things easier for us.” Although Ye Jiuge was slightly interested in the Master Solidifying Pill, her top priorities were to rescue Ye Yunzhi and find clues about her grandfather’s disappearance.

    “Eldest Miss, are you also going to the Bloodcloud Peak to exterminate the entire Bloodthirsty Sect?” Bai Songling asked in surprise.

    The Bloodcloud Peak was more than 500 kilometers from the Lei Kingdom. The journey would be extremely dangerous. After all, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was not a sitting duck.