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Chapter 151 - Accidentally Leaving a Good Impression

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 151: Accidentally Leaving a Good Impression

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    In the Yu family’s house, Chen Meng was applying a facial mask, while Second Master, who was next to her, was bending over his desk and drawing as usual, like he had been doing for the past few decades.

    “It’s finally a long vacation, but our sons are not back; our daughter has run off to do her things; and you’re busy working!”

    The second master stopped drawing and looked up at her. “I’ll keep you company when I’m done with work.”

    Chen Meng sat across from him and turned on the computer to watch a melodrama. The second master decided to step on the accelerator so that he could hurry and accompany his lonely beloved wife.

    The exaggerated dialogues of the melodrama resounded in the quiet study room as the second master moved his hand at tremendous speed. Suddenly, Chen Meng exclaimed, “Holy smoke!”

    The second master’s pen shook when she shouted, and the word he was writing became crooked. When he looked up, he saw that his wife was so excited, she looked like she was about to morph into something.

    After her bout of excitement, she giggled foolishly. The second master moved closer to see what she had seen to make her so happy. Chen Meng snapped her laptop close and sauntered out.

    “Second Brother, you must be busy with your work. I shan’t bother you.”

    “I’m almost done here.” The second master looked on with cold eyes at his wife running off.

    “Sorry, I’m busy. Bye!”

    Heartless Chen Meng pulled out and ignored her husband’s cold eyes as she ran back to the bedroom and closed the door. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she eagerly turned on the laptop.

    At the top of the screen, to her astonishment, was an email.

    The first sentence of the email was straight to the point, ‘Dear Professor Chen Meng, my name is Chen Qianmo…’

    Although her husband was good, she would throw everything aside for her son’s sweetheart.

    The email was not long, and Chen Meng had read it several times over and over again. Qianmo’s writing skill was fairly good. Although she did not use any fancy vocabulary, she was still able to clearly elucidate her few key points.

    She said that she admired Chen Meng’s talent and knowledge and was writing this time to consult Chen Meng about a question pertaining to her expertise.

    Chen Meng read the next paragraph several times until her eyes glistened with tears.

    Qianmo wrote in her email that a man she liked had a strange psychological illness. Because her beloved had a special identity, she could not trust other psychologists. She herself only had some superficial knowledge and hoped that Chen Meng would be able to provide her with some guidance on how to go about his treatment.

    At this moment, Chen Meng felt as if she was seeing flowers blooming during spring. Behind this email of a few hundred words was something beautiful that everyone in their world had been looking forward to the most—The one whom her son loved, loved him too.

    They loved each other. These four words might seem quite common, but since ancient times, many passionate people were often left with regrets. There were many affectionate folks in the world, but there were not many who could have their love reciprocated. If there were, why would there be foolish men and unhappy women since time immemorial?

    Chen Meng quickly typed a few words in reply and eagerly sent it out.

    On the other side, Qianmo was just about to turn off her computer. She felt that her mentor would not see her email so quickly. Just then, Black called her on her phone, so she started chatting with him.

    Both of them had been together all day, but at night, they still had things to talk to each other about. Listening to her beautiful voice echoing through the phone, he summoned up his courage. Actually, he wanted to ask Qianmo out to stargaze. “Mo, do you have time now?”

    Qianmo was about to say yes, but her email alert sounded. Seeing that it was Chen Meng’s reply, she covered her mouth in surprise. Qianmo felt like she had won a big prize.

    “Black, I have something to attend to. I’ll give you a reply in half an hour.” Qianmo then hurriedly hung up the phone.

    Yu Changmo said okay before retreating to a stone bench under a poplar tree. He looked up and could immediately see the lights in her room.

    In actuality, at this moment, he was already at the bottom of her building.

    Qianmo was pleasantly surprised by Chen Meng’s reply. It was simple and straightforward, asking her to introduce the relationship between her and her sweetheart in detail.

    Worried about missing this golden opportunity, Qianmo hurriedly started tapping on the keyboard.

    Five minutes later, Chen Meng received an email.

    “When did we become locksmiths?”

    A faint male voice sounded behind her, startling Chen Meng. When she looked back, she saw that the second master had entered the room unbeknownst to her and was creepily standing behind her, blatantly reading Qianmo’s reply.

    When introducing the situation of Black’s family in her reply, Qianmo had said that they were a nouveau riche family of locksmiths. The second master happened to see this clearly.

    Chen Meng wondered aloud. “My door was locked; how did you come in?”

    The second master lifted up the wire in his hand. It was just opening a door, how was that difficult? Was it difficult?!

    “…No wonder Qianmo said that we are a family of locksmiths. Heh, it really does seem like that.”

    Chen Meng muttered while replying to Qianmo’s email. Although she really wanted to tell Qianmo to just get on top of him a few more times, she considered her young age. Instigating her to do that might easily scare her, and the gains would not make up for the losses. Hence, she phrased her words more implicitly.

    The second master snorted. Bearing in mind that his son had pretty good taste, he would temporarily not take the matter of his wife giving him the cold shoulder to heart.

    Qianmo did not know this yet, but the email she had resolved to send had imperceptibly established her status in her future parents-in-law’s minds. When the second master, who was the most difficult to please, saw her compliments about Yu Changmo in her email, he shared the same view with his erratic wife for the first time.

    But his oblivious wife… The second master frowned, restraining Chen Meng’s hand that was about to send the email.

    “What?” Chen Meng was puzzled. Since her husband was as satisfied as her with their “future daughter-in-law”, why was he stopping her from hitting send?

    “The impact is not good. This email of yours…” The second master deleted the email that Chen Meng had written and moved his long fingers back and forth on the keyboard.

    Chen Meng looked at what he had typed and nodded. Very good, the children’s father was still better at cheating people, no, strategizing.

    The second man tapped on Chen Meng’s head.

    “If you’re too enthusiastic, it will make her feel at a loss and generate a sense of repulsion from the bottom of her heart.”

    So she should take it step by step. When their daughter called in the afternoon, the second master was beside her and “coincidentally” heard the contents of the phone call between the mother and daughter. He found out that Nuo Nuo had roped Qianmo into the case of the woman jumping from the building. It was also an opportunity given to her. Everyone was delighted and satisfied with this.

    “According to your theory, if she wants to investigate that child, she will inevitably have to be in touch with that girl’s family. It’s not safe for her to do this alone as a girl, so—”

    “Let our son follow her!” Chen Meng’s eyes lit up.

    Their daughter had said that Qianmo was very interested in the case of the minor, but it was just that it was not convenient for her to investigate with her identity.

    President Qian also told her that both children were upset by this incident. If they could take this opportunity to educate them by letting them face and overcome their setback, it would be perfect for their future.

    Her husband had thought even further.

    If Qianmo was investigating the case, she would definitely have to face the girl’s family. To understand the criminal psychology of minors, one had to have an in-depth understanding of their biological family. When facing such a dangerous family, one definitely had to bring along a bodyguard. Their son, who was adept in various combat styles, would finally be able to put his skills to use!

    Chen Meng rubbed her hands together gleefully. The more she thought about it, the happier she felt.

    “President Qian and I have already discussed. The plan is to make use of this holiday to let Qianmo and our son interact more with each other. This opportunity is fantastic. A pure and strong friendship would be established in this way. We can kill two birds with one stone. Second Brother, you really thought through the problem thoroughly.” Chen Meng had never once doubted her husband’s ability. He was the most reliable man in the family!

    As soon as she looked up, she realized that her husband’s expression had darkened…  Her flattery had rubbed him the wrong way?