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Chapter 123 - If I Cry, What Is It To You? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 123: If I Cry, What Is It To You? (1)

    Xu Weilai stared at Gu Yu dumbfounded until he walked over to her bedside. With both his hands in his pockets, he looked at her with expressionless dark eyes. Upon determining that she wasn’t hallucinating, she suddenly snapped back to reality.

    It was the middle of the night! He couldn’t have come all the way back just to torment her for provoking him earlier today, right?

    That very thought was enough to cause Xu Weilai to tremble instinctively in fear, and her complexion slowly turned white.

    As if he could hear her thoughts, Gu Yu suddenly frowned as he tightly clenched his fists inside his pant pockets. Restraining his emotions, he finally said with restraint, “Grandpa asked me to come.”

    Xu Weilai was stunned. How did Grandpa Gu find out that she was ill?

    Naturally, Gu Yu wouldn’t have sought trouble for himself by volunteering that information to his grandfather. Her parents had no idea that she was ill, so they wouldn’t have been responsible for it. Was it… Gu Yu’s assistant who had revealed it?

    Was that why Grandpa Gu had forced Gu Yu to come to the hospital to keep her company?

    She clearly remembered the last incident when Gu Yu hadn’t returned home after their marriage, choosing to instead go on a vacation with Su Ziqian to Germany. Her mother had called Grandpa Gu to complain, who subsequently forced Gu Yu to return home. The memory of the torment that he had inflicted on her during that subsequent period still brought chills to her spine, causing her to shiver.

    Was he not assuming that she’d been the one to tell on him again this time around? Was he simply being amiable so she’d let her guard down?

    Xu Weilai was truly terrified. Even when she’d been completely healthy, she had never been any match for his strength. Now, she was like a weak chicken; it was something neither of them needed to bring up. Without hesitation, she quickly spoke, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll be fine on my own. You should go. Don’t worry about me. I’ll do my part in front of Grandpa and stop causing you any further problems!”

    I won’t cause you any problems…

    The anger in his eyes had faded away. Perhaps it was because of the silence of the night, or it was because his mood had changed subtly. Gu Yu could clearly see the panic and fear flashing across Xu Weilai’s face.

    She was terrified of him, even more so than what he had witnessed in the apartment!

    The light in Gu Yu’s eyes dimmed, and his lips were pressed into a thin and hard line. An inexplicable look covered his handsome face as he tightened his clenched fists.

    Without a word, he simply kept staring at her. Xu Weilai couldn’t tell what he was thinking. She had already been feeling cold. Now with how chilly the atmosphere between them became, she couldn’t stop herself from shivering.

    A moment later, she watched at Gu Yu’s hand reached over towards her as she reflexively shrank back. Gu Yu narrowed his eyes, and his hand froze in midair for a moment before he quickly reached forward again.

    Xu Weilai scooted her body over to the other side. Seemingly dissatisfied with her reaction, he grabbed ahold on her slender wrist and effortlessly dragged her back to her original position.

    She stopped breathing and began to struggle with her hands and feet. She did not want to be so unjustifiably tormented by him again! Gu Yu’s hand was like an iron chain locked firmly around her wrist. She couldn’t remove his hand at all, especially not with only one other free hand to fight against him. Left with no other choice, she bit him with her teeth instead!

    Gu Yu hadn’t expected her reaction to be this severe. As she bit and kicked him, fury once again flooded in his eyes. He pressed Xu Weilai against the bed with one hand. With his other hand, he pulled the blanket over and wrapped her firmly inside it. To avoid having her break out of it, he wrapped his arms around her and laid on the bed. With the blanket between them, she found herself unable to move as long as he firmly held her in his embrace.