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Chapter 110 - Notification Of Semi-Final

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 110: Notification Of Semi-Final

    It was late May.

    It became hotter these days, which could easily drive people crazy.

    The air-conditioning inside the classrooms could only calm the students for a short time until they went out.

    Su Cha started her second embroidery. It was a more complicated pattern of a rose and would take longer to finish.

    Bo Muyi gave her an around-ten-minute call every day.

    He and Su Cha both had their errands to run. They could not afford more time. Bo Muyi was satisfied with hearing Su Cha gently tell him about the interesting things she had done.

    But he realized that his satisfaction would not last for long. He would become more and more greedy. Learning about what Su Cha had done was not enough.

    He wanted to know everything that Su Cha had done at every second.

    Moreover, he needed Su Cha to be at his side.

    If he was not satisfied, he would become very violent and disturbed.

    Their phone-time showed it most clearly. It started with eight minutes and added ten seconds each day. Up till now, it had become over nine minutes.

    Were it not for Su Cha asking him to behave and restricting him, he would probably have surrounded her with informants.

    Although he could not monitor Su Cha, Bo Muyi never stopped sending people to secretly protect her.

    In modern society, even Bo Muyi would fear that accidents might happen.

    Although he unconsciously felt that Su Cha might not be afraid of accidents.

    Cicadas kept singing in summer. Su Cha bit her pen and looked out of the window. The scenery might be boring for many people as they were used to it.

    But Su Cha cherished the moment and enjoyed the boring scenery.

    Ping ping…

    Le Anqi tapped on the desk softly to give Su Cha an alert, “You said you wanted to become number one in the school, but you don’t work hard. What are you looking at? Are there any handsome guys?”

    Maybe only Le Anqi and Cai Ziya would believe in Su Cha among all the students. They did not believe that Su Cha could make it, but they just trusted her.

    Su Cha tilted her head and smiled vigorously, which was rare. The sunlight came in through the window. Le Anqi saw that Su Cha’s eyes were also glittering.

    Le Anqi instantly remembered an old expression, picturesque features.

    She looked like a fairy from the drawings.

    “I am reviewing.”

    Her words were less vivid than her smile. Le Anqi became sober and urged her, “I don’t see you reviewing. You are in a trance. Come on, let’s review. Beauty is not going to work for me.”

    Su Cha nodded but did not tell her that she already knew this chapter well.

    Her phone vibrated. Su Cha got a message.

    It was sent by the production crew of Dreams In Progress.

    [Hello, No. 351 contestant, Su Cha. We are the production crew of Dreams In Progress. This message is to notify you that the semi-finals of Top 100 fighting for Top 50 in Yonggu Zone will be hosted on June 15. Please prepare and send your song list to us before June 13. Please follow us on our official website for more updated details!]