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Chapter 807 - The Successful Escape

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 807: The Successful Escape

    Xia Ruya had no idea that the two of them were extremely worried about her because she had gone missing. They had even made a police report. All she knew was that she had been kidnapped and yet, no one knew about it. No one was there to save her, either. Hence, she could only rely on herself.

    It was the fifth day of her abduction and the redhead had begun threatening her. He threatened to kill her if she still refused to take out her money!

    Xia Ruya was overwhelmed with agony and was constantly stuck between wanting to live and wishing she was dead instead.

    As soon as daybreak arrived, the few men exited.

    The man in black returned halfway and Xia Ruya reckoned that he must have believed her completely.

    Extremely thrilled, she exclaimed, “Do you believe me now? I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

    The man in the black T-shirt remained silent and glowered at Xia Ruya with bloodshot eyes.

    Last night, their leader scurried outside to answer a call while they were all asleep.

    The man in black followed him stealthily and managed to eavesdrop on his conversation. He then discovered that Xia Ruya was right about his leader abducting her because he had been instigated by someone else who gave him 500,000 yuan.

    His eyes were terrifying, causing Xia Ruya to swallow her saliva. Trying her best to stay calm, she said, “I know you’re feeling very upset now. After all, you’ve been through thick and thin with your leader for so many years and yet, he only cares about himself. He isn’t willing to share the benefits with you guys at all. He even… treated you guys like fools and got you wrapped around his finger. In the end… he saved all the benefits for himself.”

    Xia Ruya’s words had struck a sour note within him. At that moment, he was filled with anger. He thought to himself, I’ve been working with Boss for about five years and we’ve been through thick and thin. Yet, he actually did such an unscrupulous thing! He doesn’t care about brotherhood at all.

    Those thoughts kept him up for the entire night and he could not fall asleep at all. At last… he gave in to Xia Ruya’s temptation. How could a mere 500,000 yuan compare to 10 million yuan?

    With 10 million yuan, he would live a life of endless luxury.

    Hence, he took the chance to stay when his leader headed out in the morning.

    Xia Ruya licked her dry lips and said coherently, “I know you care about brotherhood and you’re hesitant about my suggestion, but… think about it. Your leader was the one who chose to be heartless first. Not only did he lie to you guys, but he has also used you guys. He’s such a selfish person. Who knows if he’ll kick you guys away once the matter is settled?”

    She had mentioned the main point. His leader lied and made use of them because of 500,000 yuan, and he was certain that the redhead would definitely flee and leave them behind after getting the money.

    Pleased to see how angry the man was, Xia Ruya said, “Since your leader is so heartless, is there a future for you? Perhaps, he might just sell you for money one day. However, things are different if you choose to cooperate with me. We’ll just be having a transaction. You’ll take the money and let me go. The transaction will then be completed. You can do whatever you want with the money, be it buy a mansion, get lots of women, make investments, become your own boss or anything else.”

    Xia Ruya was undeniably excellent at convincing others. At this point, the man had already been convinced by her. He stared at Xia Ruya with greed in his eyes. “If I let you go, will you really give me 10 million yuan?”

    He was still a little apprehensive because he found her to be extremely cunning.

    Knowing that she had already managed to convince him, Xia Ruya nodded and said, “Of course. I’m lying to you. If you don’t trust me, I can transfer some to you now.”

    She still had more than 20 million yuan in her bank account and hence, she could afford to come up with 10 million yuan. She was willing to do anything in order to escape this hell hole and be free from the abuse, insults, and humiliation.

    Although she had already said that, the man in black was still rather careful. “Why should I believe you? Even if the money is transferred, how am I supposed to believe that you won’t get up to any tricks?”

    The conclusion that he got after surfing the internet and read up on Xia Ruya yesterday, was that she was extremely vicious and scheming. He decided that he had to be wary of her. However, he could not decide if he should cooperate with her.

    Xia Ruya said anxiously, “I swear I’ll get struck by lightning if I dare to come up with any tricks during the transaction.”

    Of course… she was not that silly as to get up to any tricks during the transaction, though no one could guarantee what would happen afterward. That man had violated and humiliated her. How could she possibly let him have it easy?

    She had to keep her life clean and flawless. She already felt extremely resentful towards him for staining her chastity.

    She would not allow anyone to be a threat to her existence. She thought that he deserved to die anyway, especially since he had committed all sins like lying, theft, rape, trafficking and many other vices.

    The man in black stared at her nonchalantly and said, “Swearing is useless. I swear all the time.”

    He grabbed Xia Ruya’s shirt and groped her chest before saying, “But, I’m still very interested in your suggestion! Hence, I have a solution that will make both of us feel safe.”

    Xia Ruya suddenly felt uneasy, though she was much more thrilled to think that she would be able to escape soon.