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Chapter 803 - Abused and Violated (2)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 803: Abused and Violated (2)

    Xia Ruya laid on the ground hopelessly in dejection. Her retaliation would only result in the man abusing her cruelly. Hence, she had no choice but to concede. She had no idea… if Wen Xinya had experienced the same fate when she was abducted.

    However, she was certain that Wen Xinya would definitely not give in, for she knew that Wen Xinya was one who’d rather be beaten up than sacrifice her chastity. Wen Xinya had always been strong and domineering, unlike Xia Ruya, who was weak and helpless. All she could do was concede.

    Although she felt inferior, she was still indignant. And as much as she hated to admit, Wen Xinya was indeed different from her.

    Wen Xinya was the kind of person who would be able to ensure her own safety and minimize the damage done to herself, regardless of the predicament that she was in.

    Unlike Wen Xinya, she often had to sacrifice herself.

    Sensing that the man was acting brazenly and taking liberties with her, Xia Ruya shrieked. “I’ll obey you, I really will. I won’t retaliate regardless of what you do. Please don’t…”

    She could be shameless and swallow her pride, but she could not allow her chastity to be stained.

    No matter what, she had to remain a virgin.

    She could not quite remember the process, though she clearly remembered how shamelessly she had to swallow her pride and bear with the humiliation of pleasing that man. The resentment and hopelessness in her heart were like a sharp knife being stabbed through her chest and causing her excruciating pain.

    It was too revolting, too humiliating and too unfair to her…

    She sat on the ground hopelessly, too distressed to even care about her tattered clothes…

    “If you’re willing to let me go, I’ll give you 10 million yuan. Think about it. With 10 million yuan… you can buy expensive cars, live in a mansion, and live like a member of the upper-class society. With that much money, you can have any woman you’d like, be it innocent or sultry. You can do whatever you want with them.”

    Xia Ruya knew that she could not just sit back and do nothing, So long as she didn’t give in and take out her money to help the Xia Family, she would continue to live such a horrendous life. She had truly had enough.

    She wanted to escape, she had to escape.

    The man in black was suddenly tempted by her offer. “Do you take me for a fool!?! Why would you give me such a huge sum of money? Do you even have that much money?”

    Greatly taken aback, Xia Ruya said, “Didn’t your boss tell you that I’m Xia Ruya? I used to be the Wen Family’s adoptive daughter, who then became the Xia Family’s illegitimate daughter. After I left the Wen Family, they gave me a large amount of money. Your boss abducted me because he received a large sum of money from someone else.”

    Previously, she had overhead the redhead speaking on the phone and found out the truth about her abduction. After observing the three abductors, she realized… that they did not know of her true identity and were just working for the redhead blindly. They did not know how much her net worth was either.

    The man in black’s face grew sullen and he pulled Xia Ruya’s hair before exclaiming angrily, “Do you really think I’d believe your bullshit? You’re just trying to sow discord between us so that you can run away.”

    Of course, he was no fool. He had also sensed that something was amiss with the redhead. Whenever the redhead received a call, he would intentionally move away from them. He was acting out of the ordinary. The man in black wondered, Could it be… that she’s telling the truth?

    Xia Ruya teared up and said, “I don’t understand what you mean. I merely overheard your boss talking to someone else by chance. You guys are in cahoots… I thought you had found out long ago…”

    The man in black looked extremely angered and austere. He thought to himself, If she’s right, Boss must have abducted her for the sake of money. So… Boss must be thinking of pocketing that sum of money. This thought made him infuriated. He could not tolerate the fact that his boss would value money over brotherhood.

    Knowing that she had managed to sow discord, Xia Ruya said in a shaky voice, “I… I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, you may try and eavesdrop on his conversation.”

    She would definitely not give the Xia Family any money, especially since they were so cunning and cruel. Hence, the man in black was her only hope of escaping.

    “Bitch, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll upload your nude photos and videos onto the internet and make sure your reputation is ruined.”

    The man in black indeed believed her. After all, they had already kidnapped Xia Ruya for four days and yet, they did not hear anything from the redhead. Given how wealthy Xia Ruya was, all they had to do was to make her pay a sum to save herself. There was no need to go through so much hassle at all.

    Xia Ruya turned pale and shook her head frantically. “I… I’m not lying to you. I’m really not… I just want to leave this place.”

    The man in black kicked Xia Ruya and picked his trousers up before walking away.

    Xia Ruya laid sluggishly on the ground, with no energy to move an inch at all.