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Chapter 124 - If I Cry, What Is It to You? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 124: If I Cry, What Is It to You? (2)

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    Xu Weilai refused to be pinned down without. She gritted her teeth and stared daggers at Gu Yu, using her remaining strength to fight him tenaciously.

    Gu Yu’s lips curled upwards in a smile as he watched her. It was as if he were mocking her for overestimating her own ability.

    “What do you think I’m going to do to you?” The man’s voice was very low and carried a hint of indifference. “Grandpa wishes for you to recover quickly. If you don’t want to cause me any problems, actions speak louder than words.”

    What he said cause Xu Weilai to freeze mid-action.

    Was Gu Yu truly not out to torment her? Did he really wrap her in the blanket simply to prevent her from catching a chill, exacerbating her illness, and delaying her recovery?

    With both of their heads on the same pillow, they were in very close proximity. Gu Yu noticed the anxiety and uncertainty in her eyes. With a scoff, he asked in disdain, “Xu Weilai, if I intended to do something to you, do you think you’d be able to fight me off with so little strength?”

    He paused for a moment and swept his gaze through her entire body. He deliberately lingered at her breasts for a few seconds longer before saying, “Besides, I’m a very picky person!”

    Xu Weilai was at a loss for words.

    He was repeating what she had previously said to him back to her, word for word!

    It was true she wasn’t as busty and as brainless as Su Ziqian, and hence wasn’t to his tastes! She was aware of the fact that he didn’t like her! He didn’t need to keep reminding her of that fact!

    In any case, the dislike was mutual. It would have been better for both of them to keep their distance from each other!

    If he wanted her to recover sooner, the solution wasn’t to be pressured by Grandpa Gu into spending time with her! It would be better if he continued to act as he had done all along and not appear in front of her at all! She’d recover a lot faster that way.

    Xu Weilai didn’t want to cry, but her nose began to ache uncontrollably, and the pressure soon pushed against her eyes. She couldn’t extract herself from Gu Yu’s embrace, only able to turn over in his arms and face her back to him. She refused to let him witness her tears.

    Gu Yu didn’t see her tears fall. With her body in his arms against his body, however, he could feel her body tremble as her shoulders slightly shook.

    He gazed at her shoulders. As if he were in a trance, he was transported back to that night when he had sat at the back row of the movie theatre and saw her seated a few rows in front of him, crying throughout the whole movie. Her shoulders were now quivering the same way as it did back then.

    In the past, she was never one to cry easily. She had always been cheery, and her smile had always reached her eyes. Whenever she was upset, she would hug him tightly and rest her head against his chest. At the very most, her voice would be slightly hoarse as she’d say, “Gu Yu, just let me hug you for a while and I’ll feel better after that.”

    Xu Weilai sensed the man behind her suddenly calming down. In a bid to hide the traces of her sobs, she clenched her jaw tightly and refused to let herself make a sound.

    It wasn’t worth crying over him!

    “Why are you crying?”

    Gu Yu’s voice was much lower than hers, preventing Xu Weilai from determining his emotions. Not wanting to make a fool out of herself in front of him, she retorted, “I’m not crying!”

    Gu Yu mercilessly called her out. “Liar.”

    It was true that she was lying. Was he only going to be satisfied upon seeing her cry her eyes out as a result of his torment?

    She owed him money and didn’t have the right to initiate a divorce. Even when he wanted to sleep with her, she couldn’t turn him down. Even so… was he going to insist on controlling her emotions now?

    Xu Weilai didn’t bother disguising her tears any longer. All her emotions suddenly came pouring out as she replied, “Even if I cry, what is it to you?”