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Chapter 805 - A Real Merchan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 805: A Real Merchant

    They had mostly already confirmed the direction of Lanxin Cosmetics’ future progression. Wen Xinya had also brought the matter up to Du Ruo, who approved of the idea. She still had to prepare a proposal that was to be handed to Old Mr. Du. Although Du Ruo had already become an adult, Old Mr. Du was still considered to be her guardian and she still needed his approval before making such a major decision.

    Wen Xinya handed the planning to Li Mengjie.

    Of course, these were just minor issues. Wen Xinya was currently facing a very important problem.

    In order for the company to be developed, they had to find talents!

    She only had a few capable employees working for her. Although she could develop her current career well, what about the long run?

    Where were they supposed to find talents?

    Wen Xinya’s head was throbbing. Talents had always been hard to come by. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the ancient tale about Liu Bei. She had managed to build connections with Ouyang Feng and Yan Shaoqing because of her memory from the previous lifetime.

    As for Li Mengjie… she was honestly not considered to be an elite member of society.

    She merely had more experience in the sales of luxury goods and items. She could also manage Lanxin Cosmetics well, though she would not be able to handle the management if Lanxin Cosmetics were to develop into a global brand.

    However, Wen Xinya was willing to give Li Mengjie a chance.

    She just did not know if Li Mengjie would seize the chance.

    Just as Wen Xinya was racking her brains, Si Yiyan sat beside her and massaged her head. “Are you too tired lately? Or is there something that you can’t solve?”

    There were two more days to go until the launch of Ai Shang’s products and she had been rather busy.

    Wen Xinya said, “Li Mengjie has suggested that we develop Lanxin Cosmetics into a global brand. I guess the Ai Shang Group’s product launch has sparked her ambition. However… she’s right. Lanxin Cosmetics is no longer suitable for a made-to-order sales system and the competition in the cosmetics market is too stiff. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine enjoys a good reputation, and if we can’t build a sustainable brand, we’ll be eliminated by the industry sooner or later. I’m feeling a little indignant. Ruoruo has the recipes while I have the funds. Why can’t I be more ambitious and take Lanxin Cosmetics to a greater level?”

    Not only did Ai Shang Group’s product launch agitate Li Mengjie, but it had also agitated Wen Xinya because it gave a broader perspective and allowed her to see clearly Lanxin Cosmetics’ immense potential. She had also visualized… the blueprint of her business empire in the future…

    She felt that Lanxin Company had a bright future.

    She did not expect that she would realize this so soon. Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Xinya, you’ve got a great idea. You must discover the capital that you have and continuously develop your potential. You must also maximize your interests. Only then will you become a real businesswoman.”

    Lanxin Cosmetics had greater potential. The future definitely had lots of surprises in store for her.

    Her future achievements would tremendously surpass these.

    However, she had no idea how valuable her assets were, though it was not a problem since she would gradually grow.

    Si Yiyan’s words were like a huge reminder to her. Her eyes lit up and she pouted before saying, “In the future, I’ll have to manage the building of the health supplements brand and plan the development of real estates. I don’t lack anything now, except talented manpower… No matter how ambitious I may be, my dreams won’t amount to anything if I don’t have anyone to help me fulfill them.”

    Si Yiyan laughed and said, “Turns out you’re fretting over this!”

    Wen Xinya pouted and said, “Your Xiasi Group has a league of competent employees. Of course you don’t have to worry!” Her eyes glistened and she held onto Si Yiyan’s arm. She said coquettishly, “Tell me, how did you find all these talents?”

    She smacked herself on the head, thinking to herself, Why didn’t I think of Si Yiyan? As the leader of Xiasi Group, he definitely has insider information.

    Whenever she had something to ask of him, her eyes would light up and she would pout slightly, making her lips form a cute shape. She was so adorable that she could make the ice melt. “This is confidential information. If I leak it, wouldn’t Xiasi Group suffer a major loss?”

    Displeased to hear his words, Wen Xinya chided. “How petty of you. I’m not going to snatch your talents. I just want to find out where you found them.”

    Actually, she felt a little ashamed because she was indirectly trying to poach his employees!

    Indeed… women were fickle.

    Wen Xinya leaped into Si Yiyan’s arms and pecked his cheek. “Si Yiyan, tell me, please. I know you treat me the best. You won’t be that petty. Ninth Young Master, you’re intelligent and brilliant. You’re suave, handsome, dashing…”

    How frivolous!

    Si Yiyan turned over and pinned her down beneath him before kissing her.

    The kiss left him feeling rather aroused. Wen Xinya hurriedly said, “We still have three days…”

    Si Yiyan smacked her hard on her hips and got up indignantly. He had been hearing the same thing from her for the past few days.

    Wen Xinya smiled and tugged at Si Yiyan’s hand. “Si Yiyan, hurry and tell me!”

    “Recently, lots of communication and social media platforms have risen in popularity online. One of the most popular ones is the friend exchange platform that’s exclusive to elite and prestigious schools. Xiasi Group invests a massive amount of money in this aspect.”

    The platform originated from an American school discussion forum which was the platform for elite students to communicate with each other.

    Later on… one of the Chinese students decided to adopt the structure of the platform and spread it around to all the elite schools in the world, connecting all the elite students and talents. It then became the assembly ground for all the top talents of the world. It had also garnered the attention of major enterprises looking for competent manpower.

    That resulted in the bright future of communication platforms.

    There were more and more enterprises that had begun recognizing the value of these platforms and were all willing to invest in them.

    “You mean, I should invest in these elite student communication platforms?” asked Wen Xinya, who had never paid any attention to those forums.

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Yes, but… you must be very careful. In recent years, there have indeed been several cases of fraud, so you must find the correct platform to invest in.”

    Finding his suggestion to be feasible, Wen Xinya said, “I’ll get Yan Shaoqing to pay attention to the news about this aspect.”