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Chapter 152 - Double Mo Cooperation

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 152: Double Mo Cooperation

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    “When did you get involved with that Chen Xiaoqian again?” The second master asked gloomily.


    “Besides, how could you discuss our son’s affairs with that woman and not tell me about it?”

    So, were these two women researching on where to find fresh-meat to get a massage?! The second master was drowning in jealousy.

    The second master snapped the computer shut. He had given his son a clear direction, and the email was also sent out to Chen Qianmo. The young people should settle their things on their own; it was his wife!

    Chen Meng’s extreme joy had turned to sorrow. Sigh… If one talked too much, one was bound to slip up at some point.


    Qianmo read the emails from Chen Meng repeatedly to make sure that she understood them correctly.

    In her mentor’s email, she said that psychotherapy was a rigorous thing. She could not simply give her advice when she was not sure whether Qianmo was capable enough.

    It just so happened that there was a case in Q City where a minor had poisoned someone and caused the victim to jump off the building. If Qianmo could make an accurate case analysis, Chen Meng agreed to give her further guidance on Black’s treatment.

    Furthermore, Chen Meng also gave her a prerogative. She could go down to the police station tomorrow and use her student ID to be granted a meeting with the underage criminal suspect, so as to facilitate her writing of an accurate case analysis.

    Qianmo had been thinking about the underage girl, but it was inconvenient for her to follow up after Yu Yinuo’s work was completed. Now, Chen Meng had given her this “test”, which was in line with her wishes.

    She could meet the crazy girl and explore the mystery behind her crime.

    If she settled this matter well, not only would her mentor recognize her ability and teach her how to treat Black, but she would also be able to fulfill her own desire to resolve the case.

    Qianmo felt like it was a day full of miracles.

    Seeing that time was almost up, she called Black on his phone. “Do you want to stargaze?”

    “We can gaze at the stars later. Can you accompany me… to pay the “heart” a visit first?”

    Qianmo was even more anxious than the second master and his wife.

    She could not wait till tomorrow to investigate, and it was not late enough to go to sleep. Why shouldn’t she and Black take this opportunity to find the girl’s parents and do enough preparations before meeting that girl the next day?

    This way, time would not be wasted at all.

    Although he did not know what this “heart” was, as long as it was her request, he would not refuse.

    After Qianmo found a bodyguard for herself, she intended to go downstairs direct. However, she noticed her aunt sitting on the sofa with her legs up, staring at the television absent-mindedly.

    Chen Baichuan had not returned yet. He was probably out networking.

    With her years of experience, Qianmo could see from her aunt’s face that she was in a bad mood. If she went out now, she knew for certain that her aunt would not agree.

    A good girl should not go out at night, even more so with a man.

    Thus, Qianmo called Black again.

    Hence, five minutes later, Qianmo, who had changed into sportswear, furtively clambered out of the second-floor window onto the rain canopy and jumped onto the front gate. He was standing underneath with his arms spread wide open. Closing her eyes, she jumped down.

    She landed right smack in the middle of his arms. The two of them smiled at each other and fled in victory.

    The Wangs’ house was not far from Qianmo’s. Standing in front of his room window, from that viewpoint, Wang Xiaoyao just so happened to see the affectionate couple fleeing to the ends of the world, right before his eyes.

    Wang Xiaoyao whistled. “O, Romeo! Why are you, Romeo?”

    So, was that the Chen family’s young lady’s “Romeo”? Meeting her lover at night and jumping down from the wall to go out, how exciting.

    Wang Xiaoyao pondered over it for a while. Perhaps he should join in the fun and do his bit to help on the matter of the girl next door jumping down from the wall to find her lover.


    After Qianmo jumped down from the wall, she sat in Black’s car and told him about her wish to meet the young girl’s parents.

    “Why did you suddenly think about following up on the case? Hasn’t your work come to an end?” Black did not understand what she was up to.

    Qianmo did not want to tell him about her search for external help to treat him, fearing that it would hurt his self-esteem, so she casually made up an excuse.

    “I’m just curious. Do you not want to accompany me?”

    He did not say anything, but the car sped in the direction she wanted to go. The corners of Qianmo’s mouth turned up. “Black, you’re so kind to me.”

    Complete silence. But when she turned on the flashlight on her phone, she could see the blush at the tip of his ear.

    Qianmo did not know where that girl’s house was. Black did not ask either, but he still led her to the place with precision.

    When she started on this case, he had already collected all the information that might be of use to her, so that she would not have to panic when she needed it.

    He was really a time-tested gentleman who always came in handy and she could love comfortably. If Qianmo was not afraid of his illness acting up, she really wanted to give him a kiss. He was too cute.

    The girl’s home was located in a wealthy neighborhood of ​​the city, with attached villas everywhere. The place was brightly lit, with two luxury cars parked in the yard.

    The Double Mo Duo got out of the car. There was a husky in the yard, but they did not know if it was used to guard the house.

    When it saw someone coming, the big fat dog hurtled towards them!

    Black commanded, “Lie down!” And the husky immediately followed. Then, it started wagging its tail happily, its tongue hanging out, as if waiting for a pat on the head. Black opened the door and went in. He pinched its chubby double chin, and the dog’s eyes squinted in bliss.

    Qianmo also took the opportunity to touch it.

    The police would never use huskies as police dogs, as they would easily give in to the enemy.

    The fat husky, who completely did not serve to guard the house, wagged its tail the entire way as it sent the Double Mo into the house. The only thing it did not do was to wave its feet and shout, ‘Welcome guests~’

    The man of the house was a businessman, the same sleazy fat man that Qianmo had seen at the station previously. He was not lacking in money and owned several houses, with the apartment above the Black’s house being just one of them. His own house was renovated much more luxuriously.

    Walking in this lush house, Qianmo felt like she could understand the victim’s pressing desire to force the man to marry her.

    The victim’s family was ordinary, and she desperately needed an opportunity to upgrade her status with a single leap. After seeing the extravagance of the rich and wealthy businessman, how could she be willing to return to her ordinary days?

    According to her investigation during the daytime, the salesgirl had already submitted her resignation and would quit after the middle of the month. This wealth and splendor seemed like just a step away, but in the end, it was merely an unrealistic rosy view.

    As soon as one entered the house, one would be in the living room. At present, it was brightly lit. The crystal chandelier bathed the mansion in a layer of cold and luxurious, rich but not warm light. In the most eye-catching position, there stood a three-legged grand piano. Next to it was a cabinet full of various trophies.

    Qianmo walked over to the place next to the piano and closed her eyes. Gently stroking the trophy, Qianmo felt as if she could see the underage criminal suspect sitting here, practicing the piano day after day, lonelily guarding these trophies of excellence and glory in this magnificent and freezing cage.

    The girl’s name was engraved on the trophy.

    Xia Fumeng.