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Chapter 508 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 40)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 508: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 40)

    Du Jiu Sheng picked her up and softly said, “Still quite light, you need to eat more in the future.”

    After saying this, he walked forward into the Life Continuation Pool.

    “Du Jiu Sheng.”  Luo Qing Chen tightly held his neck and kissed the ancient mark on the back of his ear before saying, “Can we really get out?”

    He trembled slightly before carrying her even higher, “We definitely can……”

    “I believe you.”  She took a deep breath and buried her head into his neck, “I believe you……”

    “Silly Xiao Qing……”

    “Wait a minute.”  She leaned on his back and listened to the strong beating of her heart, “When we get out, will you make good food for me?”


    “When we get out, can you give up being the sir head?”


    “Because I feel it’s dangerous!”

    “I’ll listen to you…..”

    “When we get out, will you confess to me?”

    “.....Alright!”  While he carried her, a tear fell down as he said, “It’s a promise.”

    No one knew how much he wanted to do everything she said.

    He always thought that if he ever married someone, he would definitely respect her.

    Because he didn’t like flirting like others, he didn’t like wasting time on this kind of thing.

    In his eyes, as a man and as a soldier.

    There were more meaningful things in this world waiting for him, he wouldn’t waste it on childish personal feelings.

    But at this moment, he wanted to do nothing with his life and spend all his effort on the word ‘love’.

    But it seemed like there was no chance…..

    He lifted his foot as he continued through the Life Continuation Pool.

    In an instant, Luo Qing Chen heard a ‘si——’ sound.  She reached out her neck to look, but Du Jiu Sheng’s cool voice rang in her ear, “Don’t move or you might fall off.”

    His voice was very gentle, but there was a slight tremble to it.

    “Un…..”  She softly replied, but she could feel the slight tremble that was also in her voice.

    “I secretly read your information, have you been an agent since you were born?”  Du Jiu Sheng saw that she was a bit nervous, so he softly spoke to her.

    “Un.”  She said with a nod, “The boss of the shadow organization wasn’t mister X at first.  Mister X killed him three years ago and took his place.

    She was still in disbelief when she remembered what happened.  A person who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, how could he kill the boss that controlled the shadow organization for so many years.

    Thinking about it now, it wasn’t easy having abilities.

    “You definitely didn’t obey him back then!”  Du Jiu Sheng’s steps were very stable, but he stopped with each step before continuing forward.

    The Life Continuation Pool wasn’t deep, but it was dark red and hard to see through.

    “That’s right!”  She said with a nod, “Zuo Yu Chen was the one most unwilling to submit, but his resistance was like that of an ant and it had no meaning.”

    She was still a cold blooded and numb agent then, but now…..she had Du Jiu Sheng!

    She suddenly felt everything was worth it.  Although it was hard and she had to experience many things without the system.

    She had Du Jiu Sheng, so it was like she wasn’t that afraid…...

    “Truly a foolish Xiao Qing.”  His voice was trembling even more, but it was still gentle, “Sorry, I didn’t come find you sooner.  I caused you to live with all that pain…..The future will definitely be better.”

    Luo Qing Chen wa stunned as she grabbed his dark clothes and said, “Is there something you’re not telling me?”