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Chapter 815 - Xia Ruya Continues to Get Abused

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 815: Xia Ruya Continues to Get Abused

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    While the Wen Corporation had just organized a smooth product launch for Ai Shang Cosmetics, Xia Ruya had managed to escape successfully.

    The small, red-colored handbag that she had on her was long taken away by the redhead and she did not have a single cent with her at all. However, she felt a little thankful for the 200 yuan that she found in the pocket of the man in the black T-shirt, as well as some loose change.

    She spent 30 yuan on the taxi fare for her trip from the Western district to the city. She could still remember how the taxis zoomed past her mercilessly without even hesitating or slowing down for her, despite the fact that she flailed her arms in the air incessantly in a bid to flag down a cab. She knew… that she was in a terrible state with her hair as unkempt as that of a beggar. Her jacket was also dirty, tattered and torn. Who would believe that someone like her could afford to pay for the fare?

    Fortunately, a kindhearted taxi driver pulled over in front of her later on. However, she could not stand the look of sympathy on his face when he stared at her.

    She then spent 50 yuan on a set of clothes from a roadside stall before renting a room at a nearby inn that was rather crowded, for 80 yuan.

    Xia Ruya locked the door from inside after entering the room.

    It was as if she was dehydrated and she sat on the ground, hugging her knees and burying her face in her arms. She then began sobbing softly.

    Seven days passed by, and they were just like a nightmare!

    She was beaten up, bullied, derogated, humiliated, insulted, violated and ruined!

    Everything seemed terrifying, and she dared not think about it at all.

    However, she reminded herself constantly that the Xia Family was the one who caused her to end up in such a state. The Xia Family was greedy, scheming and manipulative.

    She would not let them off!

    One day, she would definitely make them pay it back a hundred times over.

    Xia Ruya’s mind was sent into a frenzy and she began blaming herself while sinking deep in her emotions, feeling extremely pathetic and sympathetic for herself. She wept miserably and her voice turned hoarse. Finally getting a grip on herself, she raised her head and looked up, her sunken eyes turning red and swollen like that of fish. She looked extremely horrifying, especially with the tears flowing down her cheeks.

    Xia Ruya seemed to have thought about something and dashed into the washroom like a lightning bolt.

    The repulsive stench in the washroom wafted up to her nose and infiltrated her senses, but she could not be bothered at all. She stood beneath the faucet and switched it on to rinse her entire body.

    Her body was so numb that she could no longer feel the coldness of the water. Her fair and supple skin was no longer as youthful or beautiful as before and, in fact, it had been ruined by all sorts of torment that she had been subjected too.

    There were bruises and welts left behind by the physical abuse she had suffered, as well as… the evidence of the sexual violation that the man had inflicted on her.

    Everything was utterly unbearable.

    Xia Ruya raised her head and allowed the icy cold water to splash on her head, face, and body. She rubbed her body forcefully in a bid to wash off the dirt. She felt like she was covered in filth that could not be removed regardless of how hard she tried.

    She had been ruined!

    She had already developed a practical idea, and the pain in her body continuously reminded her of everything that had happened previously. She felt a strong urge to scream and cry.

    She had been ruined!

    She had lost her virginity, what mattered most to her!

    Xia Ruya began bawling loudly in despair, her tears mixing with the water from the faucet. She only found it to be extremely chilly. As if she had sunk into ice.

    After a long bath, she began shivering and could no longer take the chilliness of the water. She then stood in front of the mirror and stared at her own reflection. It was as if she could not get rid of the dirt and filth on her body, regardless of how hard she tried.

    It was filth!

    Ever since she was violated, she had already been stained!

    After putting on the cheap clothing which was wrapped around her, she felt extremely uncomfortable, for the rough fabric rubbed against her skin and caused her discomfort. She could not get used to it at all. It was just as unbearable as… the feeling of the man grazing his hands across her body. She stared at her reflection ashamedly, not expecting that she would one day end up in such a sorry state.

    She freshened up and caressed her face gently. It was no longer as beautiful, tender or graceful as it used to be. Instead, it had become gaunt, and she looked depressed and haggard, with her eyes sunken and her cheeks hollow.

    She smiled at herself in the mirror, finding herself to look terrifying.

    All of a sudden, she was reminded of the man whose head she smashed with a glass bottle. She had used a chair to hit him and cause him to bleed.

    The last image in her head was the man lying in a pool of blood, unconscious. Her heart pounded rapidly. Back then, she did not feel afraid at all. All she felt was anger and resentment, as well as the thrill of finally getting revenge. The scene of the blood splattering around made her feel extremely excited.

    She then escaped after injuring him.  She wondered.

    The thought of it made her shudder.

    After a wave of terror and fright, she was strangely overwhelmed with excitement.

    Xia Ruya’s heart sank, and she was filled with anger.

    She stared at the calendar on the wall, on which there were bright red words.

    It was the day of the Ai Shang product launch.

    She suddenly switched on the television and switched to the financial channel. Indeed… they were reporting about the launch.

    What did she see?

    Her pupils continuously constricted!

    Wen Xinya!

    While Wen Xinya was holding onto Old Mr. Wen’s arm and enjoying all the attention, Xia Ruya was being raped and violated. While Old Mr. Wen was announcing the establishment of the charity organization that was to be named after Wen Xinya, Xia Ruya was suffering a horrifying abuse.

    The images of Wen Xinya appearing elegant, noble, glorious and opulent seemed to blind her eyes. They were a stark contrast to her horrid and filthy state.

    “Wen Xinya!” Xia Ruya threw everything onto the ground like a maniac.

    After venting all her anger, she sat on the ground feebly and began crying out loud.

    The comparison made her look pathetic.