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Chapter 813 - Xiao Zhiyuan and Chu Jingnan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 813: Xiao Zhiyuan and Chu Jingnan

    Next up, it was Wen Haowen’s turn to show up on the stage. “The newly launched product is known as the Rainbow series which has red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo as its theme colors. We’ve created seven fruit-based products, with each one serving a different purpose.”

    His words sparked a huge commotion and reaction. Ai Shang… Ai Shang… The name had become a viral topic amongst the public lately, though the Wen Corporation had been remaining tight-lipped about any news regarding Ai Shang Group. Their mysteriousness had managed to pique everyone’s curiosity.

    At this moment… Wen Haowen’s words revealed the tip of the iceberg of Ai Shang’s products.

    Wen Haowen was pleased with the reaction that he had managed to garner. “Next, I shall take everyone to the exhibition area of Ai Shang’s products so that you can all have a close-up view of our new products.”

    Wen Haowen led the reporters and guests to the exhibition area.

    The bold and vibrant colors of the rainbow gave off a positive vibe, and the series of products sparked discussions amongst enthusiastic women.

    Even Xiao Zhiyuan had no choice but to admit that the Wen Family had put in a lot of effort for Ai Shang. He had previously gotten some insider information from Jiang Shaofeng, regarding the newly revamped products. He initially wanted to ruin Ai Shang Group’s reputation before the product launch and sabotage the event. However, he did not expect… that the data from the lab test reports of Ai Shang’s products would be so perfectly satisfactory. He could not find a reason to attack them at all.

    The Xiao Family obviously wouldn’t get up to any cheap tricks. Old Mr. Wen was not to be trifled with, and it would also bring shame to themselves. Hence, he had no choice but to drop the idea.

    He then had a discussion with Jiang Shaofeng, in hopes that he would be able to get his hands on some of the formulas of Ai Shang’s products. However, it was as if the Wen Family had taken preventive measures and dissected the formulas. Even several high-level research members were unaware of the exact formula.

    Cosmetics were not like beverages that could be concocted with just a roughly-estimated formula. The formulation processes of cosmetics were highly precise and no mistakes were to be made at all. Even if there was a recipe, the amount and concentration of each ingredient would affect the final outcome. A slight error might even cause the product to become deadly poisonous.

    The Xiao Family’s plans to sabotage the Wen Family were foiled even before they could be carried out.

    It made him feel extremely indignant. After all… if it weren’t because of the Wen Family, Ai Shang Group would have already become a daughter brand under the Xiao Corporation, and they would be the ones reaping the benefits brought by the success of Ai Shang Group.

    Staring at the products on display, Xiao Zhiyuan asked the man beside him, “What do you think of Ai Shang’s products?”

    Chu Jingnan stared at the colorful products and said, “Honestly, they’re very perfect. Even if the Xiao Family managed to acquire Ai Shang Group back then, the revamp might not be this amazing.”

    Displeased with his answer, Xiao Zhiyuan asked, “Is that so? The Wen Family is not as financially powerful as the Xiao Family. Why are you so sure that our products won’t be better than Ai Shang?”

    He admired Chu Jingnan for his intelligence, competence, and talent.

    Previously, he was the president of Lan Feng Institute’s student union, and he had done a great job. That was the reason behind Xiao Zhiyuan’s admiration. The Xiao Family’s resources and manpower would aid him greatly.

    He would occasionally hear some remarks about Chu Jingnan resembling him. However, he did not take it to heart, though he began to take notice of Chu Jingnan only when the latter achieved stellar performance shortly after joining the marketing department of the Xiao Corporation.

    When he first saw Chu Jingnan, he almost thought that Chu Jingnan was his illegitimate son.

    Chu Jingnan answered, “The Xiao Family and Wen Family manage different products and hence, the business concept is also different. The Wen Family has been targeting women as their main consumer group for so many years. They understand women too well. Besides, they also know very clearly the position that luxury goods hold in the market. That’s the deciding factor. The Xiao Family loses out to the Wen Family in this aspect.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan stopped being nonchalant, for he was surprised to see that Chu Jingnan had such a unique perspective and a flexible brain.

    Chu Jingnan continued, “The concept of pure fruits, warmth and nourishment as well as the rainbow theme would both appeal to potential female customers and entice them to purchase their products. There’s always bound to be curious customers who don’t mind spending on high-end luxurious cosmetics. Since those women are not cash-strapped and are simply looking for a product that caters to their needs, they wouldn’t mind the higher price. After all, money means less to them than beauty and youth. So… Ai Shang has already implemented a perfect business strategy right from the start.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan was speechless. Finding his analysis to be unique, he asked, “How do you think we would brand Ai Shang if the Xiao Family were to acquire this label?”

    Chu Jingnan said calmly, “I think that the Xiao Family won’t invest too much in researching and inventing. Instead, the focus would be on the revamp and repackaging of Ai Shang’s products before launching them in the market. Reason being… to the Xiao Family, Ai Shang is already a mature brand that doesn’t need to be developed any further. The only thing left to do is to revamp it into a luxury brand. For example… making a big deal out of rare fruits and creating clout for it.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan was at a complete loss for words. Others had mentioned such a concept to him before and he had also implemented it. However, he did not expect Chu Jingnan to be so shrewd, so much that he had already understood the Xiao Corporation extremely well within just a short period of time. It was a marvelous feat that most youths could not achieve.

    Chu Jingnan answered, “This is the difference between the Xiao Family and the Wen Family. The Xiao Family only cares about making money, but the Wen Family is concerned about the development of products, packaging, as well as the needs of consumers. They’ve mastered the crucial elements of the luxury market, and details have always been important when it comes to business.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan asked softly, “In that case, how do you think we should start if the Xiao Family wants to expand into the luxury goods market?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan could not help but ask more questions, for he was pleased with Chu Jingnan’s unique ideas.

    Chu Jingnan’s eyes lit up and he shifted his gaze onto Wen Xinya, who was being surrounded by a bevy of women. “It’s difficult for the Xiao Corporation to delve into the luxury market within a short period of time. Reason being… the Wen Corporation has already been in the luxury goods market for years and they have a strong foundation.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan understood that as well. He sighed softly.

    Chu Jingnan continued, “But, it’s not impossible!”

    Xiao Zhiyuan looked at him and asked, “Oh? What are your ideas? Tell me about them!”

    Ever since their failed attempt at acquiring Ai Shang Group, the Xiao Family had already been in the doldrums for two years. Now that they’d finally gotten back on their feet, they were determined to expand into the luxury goods market. After all… it was extremely tempting, and no one could stand seeing the Wen Family monopolize such a lucrative industry.

    Chu Jingnan said, “The Wen Corporation will be helpless without any money. Besides… they’re not that strong either. We can try dealing with them first. However… this is not an easy task. We have to plan it well.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan smiled in surprise and patted Chu Jingnan on the shoulder. “Young people are really full of ideas. Work hard, I have high hopes for you!”

    He suddenly found it such a pity that his son was imperfect. Although his son was also smart and outstanding, he had to… work on his temper and personality.