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Chapter 122 - Should You Keep Her by Your Side, or Push Her Further Away? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 122: Should You Keep Her by Your Side, or Push Her Further Away? (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Yu halted in his tracks but didn’t turn around. Regardless, Grandpa Gu didn’t care and made his way over while leaning on his cane. As the two men stood shoulder to shoulder, Grandpa Gu turned his head to the side to face his grandson. His smile widened.

    “Yu, how long has it been since I last saw you lose your temper?”

    His question caused Gu Yu’s eyebrows to twitch. Like a small stone being thrown into a stream, Grandpa Gu’s words caused a ripple of emotion to pass through his eyes.

    Grandpa Gu did not wait for Gu Yu to reply before continuing, “Come, take a walk with me.”

    The Gu Manor occupied a huge plot of land, and the front porch was graced with a small garden that was filled with large areas or flora and fauna. After Mr. Gu Sr. had retired from his business, he spent his free time tending to these flowers and plants.

    As they both slowly walked on the cobblestone path, Gu Yu supported his grandfather by his arm. Although Mr. Gu Sr. was old, his steps were still solid. He walked steadily beside his grandson.

    As he looked around and enjoyed the scenery, a wave of nostalgia hit Grandpa Gu. He said, “Yu, do you remember how quick-tempered you were as a little child?”

    As a young kid, Gu Yu hadn’t been as cold and unfeeling as he was now. Being born as an only child with a golden spoon in his mouth, he had a very privileged childhood. As the only heir of the Gu household, he had grown insufferably arrogant and haughty.

    “When you were young, you were like a ticking timebomb. You always pouted and lost your temper at the slightest provocation. Back then, I was worried about how you’d find a wife in the future if that temper followed you into your adult years.”

    As Grandpa Gu slowly reveled in his memories, his voice grew sentimental. “However, you followed in the traditions of the Gu family and refused to lose your temper in front of outsiders. You’d always maintain a public image as an elegant young master. In private, however, you’d vent everything towards your mother.”

    At that point, Grandpa Gu paused. He turned to look at Gu Yu, who was almost two heads taller than him. “Do you know why you’d only show your true emotions to your mother?” he asked, staring into Gu Yu’s handsome face

    Gu Yu looked back at him and pursed his lips, refusing to reply.

    Grandpa Gu smiled as he shook his head. “That was because, your mother was the closest person to you in your heart, and the person you depended upon the most.”

    “Humans are always inadvertently venting their tempers at the person they feel is the closest to them in the hopes that the other person will indulge them and grant them an outlet for their frustrations. After your parents passed away, you hid your heart away so deeply that no one could tell what you were thinking. From then on, you never showed your bad temper again. Now, think about this: how much of your bad temper have you unleashed upon Little Weilai?”

    He continued, “So if you are true to yourself, hasn’t Little Weilai become the person closest to you? In marrying her, were you intending to keep her by your side or push her further away?”

    Grandpa Gu reached out to pat Gu Yu on his chest. “Think about what I just said,” he stated.

    Gu Yu accompanied his grandfather for dinner but didn’t remain for a moment longer. When Mrs. Lin saw Gu Yu drive off into the night, she remarked to Mr. Gu Sr. resentfully, “It’s getting rather late, Master. Why didn’t you ask Young Master to spend the night here? I’m guessing that he’s in a bad mood because he fought with Young Mistress. That’s why he came back for some consolation in the first place.”

    Mr. Gu Sr. chuckled shrewdly. “He didn’t come back to find consolation,” he said. “He came back to find an excuse.”

    Mrs. Lin pleaded, “Master, there must truly be a generation gap between us. Why am I unable to understand what you’re saying anymore?”

    Feeling too lazy to explain himself, Mr. Gu Sr. simply commented, “What a dolt!”


    Wrapped inside a thick blanket, Xu Weilai was sweating profusely. The heat had kept her from sleeping well. Unable to bear it any longer, she removed the blanket and picked up her cell phone to look at her unread message. It was a notification that her payment for Pang Hai’s news had come in.

    Placing the phone back down, she was about to go back to sleep when the door suddenly opened. She raised her head and saw Gu Yu coming towards her.

    What was he doing back here?