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Chapter 155 - When Had He Annoyed Her?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 155: When Had He Annoyed Her?

    His entire being became cold and distant when he saw the picture. He seemed almost ferocious.

    His breathing became heavier too.

    Was that woman serious?

    Then, he took up his phone and still using Fei Bai’s account, he sent a message.

    Fei Bai: [If you dare to go to him, I’ll definitely kill him.]

    Ning Meng soon replied. [One man may steal a horse, while another may not look over a hedge. Is that so?]

    What did that mean?

    Huo Beichen frowned. Then, he saw a message which had been sent by Su Ye to the three-people WeChat group. It was a screenshot of the status which had just been posted by Ning Wentao.

    There were a few young handsome boys in the photographs.

    The caption was as such. [Heaven and Earth Club. Private room 808. Xiao Ning Meng, come faster. Daddy’s waiting for you!]

    Huo Beichen was furious.

    Su Ye sent a message to him, asking him about his decision. [Boss, do we need to stop her?]

    Huo Beichen sneered coldly.

    If she loved to play, let her be.

    It was just like always. It would also be the same in the future.

    Who cared for her?

    He replied by sending a cold message to the group when he had that thought. [Let her be.]

    Then, he put down the phone.

    Huo Beichen leaned against the car and closed his eyes to take a rest. He also tried to calm himself down as his heart almost exploded with anger.

    After a short while.

    He opened his eyes all of a sudden. His eyes seemed much more reckless and crazed than ever. He ordered the driver. “Go to the Heaven and Earth Club.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    After half an hour.

    Huo Beichen was sitting in private room 808.

    He stared at the entrance and had a thought at that moment. If that woman appeared, surely he would break Papa Ning’s legs.

    Suddenly, Papa Ning felt a chill run down his legs, and he was puzzled. “Son-in-law, why are you here? Did you come to take a look at the young men, too?”

    Huo Beichen was speechless.

    Ning Wentao leaned against the sofa lazily when he saw Huo Beichen ignoring him. He glanced at him from the side. Then, he said to the young celebrity in front of him, “By the way, you don’t know who my daughter is, isn’t it? I’m telling you now. Surely you know who Lin Qingbei is. My daughter made him famous. Moreover, do you know about the movie, Shifting to Mars? My daughter funded that. When she was born, her cries were the loudest in the entire hospital…”

    Papa Ning was a father who liked to show off his daughter. Now, he had started to talk about his daughter yet again. It was an endless chatter. At last, he finished up his story rather reluctantly. “I think that I really should hire someone to write a biography for Mengmeng. We should totally publish a book on Mengmeng’s excellent contributions and achievements. That way, her story could be passed down. What do you think about it?”

    The young celebrity trembled and could not bring himself to say anything as he was stuck in the middle of Huo Beichen’s coldness and Ning Wentao’s warmth.

    Papa Ning was shocked by his own idea. “How could I think of such a wonderful idea!?”

    Then, he peeked at Huo Beichen again. He smiled and said, “Mengmeng is so outstanding that many people adore her. All she has to do is beckon them over with her little finger and everyone would surely go to her immediately. So, why is there somebody who doesn’t appreciate her? He always makes her angry…”

    Huo Beichen was struck dumb.

    Finally realizing something, he took up his phone and sent a message to Ning Meng’s bodyguard.

    The bodyguard replied swiftly. [Sir, madam is in the set now. She’s accompanying Miss Zhen here as Miss Zhen is practicing her song.]

    Huo Beichen was puzzled for a moment.

    He had been in a bad mood just now, but suddenly, he felt much better.

    Finally, he understood Ning Wentao’s meaning.

    Ning Wentao had wanted to bring his daughter along to take a look at the young men, even revealing his intention publicly just to trap Huo Beichen so that the latter would go to the club himself. Moreover, Ning Wentao had even said those ambiguous things in front of him.

    He frowned and continued to ask the bodyguard about Ning Meng’s schedule for the past few days.

    Bodyguard: [Madam moved back into the mansion after you went away on business, however, she moved out again on the day you returned from your business trip.]

    Huo Beichen was puzzled.

    So, he had annoyed her.