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Chapter 150 - Time For Reinforcements

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 150: Time For Reinforcements

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    President Qian told him about the bet. “…So this was what happened. Our Little Biaozi lost, but I won.”

    “Mentor, I am not called Little Biaozi,” she explained with a straight face+3.

    She continued not to hear at all.

    “In order to celebrate that Little Biaozi has met her match, Honey, let’s go for a ride tonight. I know a place where the view is nice and secluded. Let us try out the new car?” Little Qiang gave her a meaningful smile.

    “Mentor’s Hub, are you trying to test the car, or test the car’s suspension?” The disciple finally couldn’t take it after being ignored continuously.

    Testing the new car? Pui, He wanted the car to shake most likely.

    They heard her this time.

    Mentor’s Hub turned his head and said to her seriously, “Don’t talk when you are eating.”


    “Honey, let’s go, let’s go…” The man turned his head back and continued after lecturing the brat. He hinted crazily and smiled suggestively to his wife.

    “You are also talking, Mentor’s Hub.” Little Biaozi, who was bullied, protested.

    “When eating, one does not converse. When in bed, one does not speak. Eat the meat.” President Qian, who was watching the show, put the meat into her disciple’s bowl.

    The disciple bit the meat and looked at the lovey-dovey couple in front of her numbly. She felt she shouldn’t be sitting here.

    After dinner, the disciple stood in front of the French windows and watched as her Mentor’s Hub carried a pail of water to wash his car happily. Judging from his open giggles, she could imagine her Mentor must have promised him some “benefits”.

    The stylish sports car in the yard was meant to go through a “storm” tonight.

    If one looked out from the front of President Qian’s yard, the two-story villa across was the home of Yu Changmo’s parents.

    Anyone who could afford to stay in this community was out of the ordinary. Yu Changmo didn’t know that someone had been watching him quietly from a place he wasn’t aware of. For many years already.

    His life was a straight line traveling between two points. Training on normal days and staying home on his off days. No other entertainment.

    She saw her Mentor’s Hub whistling and washing his car in her peripheral vision. Mentor’s husband seemed to have the same lifestyle.

    Once upon a time, she had also imagined she would be living in a house like this, with a man who loved his home and carried a pail around during his holidays like any normal person.

    The fragrance of milk tea appeared suddenly. She turned around and saw her mentor standing next to her. She took over the cup and had a sip. It tasted terrible, immediately confirming that her mentor had made it personally.

    Her mentor was quite a legend too. She still couldn’t cook after being married for over ten years. Recently, she had degenerated to the point where even the milk tea she made was horrible.

    “Mentor, why did I lose?”

    “You are not good enough.” President Qian also held a cup of tea. She took a sip and placed it on the table in disgust. She had added too much tea leaves. Pui.

    “But you are so good, and I am taught by you personally. Furthermore, I also have a special ability. Why would I lose to someone my age?”

    “Ït’s not awful to lose. But it’s awful to refuse to admit defeat. Face reality.”

    “Then, please tell me who she is. I want to compete with her again.”

    It was alright to not be as attractive to men as she was, but how could she lose to her in her area of expertise, which she was so proud of? She couldn’t take this lying down.

    “You really want to win that much?” President Qian had a naughty smile.

    Her disciple didn’t know she was going to step onto a “landmine” soon. She nodded profusely.

    “The answer is in the third row of my bookcase. Go.”

    The disciple immediately went upstairs and ran to the study.

    President Qian shook her head. Refusing to admit defeat meant that she was still young.

    Two minutes later, the disciple looked at the book “Failure Is Also A Step Forward” in her hands and broke into tears.

    She went downstairs to find her mentor. But, she only saw the car exhaust of her mentor’s husband’s car. The two of them were off to try out the car’s suspension.

    In the car, Yu Minglang asked President Qian, “Little Biaozi was agitated.”

    “Of course, one should suffer while still young, or else, she wouldn’t be somebody when she gets older. Agitation is just right.”

    President Qian recalled the video which Yu Yinuo sent to her. It showed Qianmo solving the case.

    She came to a conclusion soon after watching: Director Chen was going to be so happy.

    Her mode of thinking and the professional methods used to handle the problems were Director Chen’s exact replica. Qianmo’s advantages over Little Biaozi were her excellent observation skills and strong logical thinking capability. As a comparison, Little Biaozi was over-reliant on her gifted ability.

    Both children had failed to notice that the culprit was a minor, so both potential youngsters lost to the culprit.

    President Qian and Chen Meng had a conversation over the phone, and they reached the same conclusion. It was not a bad thing that both of them had failed to get the culprit at this point.

    Youngsters, who had never tasted failure before, would be easily anxious. A little experience with failure would be better for their future developments—provided that they could figure out where they lacked in. Looking at her disciple’s behavior… Tsk tsk, she didn’t seem to have worked it out at all. She still wasn’t able to accept reality.

    “I am especially looking forward to the excitement they would bring me in the future.” President Qian was expecting the growth of the youngsters, not knowing how far they could go in their lives.

    “Erm, later, we will have something even more exciting.” Yu Minglang’s eyes seemed to be having spasms. He was giving her flirty glances non-stop.

    Then, with a doubt, his wife twisted his ears.

    “Ai, ai, I am driving. Be careful… I am warning you, Chen Xiaoqian. If you disregard my pride again and touch me as and when you like, I will get serious!”

    He was threatening in manner but cowardly at heart. President Qian was not afraid of him at all.

    “Oh, please demonstrate how ‘serious’ you are.”

    “Wifey, please don’t fracture your lovely fingers. My heart would ache…” Yu Minglang said flippantly.

    His skin was indeed too thick. President Qian rolled her eyes.

    What was ethics?

    It didn’t even exist.


    That night, Qianmo sat in front of her computer and edited an email repeatedly.

    The content was only around a hundred words, but she had edited it repeatedly for many times. After making sure there was no problem, she took a deep breath before pressing send.

    This email was sent to her mentor, Chen Meng.

    She hoped that it was still her mentor’s email address. She had no idea whether her mentor would reply. After all, she knew the chances were slim as her mentor held a prominent position and was always busy. An unfamiliar email like this would usually be deleted straight away.

    Her mentor might not even check the mailbox. It would be her secretary’s job.

    But, no matter what, Qianmo still decided to take this step forward.

    After she finished eating at Black’s place, Qianmo decided she was not going to waste any more time as she drank the non-alcoholic digestif that Black gave her. She had to hanker after a petty advantage. Black was so marvelous; she had to hasten the treatment progress.

    It was time to bring in the reinforcements. Qianmo had thought it through; she only trusted her mentor among the psychologists with good technical skills in the country.

    Even if her mentor might not reply to her, she had to give it a go. For Black, she had to try it out.