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Chapter 148 - Heavy Beating From the Boss

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 148: Heavy Beating From the Boss

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    In the pocket hunting dimension.

    It was still another grassy plain even though he entered through another light circle. Lu Ze had run here before.

    However, as soon as he came here, he was beaten up by those few black scaled leopards.

    But now, everything was different!

    Lu Ze rarely had a match in the core martial state. He could barely fight those who just reached aperture opening state.

    He was very strong!

    He looked around. This region of grass plain had taller grass than the previous one. The grass was taller than three meters. There were the incessant roars of beasts and battles. The air was full of ferocity and battle will.

    Lu Ze heard the distant beast roar. He fell silent for a moment and took a deep breath. “Ah, I smell it, the smell of prey…”

    Then, Lu Ze scratched his head in embarrassment.

    This was the 34th line he wanted to say the most when he was still retarded.

    No one was in the pocket hunting dimension, so why not let himself loose.

    Then, Lu Ze opened his wind god art and mental force with full power and looked around vigilantly.

    Lu—Mature Hunter—Ze was online!

    At this moment, Lu Ze looked to the right.

    There was the rustling sound of grass.

    Then, five three-meter tall, black scaled leopards appeared. They had a hideous horn and whip-like tail.

    They gazed at Lu Ze with their black eyes showing a familiar look.

    It was the look of hunger.

    Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

    Did these guys think he was tasty??

    They were even drooling!

    Lu Ze couldn’t tolerate this. If possible, he wanted to eat them. However, all the animals he killed here turned to dust.


    They lowered their bodies slightly and lunged at Lu Ze. Their bodies turned into a black stream.

    Lu Ze raised his lips.

    He was no longer the original him!

    The power of these leopards was only core martial state. To him, it was too weak!

    A red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and instantly, five vibrant red flames ignited in the air, surrounding the leopards.


    The scorching flames twisted the air. The leopards flashed with black spirit light but couldn’t resist Lu Ze’s flames at all.

    In a short while, an intense aroma of meat perfused in the air making Lu Ze drool.

    Oh my!

    Were all the beasts here this tasty?

    Lu Ze looked at the five leopards slowly turning to dust. His eyes were full of sadness.

    The cooked meat flew away.

    All that was left behind were light orbs.

    Each leopard left two to three even darker red orbs, as well as a deeper purple orb.

    They had nothing else.

    Not every organism in the pocket hunting dimension would leave behind god art crystal balls.

    The little rabbits didn’t have them.

    However, Lu Ze grinned, feeling the intense power contained in the red orbs.

    With stronger red orbs, his spirit force cultivation progress would go much faster.

    With his current body, he could definitely use this energy.

    He collected the 5 purple and 12 red orbs, and once again, he continued the path of hunting.

    He went through the grass vigilantly.

    Although Lu Ze felt he was very strong, he knew there were many that were stronger than him.

    At least, that lightning warhorse and the grey lizard were stronger than him.

    He went around for more than ten minutes before finding new prey.

    This prey was a sheep-like beast with a pair of sharp horns and smooth fur. There were more than ten of them, and they were over three meters tall.

    They were eating the grass, but when they sensed Lu Ze’s chi, they immediately looked up vigilantly.

    Then, under Lu Ze’s speechless gaze, they bared their sharp teeth and charged at Lu Ze with red eyes.

    1Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. Fire god art surged, instantly roasting the whole sheep.

    Once again, with sadness, Lu Ze watched the lambs turn to dust, leaving behind red and purple light orbs.

    They had similar or even lower power than black leopards, but their powers were also core martial state.

    Collecting the orbs, Lu Ze headed off once again.

    A few hours later, Lu Ze hunted more beasts. Their powers were all core martial state.

    Lu Ze was confused.

    Were the beasts here that weak?

    Was he invincible here?

    Thinking about this, Lu Ze put his hands behind him and looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle. His eyes had deep melancholy as he sighed, “Invincibility is such loneliness…”

    1This was the 5th line he wanted to say the most. Lu Ze felt it suited the situation perfectly.

    Just at this moment, the sky suddenly darkened.

    Lu Ze: “?”

    Wasn’t it a day right now?

    Why did the lights suddenly turn off?

    Why were there vibrations?

    He turned to look at the sun.

    Then, his face no longer had the expression of ‘invincibility is such loneliness.’

    Dark clouds with a few hundred-kilometer range covered the sky and were flying towards him at extreme speed.

    Lu Ze glanced at it and realized this wasn’t a dark cloud.

    It was a group of creatures resembling mosquitos that were four meters long. They covered the sun. Lu Ze couldn’t even count them.

    Lu Ze ran without hesitation.

    Oh my!

    What type of mosquitoes are these?

    If that needle came down, he would be over!!



    Countless beasts chose to run too. The tall grass wavered non stop. Even the ground was shaking. Some powerful beasts charged into the sky.

    Lu Ze saw a huge green bird that had a wingspan of over a hundred meters and a green wind swirling on its body. He also saw lightning horned warhorse that was over ten meters tall. In addition, he saw grey lizards that were tens of meters long. He saw countless powerful beasts.

    They all turned into a flowing light and disappeared into the distance.

    Even such terrifying beasts were fleeing in the wake of the mosquito sea.

    Lu Ze’s face was red.

    He wasn’t invincible at all!!

    The dark cloud was like a catastrophe. Everywhere it passed, beasts howled hideously.

    But the howl only lasted for an instant and stopped.

    Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

    Before he could feel sad for them, his eyes went dark.

    He felt he was sucked dry.

    Then, he opened his eyes again, and he was in his dorm.

    Lu Ze was completely dazed.

    It was his first time feeling that his entire body was drained.

    He died peacefully.

    Thus, Lu Ze didn’t feel much pain.

    That was probably the only merit.

    On the first day of going to a higher level map, he had taken a heavy beating from the big boss.

    Power in numbers.

    Socialist mosquitos were this terrifying!

    Lu Ze sighed and focused his attention on the red orbs.

    He wanted to increase his spirit force cultivation the most. That was his weakness.

    He used a red orb.

    Immediately, a fierce power that was on a completely different level flowed in his body.

    But his body could completely handle this power!

    This power split into two and started nourishing his body while helping with spirit force cultivation.

    The physical body didn’t improve rapidly from this power, but his spirit force cultivation did.

    Spirit chi was drawn into Lu Ze’s body nonstop. It flowed in his cells, making them shine.

    An hour later, he finished using a red orb. Lu Ze didn’t stop at all. He used a second one.

    I love cultivation. Cultivation makes me happy!

    Time flowed by rapidly. The sky went orange and then dark and then blue.

    When the sun first rose, Lu Ze opened his eyes. his dark eyes were flashing like crystal.

    He felt the immense spirit force in his body and smiled.

    The level of his spirit force cultivation probably increased that night.

    The higher level red orbs weren’t the same at all.


    Lu Ze felt the fire god art secrets emitted by the waving flame in his mental dimension. His eyes flashed.

    He didn’t even need to cultivate fire god art, and the secrets of it would be flowing in his brain. His fire god art was getting stronger.

    The reward for beating that lion was huge!

    With how the flame was being consumed, it should last half a month?

    By then, his fire god art would be very strong!