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Chapter 149 - Culinary Skills Was A Good Man’s Prerequisite

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 149: Culinary Skills Was A Good Man’s Prerequisite

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    Although the culprit’s antagonistic action toward Qianmo had made this incident less than perfect, it didn’t mean Qianmo wasn’t good enough. She was already exceptional.

    After sending Qianmo and Black, Nuo Nuo looked at the car exhaust that was getting farther away and revealed a nonchalant expression.

    To others, there was only air in front of her. But Nuo Nuo was born with an astral vision that enabled her to see spirits, so she could see a figure in black clothes in front of her that others couldn’t.

    “…Therefore, the victim will never wake up and will forever remain as a vegetable. The child in her had never existed in the first place?”

    She lied that she was pregnant so as to force him to marry her. She never expected that she would not only fail to get the ticket to marriage but would also invite death.

    Nuo Nuo retrieved her gaze. There were cause and effect for everything. It was all fated.

    She walked through the bustling streets alone. Her big younger brother, whom she was concerned about the most, had finally settled down. However, when was the person she yearned for going to appear?

    There was always a story behind every crime. Nuo Nuo, who had seen so much of these, had already gotten used to this light desolation.

    The world in the eyes of the law-enforcers was different from the normal.

    An ordinary person might meet many “supreme-grade” people in their lives, but the probability of one meeting truly evil criminals was slim. Some people might never meet a person who was as cruel and ruthless as the twisted girl for their whole lives,

    However, in their profession, they encountered people like this every day.

    At the moment, she was thinking that the girl Black loved was going to enter into a technical profession like her in the future. She would be immersed in a world where she would see many incidents that normal people would probably never come across in their lives. How was she going to maintain her original aspiration and not lose herself in this environment where the evil of humanity was magnified? This was not going to be an easy feat.

    The world of the living was peaceful and beautiful, and they had two Momos in their family now. Although this was wonderful, Nuo Nuo couldn’t help but think about a serious problem: How were they going to differentiate the way they addressed the double Mo combo?

    Mo for the guy… and Lei for the girl?

    Alright, Momo should be reserved for the pretty one. As for her younger brother… Nuo Nuo felt that Black was a rather adorable form of address too.

    Yu Changmo noticed Qianmo’s silence, so he brought her to look at the ocean. The two of them walked bare-footed on the beach in a single file, leaving a trail of uneven footprints.

    Black could sense that the girl had given Qianmo a rather big shock. He didn’t know how to console her, so he just followed behind her quietly.

    Qianmo bent over to splash the water with her hand. The seawater in autumn was already a little chilly. The varying climates in the four different seasons gave the seawater different temperatures. It was the same with a human’s heart. But that girl earlier had given Qianmo a totally different perception.

    Some people’s hearts would always be cold no matter the seasons they had been through, like the girl who was not yet even fourteen but was more evil than 99.9% of the people.

    “Does Sister Nuo like her job, Black?” Qianmo thought of the big-hearted Yu Yinuo.

    There was a feeling of sunshine on Sister Nuo. So, It was hard to imagine a woman like that was a forensic pathologist who held a scalpel and talked to the dead.

    “That’s her own choice,” Black said truthfully.

    Everyone in his family knew exactly what they wanted.

    However, he was a little worried. His girl was not yet twenty and had not joined the police force officially. After witnessing such a dark side today, he wondered whether it would change her career planning for the future.

    But, no matter what choices she made, Yu Changmo wouldn’t interfere. He only wanted her to grow and prosper in a space and environment she liked.

    “I chose this profession previously because I respected a senior a lot. But today, for a moment, I was confused.”

    Qianmo sat on the beach.

    Yu Changmo hesitated for a minute and then sat down too. At the moment his muscles tensed up, she spoke, “Relax, don’t put your focus on the phobia. Try to loosen your arms first, followed by your head, neck, rel…”

    Psychotherapy wasn’t her forte. Her mentor didn’t focus on teaching that, but she was willing to try for Black.

    “What are you confused about?” He tried to relax following her method and felt much better.

    “I don’t like to lose. Yet I lost today, and to a child at that. By right, I should be dejected, but I…”

    She had survived in the darkest environment for so many years and had seen extremely vicious people. Therefore, she had chosen this profession without any hesitation after her rebirth.

    Qianmo always thought she had learned this to repay her mentor. But, after being played by that minor criminal girl, she had a different perception.

    Qianmo clenched her fists. “I was dejected for a moment, but after that, I felt exhilarated.”

    Yes. Her current emotion was exhilaration.

    “I understand how you feel.” Because he was the same type of person as her.

    Black had appreciation in his eyes. He liked her looks and her character that loved a challenge.

    “I suddenly have an expectation, you know. I really wanted to finish analyzing this case. Generally speaking, there are a few scenarios regarding minors committing crimes… I don’t know which she belongs to. It’s just that I am restricted by my current identity…”

    Thus, she was going to work hard when she got back. She would graduate early to get in touch with these matters and pursue a career she loved.

    “I believe losing to a minor this time is a good thing for me. I would be more thorough when I think about such cases in the future. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice!” She was beginning to find her profession really interesting.

    “Do you want to eat braised pork? I’ll cook for you?”

    Qianmo’s eyes lit up. That was good!

    Since that duplex of his had a problem, he brought her to another property. He cooked in every style he knew, and Qianmo enjoyed herself tremendously.

    The way to a woman’s heart was through her stomach. Black was hopeful that he could take care of her indomitable personality that loved a challenge.

    Life was indeed good.


    Culinary skills were a prerequisite for a good man.

    In President Qian’s home, the man of the house, who had an apron on, placed the dishes he had just cooked onto the table. It was also braised pork coincidentally.

    “Your mentor’s husband doesn’t cook braised pork for just anybody. Come, eat more of it.” President Qian put the meat in the bowl for her disciple.

    The disciple took up her chopsticks and then put them down again.

    “Mentor, did I really lose?”

    “Take ‘did’ away. You really lost.” President Qian was enjoying the meat. So nice.

    The man wearing the apron gave her a kiss. So nice.

    “How could she win over me? Why did she win over me?” The disciple couldn’t believe it from the moment she got the news. She had been learning from Mentor for a few years now. How would she lose to someone her own age?

    “Who won over Little Biaozi?” The man removed his apron and sat next to his wife.

    “Mentor’s Hub, I have a name. I am not called Little Biaozi,” she explained with a straight face.

    Didn’t hear at all.

    President Qian turned her head to explain to her man.

    “The daughter-in-law of the Second Master’s family and a minor criminal. She lost twice in a row.”

    “When did the Second Master have a daughter-in-law? Didn’t Little Biaozi find his son pleasing? I was about to mention this to the Second Master.”

    “Don’t mention that. He is not interested in Little Biaozi.”

    “I am not Little Biaozi,” she explained with a straight face+2.

    Didn’t hear at all.