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Chapter 804 - The Future Development of Lanxin Store Fron

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 804: The Future Development of Lanxin Store Front

    Wen Xinya could guess how terrible Xia Ruya must have felt after she got abducted. Previously, she had gotten the private investigation agency to check up on Xia Ruya and the abductors.

    They were all ex-convicts who were repeat offenders. Xia Ruya would definitely have a hard time.

    Of course, the more pain Xia Ruya was in, the happier Wen Xinya would be.

    She was no Saint. Xia Ruya had plotted against her time and time again. She initially did not want to deal with Xia Ruya on the account of the Wen Family, and later on, she could not find a chance to. Now that she had the time to do something… she obviously had to take her revenge.

    Wen Xinya had booked a seat in Ninth-Heaven and invited Ouyang Feng and her other friends for a meal. This had already become a pattern. She could not spend all her time and energy on the management of the company, due to her age and her academics. Hence, Ouyang Feng would meet her during gatherings and inform her of the current situation at the company.

    The companies under her name were developing rather well.

    Lanxin Investment Company had already become a pioneer investment firm in the nation. They had attracted the attention of overseas tycoons who were interested in the Chinese stock market. They also had a good reputation abroad.

    She had always felt safe about leaving the company in the hands of Ouyang Feng.

    The management of Lanxin Cosmetics was going well, too. Having established a close partnership with Floral Lingo Pavilion, Lanxin Cosmetics had secured an image of being a luxury brand. They had also expanded into the overseas market.

    Things were progressing faster than she had expected. She initially wanted to develop Lanxin Cosmetics into a luxury brand. Yet, they had already expanded into the overseas market within such a short period of time. She had no choice but to come up with a new plan for Lanxin Cosmetics.

    Li Mengjie had also brought it up several times before.

    Yan Shaoqing was in charge of Lanxin Company and they were planning to expand into the health supplements industry. The establishment of a brand definitely required more action than talk. They had to find a herbal field, the necessary equipment, construct a factory and train their staff members. There were also lots of other documents required…

    Every process was tedious.

    Fortunately, she and Yan Shaoqing had already made some preparations beforehand and would be able to finish the preliminary constructions by the end of the year.

    Ouyang Feng and Yan Shaoqing continued to talk about the operations at the respective companies.

    Li Mengjie said, “Xinya, what are your thoughts on the development of Lanxin Cosmetics?”

    Lanxin Cosmetics had more customers than products, and she had long wanted to begin selecting customers. However, things would get out of hand if left unattended.

    After giving it some careful thought, Wen Xinya was stuck in a dilemma. She had initially already had a concrete plan for Lanxin Cosmetics. Yet, it progressed rapidly beyond expectations. “What are your thoughts?”

    Li Mengjie answered, “Honestly, the luxury, made-to-order sales system is no longer going to work for Lanxin Cosmetics. If our client base is saturated, it would mean that we can no longer accept new clients. When that happens, Lanxin Cosmetics will disappear sooner or later.”

    Wen Xinya put down her chopsticks. She had indeed thought about that before, but they didn’t have enough plans to carry out the plan. Now that they had enough funds, they did not have enough manpower. Besides… the health supplement development was in progress and they had yet to expand the other businesses. Lanxin Cosmetics still had to be taken to a higher level!

    She was already having a tough time handling everything. If she had to restructure the cosmetics brand…

    Li Mengjie said, “The product launch for Ai Shang’s products has yet to begin and yet, it already has a significant impact on Lanxin Cosmetics. Women will never be satisfied or stay loyal to one brand when it comes to cosmetics. The launch of new products will make them distracted. Perhaps, the impact won’t be that major for now, but when Ai Shang becomes popular amongst consumers, we’ll face a shortage of customers.”

    If they couldn’t attract new clients, the brand would face its demise. Once their reputation went down, they’d definitely face failure.

    Having understood what she meant, Wen Xinya asked with a slight frown, “Are you planning to develop Lanxin Cosmetics into a global brand?”

    Li Mengjie said, “I do have such intentions. Lanxin Cosmetics does have the potential and ability to become a global brand. Besides… that would be advantageous for our expansion into the health supplements market too. After all… we’ve been tying cosmetics and health supplements together right from the start. I believe the success of Lanxin Cosmetics will give everyone more confidence in our health supplements.”

    Wen Xinya felt a little bewildered and surprised to see how much more open-minded Li Mengjie had become. “You’re right, but we still need a detailed plan for how we should execute the expansion. I’ll need to discuss it with Du Ruo as well.”

    She would put Du Ruo’s interests first, regardless of how Lanxin Cosmetics progressed.

    Li Mengjie nodded agitatedly and said, “I already have a core idea. Just like Chanel, we must stay firm to the made-to-order sales system while opting for the luxury concept. We’ll be able to solve the transition issue that we’re facing now.”

    Wen Xinya frowned and thought to herself, In this case, we would have to put a temporary halt on our supplements expansion. That was not what she wanted. “I’ll discuss it with Du Ruo first. We’ll build the factory before increasing sales. We’ll then accumulate a capital before expanding to the global market. Lanxin Cosmetics’ store front will be fundamental for expanding Du Ruo’s Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare formulas. We have to go slow and steady…”

    Yan Shaoqing nodded and said, “I agree with Xinya. Du Ruo is the core of our brand and no matter what, we must safeguard Du Ruo’s interests. Currently, Du Ruo is not famous enough to aid us in becoming a global brand. We can try to expand Lanxin using our Imperial Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare techniques and formulas, as well as Old Mr. Du’s reputation.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. Yan Shaoqing indeed had a clear idea.

    Although Li Mengjie was a little disappointed, she understood that she was being a little too focused on reaping benefits. “I understand. We’re being steady for the sake of promoting Du Ruo.”

    Wen Xinya looked at her solemnly and said, “While Lanxin Cosmetics is progressing towards its peak, I also hope that you can boost your own potential. I’m certain… that you won’t be able to manage Lanxin Cosmetics with your current abilities.”

    Her words were blunt but sincere. Li Mengjie used to be a sales manager for a luxury brand who only managed a small store. However, what would happen if Lanxin became a global brand one day? Was Wen Xinya supposed to abandon her and look for another talent?

    She did not wish to see such a situation.

    Li Mengjie was at a loss for words. It was both a warning and a piece of advice. She was advised to improve herself in order to maintain her current position, and she was being warned… to not have frivolous thoughts.

    Sensing the tension in the air, Ouyang Feng raised his glass and said, “Here, here, let’s toast to each other. Here’s to a bright future for Lanxin!”

    Now, Lanxin Investment Company had already been categorized under Lanxin, and Lanxin would develop into a corporation in the future.