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Chapter 811 - Xia Ruya Has Lost Her Virginity

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 811: Xia Ruya Has Lost Her Virginity

    Xia Ruya was dumbfounded. It turns out… he had always been harboring such intentions and yet, she had failed to realize it. She even thought that she had shortchanged him and finally got a chance to escape the Xia Family. Yet, she had no idea that she had fallen into the devil’s hands.

    Ten million yuan were not enough to satiate his greed. Hence, he decided to threaten her using nude photos.

    Money alone was not enough to satisfy him and hence, he decided to trample on her chastity.

    She had truly belittled him and was overconfident for thinking that she could control and manipulate this man.

    She had always been proud of her scheming mind and her ability to manipulate others. Yet, she could not manipulate this rash and lecherous man.

    She would one day be plotted against too.

    She had finally gotten a taste of her own medicine.

    Xia Ruya finally recovered from the shock. Yeah… she used to be a flower in a nursery who had never met with such an uncouth ruffian before. Although she was conniving, she could not compare to these gangsters and hooligans at all.

    Hence, she was defeated by this man.

    Hence, she lost to Wen Xinya, because Wen Xinya used to be a gangster too.

    Xia Ruya sat on the ground dejectedly. She was well aware of how important chastity meant to a woman, especially in the upper-class society which had a gilded and resplendent exterior, but an ugly and grotesque interior. Hence, she had been keeping up with her pretense of being pure and kindhearted. She had also been holding on to her purity.

    Back then, she even sacrificed her reputation to prove her innocence by releasing her virginity test report. In the end, she still lost her virginity that she was extremely proud of.

    The man in black began kissing Xia Ruya ravenously, and the nauseating stench of alcohol in his mouth made her barf as she felt a sudden cramp in her stomach. She shook her head continuously, in a bid to move away from his mouth.

    “Help… let go of me… Don’t do this to me.”

    Xia Ruya continued to yell and struggle.

    However, her resistance had completely angered the man in black, and he tugged Xia Ruya’s hair forcefully before giving her a tight slap.

    “Don’t do this… please don’t do this… let me off…” She felt a stinging pain in her face, followed by the sensation of his hand moving around her body. Xia Ruya swung her hand in the air in a bid to hit his face…

    The man got sick of trying to hold her down and thus, decided to grab both her wrists and raise them above her head. “You’d better behave and listen to me. If you’re obedient, you’ll suffer lesser pain. Otherwise… don’t blame me for failing to show you any mercy.”

    Next, Xia Ruya’s voice became hoarse and she began struggling, yelling, crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. However, her efforts were all futile.

    She felt like she had used all of her energy to keep her legs closed, only to have them be pried apart again. His forceful thrusting caused her so much pain that she almost forgot to struggle.

    Just as she thought that this was the greatest pain she would ever experience in life, she suddenly felt like she had been ripped apart and dismembered, followed by… an excruciating pain.

    She realized that this was the worst pain in life!

    At that instant, she was overwhelmed with fear, terror, humiliation, hopelessness, anger and resentment. She felt as if she had plunged into hell.

    She finally lost the thing that meant the most to her.

    She craned her neck and screamed at the top of her lungs. “You beast, you’re no worse than a pig or a dog. You’re going to die a horrible death… you’re going to get your retribution. You’ll go to hell.”

    She continued to berate him and curse him…

    Her throat was dry and painful, and she gradually fell speechless. She had depleted all of her energy while trying to struggle and break free. She lied down on the ground like a corpse, accepting the pain and torment that was being inflicted on her.

    She could not tell how long it had been, though she knew… that she was almost losing her sanity!

    Finally, the man stopped.

    Xia Ruya laid lifelessly on the ground like a tattered rag doll.

    That man was not bothered at all. He walked towards a corner and took out a camera. “Hehe… I put in so much effort into performing just now. I reckon the results are going to be interesting. If you don’t want me to upload it onto the internet, you’d better obey me…”

    With the camera, he would no longer have to worry about Xia Ruya getting up to any tricks and all of her assets now belonged to him.

    Xia Ruya stared at him with a deadpan expression on her face, just like a zombie.

    The man was all smug and proud.

    However, Xia Ruya moved her body and the reflection of the man’s naked body formed on the surface of her big, dark eyes, and the images of what just happened flashed through her mind. A sinister look formed in her eyes.

    However, he did not notice how menacing she looked. Feeling a little smug, he said, “Let’s continue playing later. I must get the most out of you!”

    He decided not to let Xia Ruya off yet and make plans after he got sick of her.

    He had videos of her, anyway. Hence, he was not afraid that she would get up to any tricks.

    Xia Ruya got up from the ground slowly and placed her hand on the ground. The moment her fingers touched something hard, she grabbed it without even knowing what it was…

    Next, she mustered up the courage and was overwhelmed with a sudden sense of bravery that compelled her to rush forward and smash it against the back of the man’s head.

    A loud and crisp sound filled the air and Xia Ruya realized that she was holding a glass bottle that had broken into bits and caused the man to bleed.

    The man fell onto the ground and stared at Xia Ruya in disbelief. “You… you…”

    Xia Ruya squatted on the ground and stuck her thin and bony hand out to snatch the camera from him. “You must pay the price for your actions.”

    The man in black struggled to get up from the ground.

    Xia Ruya then grabbed the chair and smashed it against the man with a deadpan expression on her face.

    The man stared at her in terror. He had never seen someone remain so calm and unfazed while inflicting physical violence on someone else. It was as if she did not feel any emotions at all. It was as if life was insignificant.

    She was far too terrifying!

    How menacing.

    It was the last bit of his consciousness.

    Xia Ruya stared at the man on the ground who was covered in blood and began laughing hysterically. She was filled with the thrill of revenge.

    She slowly picked up the torn rags on the ground and rinsed her body with some mineral water. Although it was an unsightly act, she managed to do it gracefully.

    After rinsing off the bloodstains and the man’s semen, she picked up her clothes from the ground and draped them onto her body. They were torn beyond ruins, and she put them on herself in disgust.