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Chapter 108 - All I Want Is To Be Number One

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 108: All I Want Is To Be Number One

    Le Anqi sat up and glanced at the teacher, then she whispered, “How do you know?”

    Su Cha was calm, “I guessed. And the words are terrible.”

    Su Cha did not know Min Chen, but she knew enough that Min Chen was popular among students.

    Su Cha claimed to become number one in school, which could irritate Min Chen’s followers. Even if she did not set Min Chen as her enemy, nobody would believe her.

    Le Anqi’s eyes popped with wonder, “How can you know?”

    Su Cha did not check her phone, so she probably did not know the gossip in chat groups. Le Anqi respected Su Cha for her guess.

    But she also asked out of care, “Min Chen’s followers might not feel comfortable with your goal to become number one. They think you are daydreaming and picking fights with Min Chen. Are you?”

    She was uncertain if Su Cha was aiming at Min Chen.

    “Of course not. Don’t overthink.”

    Su Cha’s calm answer relieved Le Anqi. But she was startled by her next words.

    “I’m aiming at all of you if I have to ‘aim at’ someone. To become number one is to win over all of you. I don’t care who used to be number one. It doesn’t matter if it was Min Chen or someone else. All I want is to be number one. Do you get it?”

    She whispered and chuckled at last, which showed her ease and pride.

    Le Anqi got it.

    In other words, she meant: I’m not aiming at you, I’m aiming at everyone present. You are all good-for-nothings!

    How arrogant she is!!

    Even Le Anqi wanted to roar. Has she ever thought about the students’ feelings?

    Is it easy to become number one?

    But Su Cha’s peaceful look showed more than determination and confidence. She was sure of it.

    She was certain that she was going to be number one.

    Le Anqi was speechless. She dare not tell Su Cha that it was impossible, or to tell Su Cha’s words to others.

    She is too aggressive.

    Le Anqi suddenly got the feeling that Su Cha had never been one of them.

    She didn’t behave like this before. Why did she change?

    Cling cling.

    The bell chimed and woke Le Anqi up from a trance.

    Su Cha had packed her textbooks and was prepared to go back home.

    Le Anqi could not help complaining that Su Cha had claimed to become number one, but she always left early and took breaks every time, and never studied for a long time. How could she get a 600 in this way?

    Now that she has set another goal to become number one in the whole school. Le Anqi felt more anxious.

    If Su Cha failed, she would be mocked by everyone in the school. After she entered the entertainment circle, it would certainly become her dirt.

    But she did not know how to persuade Su Cha as Su Cha never listened to her.

    After Su Cha left the classroom, Cai Ziya walked to Le Anqi and asked anxiously, “What did Su Cha say to you? I could see you were in a trance at the end of the class.”

    Le Anqi looked at Cai Ziya and thought for a while. She then told her the main idea, “We are all good-for-nothings!”

    Cai Ziya fell silent.

    Su Cha has become too conceited and arrogant!