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Chapter 109 - I Won’t Fight Unprepared

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 109: I Won’t Fight Unprepared

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    On her way back home, Su Cha experienced the change brought by the campus gossip.

    Many looked at Su Cha with mockery instead of admiration.

    But Su Cha did not mind it at all. She walked straight from the classroom to the gate. The students might be talking about her, but they still cleared out a path for her when she came close.

    The scene made Su Cha extraordinary among all the students.

    Many students did not speak until she was gone. “Fxxk. How pretentious she is!”

    “She is…I almost believed that she is gonna be number one in our school.”


    A young and pretty girl was watching her in front of Class Two in a building afar. She was a little distant.

    She frowned slightly, “Is that Su Cha?”

    Her voice was light like that of a southern sweet girl. But she did not sound coquettish at all. She just spoke leisurely.


    Yu Chuai ingratiated herself to Min Chen. The pretty girl seemed to be a little unhappy about her approach and avoided her silently.

    Yu Chuai was a little embarrassed. She knew that Min Chen disliked people approaching her, so she just smiled carelessly, “That is Su Cha, who doesn’t know better and is attempting to surpass you in the exam. She got a 600 through cheating, maybe she wants to cheat in the national college entrance exam too.”

    Min Chen did not speak.

    She still frowned and watched Su Cha quietly as the latter left. After a long while, she said gently, “She won’t. Nobody can surpass me. They can’t.”

    She seemed to be talking to herself. But Yu Chuai did not get it and just nodded like a henchman, “Yes, Min Chen. Of course, she can’t. Who does she think she is!”

    Min Chen did not speak again. Yu Chuai said nothing and just stood there with her.


    After having supper outside, Su Cha returned home.

    She did not care about the things that happened in school. But to become number one meant that she had to work hard. She had a clear mind and could grasp the knowledge quickly, so she expected to improve greatly again this week. But without a test result, Su Cha could not be sure.

    Then she began to download exam papers from the website. She answered them online and had the system notify her.

    She could not improve her grades by simply answering exam questions. She had to understand and have a good command of the knowledge.

    Even if the outline was changed, she could still cope with the exam since knowledge and equations would not change.

    According to Su Cha’s current grades, it was not difficult for her to be admitted by Imperial Capital University.

    To surpass Min Chen and become number one in the school, Su Cha had to get a grade higher than 710 in the national college entrance exam.

    To get 710 in three weeks.

    It was already demanding for a person who was at 400 to reach 600. No one would believe that Su Cha could rise to 700. They would only consider her a lunatic.

    Su Cha exhaled gently. She was capable now. Why shouldn’t she give it a try?

    She just had to devote more effort and time to study. Luckily she could still be energetic with fewer hours of sleep. It was very advantageous to her.

    If she did not use it, she would waste her second chance of living.

    With that thought, Su Cha went on exercising Heaven and Earth Origin Qi and then dived into the vast sea of knowledge.